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“Just look at her,” Luke marveled. I tried to push my legs together, but his hands held me apart. “No, sweetheart. Let us look at you. So pretty. Pink and plush. Walker had a taste. It’s my turn.”


“If you don’t like it, I’ll stop.” His warm breath fanned my tender skin.

I couldn’t offer a retort, for he lowered his head then and ran the flat of his tongue over my most intimate flesh.

“Oh my God, what are you doing?” I pushed at his shoulders, but when his thumbs parted my folds and opened me wide for his tongue to lick and circle my entrance, then higher where Walker had circled his thumb, I grabbed onto his head and pulled him closer. “Yes, right there.”

“I don’t think she’s ever had her pussy tasted before,” Walker said. “Isn’t that right, doll?”

I moaned then, my only response. Luke said he’d stop, but I didn’t want him to. Ever. Luke’s mouth was decadent and so very wicked. I could feel his hair brushing against my inner thighs, the whiskers on his jaw rasping my tender skin. I arched my hips, tilted my head back and stared vaguely up at the colorful shadows from the fireplace that danced across the ceiling.

“Luke’s going to get that honey sweet taste of your pussy on his tongue, then he’s going to make you come again. Then you’ll be ready for our cocks.”

Walker kept talking, a long string of dirty words that only heightened my arousal.

You’re so beautiful. So perfect for us. I love the way you’ve got your legs spread so wide for Luke. I can still taste you on my tongue. I’m so hard for you.

Of course, with Luke’s head between my thighs, the raspy feel of his whiskers on my sensitive skin had me close to the brink so quickly, but it was the dirty words that had me crying out.

“Do you want our cocks, doll?”

“God, yes.”

Luke’s mouth wasn’t enough. Walker’s fingers hadn’t been enough. I wanted to be filled.

“She just got wetter,” Luke said, his tongue lapping it all up. “She likes the idea.”

Yes, I did like the idea very much.

“Come first. We’re both big and we don’t want to hurt you.”

I shook my head, but I wasn’t really sure what for any longer.

When Luke slipped two fingers into me as Walker had, curling them over a certain spot as his tongue flicked a very sensitive bundle of nerves, I came again. My body stiffened, every muscle tightening. I clenched down on Luke’s fingers as my mouth opened wide, but no sound could escape. My fingers gripped his hair as I rocked my hips to make the feelings linger as long as possible. This time it wasn’t as intense, the pleasure rolling over me like a thunderstorm across the prairie. It was still powerful and I was wilted and sated, overcome with pleasure. I was drenched in it.

With a gentle kiss to my inner thigh, Luke lifted his head. “Like the sweetest candy,” he said, wiping his wet mouth with the back of his hand.

Walker scooped me up and settled me onto his lap, wrapping his arms about me. My nightgown came down over my pussy, but my legs were still exposed. I pushed at it, trying to cover up my thighs, but I gave up. The steady beat of Walker’s heart soothed my ragged emotions, calmed my breathing. His cock, hard and thick, was insistent against my hip, but he made no moves to do anything about it.

Luke stood and moved to the chair across from us, lowered himself down so his legs were stretched out before him. He was breathing raggedly, his cheeks flushed, his eyes narrowed and dark. A glistening hint of wetness still marked his chin and I knew that was from me. I should have been ashamed, but how could I? They’d made me feel so good.

After working one suspender over his shoulder, then the other, he undid the front of his pants. I could only watch as he gripped his cock and pulled it free. Then I couldn’t look away.

“This is why we had to get you ready, sweetheart. To get you all slick and swollen, soft and open.”

Luke’s cock was thick and long with a wide crown at the top. A bulging vein ran down the length of it, the color a ruddy red. But as he slid his fist up the length of it and a bead of clear fluid seeped from the tip, it looked angry and needy. I realized then how much restraint he had. By the heavy press of Walker’s cock, him as well.

My pussy clenched in anticipation, but I was thankful that I was, indeed, wet, for that would not fit without some assistance.

“Are you ready for Luke’s cock, doll?” Walker whispered in my ear. “He’s ready for you. Fuck, I am too, but I want to watch you take my brother for a ride first.”

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