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I shook my head and Walker stepped back. “No, but he said it was my fault. I couldn’t… I tried.”

“We’ll try some more,” Luke added. “It’s not like we haven’t filled you full of our seed already. You could be pregnant now.”

I put my hand on my flat belly. I shook my head, refusing to hope. “What if I can’t?”

Would they think less of me? Tears welled in my eyes and Luke wiped them away. “Then you can’t. We want you. We married you.”

“But you want children. You said so when we first met in Denver.”

Luke nodded gravely. “I want you more. I love you, sweetheart. Just the way you are.”

Walker stepped up behind me so I was between them, just where they knew I liked to be. He leaned in, murmured in my ear. “After what just happened, we have everything we want, right here.”

He kissed my neck and I tilted my head to give him better access. My eyes slipped closed and I felt hands on the buttons of my dress. I was quickly stripped bare and their hands were everywhere. Over my breasts, down the line of my spine, over the curve of my bottom, between my thighs. They touched me as if they couldn’t get enough, as if they had to ensure every inch of me was unharmed.

My skin heated, my blood turned sluggish, my thoughts gone. I just felt. Breathed. Gave over to my men.

One set of hands cupped my breasts, tugged and played with my nipples as another slid over my pussy, then delved deep. I rode the hand, rubbing my clit against it, needing the release. It didn’t take long. I had been ready for them, eager to feel alive. I cried out my release, my body soft and so very wet for them.

Luke dropped to his knees and I looked down at him, curled my fingers in his blond hair. “Once more, Celia, then we’ll fuck you.”

Walker nipped at the spot where my shoulder met my neck. “Once more and we’ll take you together.”

Luke kept his eyes on me as he licked over my slick folds, then I couldn’t watch any longer. My eyes fell closed as he flicked my clit with his tongue, then sucked on it. One finger slipped into me just the tiniest bit, stroked over the place that had my hips bucking, had me crying out his name. I tugged on his hair to pull him closer, to ensure that he wouldn’t stop until I came again.

All the while, Walker played with my breasts and whispered dirty things in my ear. I couldn’t hold back the pleasure, for the two of them combined were so aggressive in their attentions. My body had no choice to comply, to come so hard that I had no voice, that my body tightened and tensed between them.

I didn’t even realize when I was lifted and carried to the bed. Luke shucked the remainder of his clothes and lay down. Walker helped me so that I straddled Luke, his cock directly beneath me. After two orgasms, I wasn’t done. I wanted more. Needed it. And, I wanted to make them feel good, to make them feel the pleasure, the release that they’d given me. They needed it as much as I had. Still did.

Without delay, I put my hands on Luke’s well-muscled chest and lowered myself onto him, his cock so big and thick it stretched me open, filled me to the brink. He hissed out a breath as I surrounded him, clenched my inner walls to hold him within.

“So good,” he groaned. His hands went to my hips and he started to lift and lower me, move me as he needed. I heard Walker rustling about, then joining us on the bed. He was on his knees behind me and I felt him kiss his way down my spine as his hand cupped my bottom. His finger found my back entrance and played there. By now, I was accustomed to their touch, to a finger or a plug pressing into me, filling me up. I knew this time it would be different.

“Ready, doll?” Walker asked.

I nodded and looked over my shoulder. I saw his cock, slick with lubricant, hard and ready for me. My eyes fell closed as I relaxed, tried to breathe as he pressed the flared head to my virgin entrance. Luke stilled deep inside me, pulled me down for a kiss. My chest rested against his and I felt his warmth seep into my skin as Walker slowly pressed against my tight back entrance, slowly easing me open.

“Breathe, Celia. That’s it. Good girl,” Luke murmured.

I began to pant as Walker’s pressure increased, as I began to open for his cock. Slowly, slowly he pressed against me; all of a sudden the ring of muscle gave way and the head slipped inside. Walker groaned and I clenched Luke’s shoulders. My eyes widened at the feel of Walker inside me. I was so open, a little sore and very, very full.

Luke smiled at me, but I saw the line of tension in his face. I knew it cost him to remain still and if I felt how full it was to have both of them in me, I knew he could feel it as well.

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