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When Luke took hold of the back of my thigh and pushed my leg up and back so he could go deeper, all thought slipped from my mind.



“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I asked Walker.

I’d come up behind him, put my hand on his shoulder and leaned in so that not everyone in the hotel lobby could hear my heated question. If anyone glanced at me, they could certainly tell I was bothered, but not as angry and frustrated as I truly felt. He’d walked out on Celia without a word or a backwards glance. He’d had his thumb on her ass, for fuck’s sake, and then didn’t even tend to her after.

I’d had to soothe her from not only Walker’s departure, but embarrassment after having come while having her ass played with. She was definitely adventurous in bed, but she’d probably never considered ass play before. After I took her again—it was more gentle lovemaking than fucking—I’d shown her the smallest plug and let her hold it. We couldn’t do more this morning since we had to leave town and make it up to Jasper by nightfall. When I told her we’d not use it until later, her relief was noticeable. She just wasn’t ready for it yet. To say that we were overwhelming was most likely a gross understatement.

And yet, she’d stared at it with definite trepidation and doubt, but with some curiosity about it as well. That boded well for two dominant men who wished to take her at once. If only one of the dominant men wouldn’t be such a pussy about all of this.

That was why I steered Walker out onto the street where we were less likely to be overheard. Where my shouting at him blended into the busy activity of the Denver street.

He let me do it, because while I was bigger, he certainly wouldn’t let me—or anyone else—push him around if he didn’t allow it.

Once we were away from the entrance, he spun about. His face was all hard lines as he put his hat on his head. None of the desire from earlier showed.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Two ladies walked by and Walker tipped his hat.

I waited until they were down the block before I responded. “You had a naked woman on top of you and you walked away.”

Walker’s lips thinned. “I had Celia naked and on top of me.”

“What the hell’s the difference?” I tried to keep my voice tempered. “She thinks she didn’t please you.”

“Fuck,” Walker swore, scuffed his boot over the ground. He walked away, turned back, paced. His ragged breaths came out in white puffs before he came to stand before me again. It was a cold morning, especially in the building’s shadow.

He had his issues that stemmed from Ruth dying. It had been horrible and I wouldn’t wish an early, miserable death on anyone, but she wasn’t the woman for Walker. He didn’t love her, although I doubted he’d admit that. She’d… intrigued a twenty-year-old and he’d made her his. But it hadn’t been a true match. I wasn’t sure if he was riddled with guilt more for being as instantly enthralled by Celia as I was or that he hadn’t felt for his dead wife as he did for Celia. I could see his interest in our new bride and it wasn’t just his cock that wanted her. He’d assumed he could go into this unorthodox marriage and just get a woman to warm his bed and to sate his needs, but he’d been wrong. Perhaps we both had.

Celia was so much more than we ever imagined.

“She pleased me,” he said, finally.

“Too much,” I guessed. “That’s the problem, isn’t it?”

He nodded once, curtly.

I leaned in, put my hand on his shoulder again. “If you want to get in her ass, then you need to get your head out of yours.”

He grinned then and I knew I’d broken him from his reverie. But, I wasn’t done.

“Ruth’s gone, brother.”

He sighed at my direct words. “I know, but I won’t get trapped like that again.”

“Trapped? You can walk away from Celia right now. Just keep on going,” I advised. “The town can just find different men to inaugurate the new law. I’ll take her back to Slate Springs as just mine.”

“And let Thomkins laugh you out of office?” he asked. “He’ll call you out, saying while you’ll pass the law, you won’t subscribe to it yourself.”

Thomkins was an ass and he would do everything in his power to fuck with me. It had been that way since we were boys. Walker could shrug off his insults much easier than I ever could, it was just his way, but he wasn’t mayor.

I watched as a stage nearly missed a man pulling a wagon of coal down the street.

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