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“And he followed you,” Walker added.

“Yes. He’s insane. I don’t think he’d follow us up here to Jasper, but I have no idea. I was thrilled to hear that Slate Springs was snowed in and he couldn’t get to me. I just want to get where he can’t hurt me.”

“We don’t have to be in Slate Springs to keep you safe. He won’t hurt you, doll. You don’t have to worry about that. Why wouldn’t you tell us this?”

I looked at both men. “Because I don’t—didn’t—know you and I wasn’t sure if you’d agree with him, that I’d been the one to make John stray, to make him be killed.”

“I should toss you back over my knee for that ridiculous idea.”

My hands went to my bottom and I rubbed the smarting flesh. Both men chuckled.

“This problem, doll. This Carl Norman, he’s our problem now. He wants to hurt our wife, we’ll take care of it. All right?”

I looked at Walker with hope. I’d told them and they hadn’t run away. I’d told them and they said they’d take care of Carl. Of me. I felt better, better than I had in as long as I could remember. I wasn’t all alone.

I nodded, wiped another tear from my eye. “Yes.”

“Good. Tell me something, doll. Did you like your spanking?” Walker asked.

“No!” I replied instantly. “Of course not.”

He arched one dark brow. “Really? You said last night you want to be tied up and taken. You want wild abandon.”

I flushed, remembering I had said those exact words. I was impressed that Walker had listened so intently.

“Yes, but not like that.”

Luke came around the table and Walker spun me about to face him, although he kept me in the circle of his legs. “Walker had you pinned down. You couldn’t go anywhere. Could only submit to what he did. You kicked and bucked with wild abandon.”

“Yes, but—”

He put a finger over my lips. “Are you wet, Celia?”

Oh God. His words, so carnal and dark, made me wet. Not that I wasn’t already, I just hadn’t noticed. Without my drawers, I felt the slick arousal on my pussy and thighs. I whimpered, but I shook my head.

“So if Walker slipped his hand over your pussy he wouldn’t find it dripping wet?”

Walker bunched up the fabric of my dress and his fingers slid up my calf.

“What’s going to happen, doll, if I find you all wet? Do you get another spanking for lying?”

“Your body never lies, Celia,” Luke added.

He lifted his finger from my lips as Walker’s hand moved higher. Higher still until his fingers were mere inches from discovering just how aroused I was.

“Yes, I’m wet. It made me wet,” I admitted.

Walker’s hand moved away, the dress falling back to the floor. Luke stepped back and Walker released me from his hold.

“Good girl. I’m hungry. You?” Luke asked, turning to lift the lid from the pot on the stove.

I stood there, confused. They’d aroused me, made me ache for them, then walked away. I whimpered once again as I clenched my thighs together.

Walker stood, leaned down to whisper in my ear. “Punishment number two. Orgasm denial.”

I whimpered, for I was ready to come.

“Later, doll. Later I’m going to fuck you. Hard. With wild abandon. I might even tie you up.”

Luke ladled some stew in a bowl and held it out.

“Eat, doll. You’re going to need your strength.”



I didn’t say much over dinner. How could I? I’d bared my one and only secret to them. They’d taken the dangerous fact that Carl was following me with an easygoing nature. What frustrated me was that they’d been much more upset that I’d lied to them. Clearly, they didn’t like secrets. They didn’t like not knowing of any kind of danger or problem. I couldn’t blame them, but the fear of rejection had been too great of a risk, and resulted in a sound spanking.

But I hadn’t been turned away. In fact, they wanted me more. Their care and concern for me was obvious. I highly doubted Walker took just anyone over his knee. The action was solely for me. While it had hurt, and the heat and sting of it lingered, he’d done it because he cared, because I had not been forthright with him. It made me feel… protected and oddly cherished. I was at odds with how that could be. He’d spanked me and yet I felt protected. I should feel embarrassed or appalled. I felt neither.

When they had me admit the truth, that it had been arousing as well, I’d felt overwhelmed and dominated. Hadn’t that been what I’d wanted from them? That I’d asked for just the night before? They’d given me exactly what I’d wanted, what I’d needed, without my even realizing it.

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