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Opening the placket, he tugged his cock free. My eyes widened as he gripped the base and stroked himself.

“Oh God,” I said. He was big. Long and thick and a pearly drop of fluid seeped from the tip. My inner walls clenched down at the idea of being stretched open for him.

He looked up at me and I saw the last vestiges of his restraint.

It would only take one word to rip it to shreds. I knew the word, whimpered it. “Please.”

I wanted to be filled, taken, claimed. Possessed.

Lowering down onto a forearm, he aligned himself with my eager entrance and slowly sank into me. Unaccustomed to such girth, I shifted my hips to accommodate him. I breathed as I adjusted, grabbed hold of the back of his shirt as if I needed to hold on to something. Luke was almost too big, having to grab my hip and shift me so that his cock could slide in even deeper, then deeper still.

I loved that he was still dressed, only the important parts uncovered for him to claim me, while I was completely bare and exposed to him.

Deep inside, he held himself still as I clenched about him, only moving when I shifted my hips up.

His hand stroked my hair as he began to fuck me. Slowly, yet with vigorous intent.

“Yes!” I cried, arching my back.

It wasn’t rutting as John had done. It wasn’t lovemaking, for I didn’t know him enough for that deep of a connection. But it was good. Oh so good and dark and carnal and rough and—

“I bet her pussy’s going to milk the cum from your balls.”


My eyes flew open as I looked up at Luke’s brother. I hadn’t heard him come into the room. My body stiffened in surprise and I gripped Luke’s back. He didn’t stop moving, didn’t stop fucking me. He turned his head to look up at him, but only grinned. He wasn’t bothered—or surprised—that his brother had walked in on us.

Luke took my bottom in his palm and angled me so that he slid over a different spot deep inside me. My eyes slipped closed and I cried out at the delicious feel. Nothing was stopping the pleasure, not even Walker watching.

“She’s perfect, brother,” Luke said, breathing hard as Walker lowered himself onto a chair, let his legs sprawl out before him and watched. He was watching me being fucked! “Don’t be scared, sweetheart. Let Walker see how beautiful you are.”

“You are beautiful, Celia,” Walker confirmed, his voice deep and rough. “So perfect beneath my brother. I can hear how wet you are for him. You’re going to come, aren’t you?”

I should have offended by Walker’s appearance, by Luke’s casual attitude, should have pushed at him so I could run away in shame. I should have at least wanted to cover myself. But I didn’t.

“My cock is rock hard looking at you,” Walker crooned, as if he knew his words made me hotter. “Seeing the pleasure on your face, watching your nipples tighten. I bet your pussy’s so sweet and tight.”

“I’m going to… God, it’s too much,” I said.

“Shh,” Luke crooned. “I’ve got you. Let go, sweetheart. Come all over my cock.”

My head thrashed from side to side as I tried to get to a place, somewhere that I couldn’t reach. The pleasure was too much, so intense that I was afraid that it would overwhelm me.

“Walker wants to see you when you come.”

Those words were what pushed me over. I tensed, then every muscle in my body went lax beneath Luke’s weight, my bones seemed to have dissolved. I cried out my pleasure as my hands fell to my sides. “Luke!” I cried again, overcome.

Luke plunged deep, once, then twice, then stilled deep inside. He groaned as I felt his seed fill me.

He lowered his head to my neck and our wild breaths mingled before he pushed off and moved to lie beside me.

I smiled to myself, reveling in the bliss that Luke had wrung from my body. John had never done that to me. I’d never felt that way when he’d touched me. No other man had—

My eyes opened. “Oh God!” I cried, tilting my head to look up at Walker. Grabbing the bathing towel that lay on the floor beneath me, I tugged at it to try to cover myself without much success.

Walker stared down at me, completely at ease, his hat in his hands. He wore a suit and tie similar to his brother’s. Formal while I was naked, sweaty and dripping with his brother’s seed.

“I’ve asked for food to be delivered. Shouldn’t take too long.”

He spoke as if he hadn’t witnessed something so private, so carnal. I was confused by my reactions, or lack of. The fire at my side was too much. I felt overheated and Luke was doing nothing to shelter me or cover me from his brother’s eyes. He didn’t seem to be cruel about it, more that he was willing to share me with him, that he wanted to show me off.

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