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She was shy and innocent about certain things, but eager too. Like now, riding Luke’s cock, her breasts bouncing as she took what she wanted from him. She knew I was watching, knew I would be next.

If this was marriage, with her so eager and open, then I was going to be fine with the idea. I’d worried I’d be jealous of Luke, fucking what was also mine, but as I watched her ride him with abandon, I just got hotter, my cock thicker.

Luke sat up and nuzzled into the valley between her breasts, then sucked on one puckered tip as he lifted and lowered her, taking her as he wanted so he could come. It didn’t take long. This time it would be fast, for we were both too eager for her. For me, I had the taste of her on my tongue and was just shy of coming.

Celia whimpered, then exhaled a breathy moan, her head falling back, eyes closed as she came. It was a gorgeous sight, her wild and lost to her body’s pleasure. Luke thrust up into her one last time and shouted out his own release. He held her still as he came, as he kissed and sucked on her damp skin. I was eager to feel the same, to lose control deep inside her.

Luke caught his breath first, opened his eyes and looked over her shoulder at me. Gone were the lines of tension from his body, the clamped jaw. He was sated and replete and the smile that tugged at his mouth had me wanting to punch him in the face. While he’d come, my balls were aching with need. This was the third time he’d fucked her and I’d had yet to get inside her.

“Celia.” His knuckles stroked down her cheek, getting her to open her eyes. “Look at Walker.”

She glanced back at me, studied me, eyed my very angry cock.

“He needs you.”

Damn right. I needed her with an urgency I hadn’t felt for a long, long time. Even then, it hadn’t been like this. Ruth hadn’t been blatant at all in her interest, letting me guide her gently through our lovemaking. Even then, she’d been reticent and had never given herself over to abandon. Celia, though, was so responsive, so eager. And so was I.

She moved to stand and Luke had to help her, both of them hissing as he pulled out of her. She turned to face me, Luke keeping a hand about her waist. She was three orgasms in and couldn’t be too steady on her feet. Her cheeks were pink, a sheen of perspiration dotted her brow. Her eyes were glassy as she licked her dry lips. I couldn’t help but groan, my cock pulsing, eager to feel a wet flick of that tongue.

Her hair was wild curls down her back and she had a flushed, very satisfied look on her face. No one would doubt she was a well-pleasured bride if they saw her now. Her nipples had softened and her breasts were plump and full, a perfect handful. A narrow waist flared into full hips. I knew that delightful bottom, every lush curve of it. As I watched her ride Luke, I saw that it was still pink from my spanking.

I’d thought her beautiful when she first walked toward us from the train, but now, with her mind quiet and her body relaxed, she was gorgeous. It wasn’t her body that was drawing me to her—although it would most likely keep me constantly hard—but her spirit. It was light and after her orgasms, eager for more.

I crooked my finger and she came close, moving to stand between my knees as she had in the kitchen earlier. There was no resisting her perfect breasts and I lifted my hands to cup them. I felt their soft weight, rubbed my thumbs over the tightening tips.

Her eyes fell closed as I tugged on them with two fingers. I took in her naked body. She was all soft womanly curves, full hips and a lush ass. At the juncture of her thighs I saw her pale curls glistening with her arousal and Luke’s seed slipping down the inside of her creamy thighs.

As I moved my hands away, her eyes slowly opened. I tilted my head. “Kneel up on the couch and grab hold of the back.”

I hadn’t even realized I’d closed my knees, holding her in place. Once I released her, she moved, settling as I’d requested on the couch beside me. Her breasts swayed as she moved and my hands itched to cup them again.

Up on her knees, she faced away from us. Glancing over her shoulder, she looked to me, then Luke.

I stood and moved behind her, ran my hand down the long line of her spine, felt the heat from her skin, the softness of it, then curved around to cup her luscious ass.

“I’ll never walk away again, doll.”

I leaned in and kissed her bare shoulder, met her gaze. She nodded and I leaned back.

“You think you’re not enough for us, doll? Luke’s hard again.”

Hooking her hip, I gently pulled her toward me so her pussy was on display and at the perfect height to fuck her.

“Luke, where’s that plug you got this morning?”

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