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Chapter 1


“I hired a new office manager,” Sokolov informs me. “Make sure she is happy. She is to be my new sister-in-law.”

Ignoring the bullshit about Sokolov’s marriage statement, I glance around the office with its five-foot high stacks of paper everywhere. “Then why are you sending her here?”

I’d rather drive a nail through my eye socket than fill out another form. I’ve never been good at paperwork. It’s why I left the army after my last deployment. Too much damn paperwork. When I joined Sokolov’s team it was to be the head of security. I didn’t realize that meant I would have to do background checks and administer payroll.

“Are you not curious about my wife?”

“No. There’s nothing less interesting to me in all this world than your sex life, Sokolov.”

He snorts into the phone. “Good. It is not a thing you should have an interest in. But take care of Amie. She is…” He pauses, searching for the right word. “Tender.”

That’s not the one I thought he’d come up with and it doesn’t sit well with me. I scratch the side of my face. “I’m a former army sergeant, not a daycare administrator. We handle guns and protect bodies here.” And sometimes remove dead ones.

“I believe in you,” Sokolov says and then hangs up, leaving me to stare at the receiver with irritation.

“What’s the matter, boss?” asks Kayla, one of the two admins that work here. “You look like you ate something bad. I told you we should throw everything out of the refrigerator. The yogurt in there expired a month ago.”

“Sokolov hired a new office manager. She’ll be here today. Go let Brandon know and then—” I shove a hand through my hair in frustration because the office is a hellhole and needs to be tidied up before anyone comes in here, but the security business is booming and I haven’t had time to get to all this shit.

“Then what?”

“Then find the woman a desk.” I hang up the phone. “I’m going out to the field to oversee the new trainees.”

“When will you be back?” Kayla asks as I head for the door.

“Hopefully never.” I wrench it open and grind to a complete halt at the vision standing on the other side of the entrance.

There, dressed entirely in red with golden hair, high tits and a heart-shaped mouth, stands a wet dream. My mouth grows dry and my dick grows hard.

“Hi. I’m Amethyst Collins.” She sticks out her hand.

I take it, but only because muscle memory kicks in. The rest of me is imagining me tearing off her red suit with my teeth, sweeping her up into my arms and throwing her down on the nearest paper-covered flat surface and fucking her brains out. Mine, too, while we’re at it. Amethyst must be the full name since Sokolov called her Amie.

“This is Greyson and I’m Kayla.” A smaller body wriggles by me. “You must be the new office manager. Welcome.”

“Thanks.” Amie tugs at her hand, which is still clasped between my fingers. I don’t let go because there’s no point when I’m just going to be holding it again in five seconds. She tugs again. “Um, Greyson, you’re still holding my hand.”

“I know.” I look down at Kayla. “Have you finished clearing a space for Ms. Collins yet?”

“No. We just got done talking about her,” Kayla replies. “Pay no attention to Greyson. He’s terrible at this sort of stuff. Put a gun in his hand and it’s a whole different story.”

“That’s good information to know,” Amie says but in a tone that implies she could care less.

“You’re okay with guns and stuff, right? Because we’re a security firm. There’s a lot of hardware around.” Kayla searches Amie’s face.

“I’m fine with guns. It’s the people who wield them”—she gives me a scathing once-over—“who are the problem.” She jerks her fingers clear of my grip and then shoulders by me into the disastrous office.

“Yeah, so, we’re kind of going through a transition,” Kayla hurries to explain.

“The transition from what? It looks like you’re in the early stages of some kind of post-disaster relief.” She spins around, taking in the whole big mess.

“It’s not that bad,” I say, strolling back into the room.

“I thought you were going to the field,” Kayla chirps.

“And I thought you wanted to keep your job,” I retort.

“And so I should shut my mouth? Zipping.” Kayla runs two fingers across her lips.

Amie sends me another scornful look. “Is that how you treat your subordinates? No wonder Sokolov hired me to manage this company.”

“I don’t think she likes you very much,” Kayla whispers in my ear. “Is it because she knows about the thing?”

“What thing?” Amie asks because Kayla’s whispers are about as quiet as an elephant’s stomping in the jungle.

“It’s not a thing.” I gently move Kayla aside so that I can join Amie in the middle of the room. “Tell me what you need and we’ll get it done.”

“We need about ten more people in here and for you to tell me exactly what this thing is that I should be concerned about.”

“There’s no thing. Kayla was making a joke. Weren’t you, Kayla?” I send her a death glare but, predictably, Kayla ignores me.

“Greyson’s kind of a terrible people person. We could hire ten more people today but they would all quit. Half the reason that there’s such a big mess in here is because Brandon and I are the only ones that can tolerate Greyson and that’s mostly because we don’t take him seriously. He’s all bark and no bite.”

Oh, I bite, I think, looking at the curve of Amie’s ass. I’m definitely a biter. I can imagine how delectable her flesh would be as I closed my teeth around that plump ass. Her skin would turn red like her suit. It’d be fucking awesome.

“Since I’m the office manager that shouldn’t be a problem. Individuals with poor people skills should remove themselves from this office and go to work wherever it is that they are needed the most.” Amie waves a cute hand in my direction.

I fold my arms and rock back on my heels. I’m not going anywhere. Suddenly, I love paperwork.

Chapter 2


I know instantly I’m going to like Kayla. She is reminding me of Violet, who I’m already missing. It’s silly to miss my sister already. I saw her last night and gave her a longer hug than normal, knowing that when she wok

e up in the morning I’d be long gone. I knew she would be upset for a minute but then she’d realize that it was time for me to move on with my life and start fresh somewhere new. She will be happy for me once the initial shock of me leaving wears off.

As much as I wanted to stay with her it was time for me to go. I stayed for her and Sokolov’s wedding and spent some much-needed quality time with her. I celebrated her happiness but I knew it was time for me to break away. I knew that her honeymoon was the perfect time to try and slip away unnoticed.

This move is for me. I need to find my strength again. To be out on my own and see that I don’t need someone to show me my worth. I wallowed in my grief long enough and I know it’s time to turn a new page in my life. I hadn't realized how many pages that would be, I think as I glance around the mess that these people call an office. I almost can’t comprehend how people could be so unorganized. I am going to have my hands full. There is nothing better than working to get your mind off everything else. It is the one thing I’ve always been good at. I can dive into work and forget about everything else for a while. That might not be the best way to try and heal but it is a step in a new direction. One that gets me out from under my family’s business so I no longer have any ties to my mother.

“If I need you, Greyson, I’m sure Kayla will give me your contact information.” I wave my hand at him dismissively again while not looking his way. He hasn’t moved and I don’t have to look to know that. I can feel those gray eyes on me. Who has gray eyes? They are more stunning than my sister’s purple ones. They caught me off guard for a moment. That isn’t the only thing I’ve noticed about him but I’m not here to go down that path again.

It is better if I don’t look his way. I’ve barely gotten my body's reaction to him under control. It wasn't his handsome face that took my breath away when I first saw him. Oh, believe me, that man has a face that belongs on the cover of a magazine and his eyes are a whole other story. The way he looked at me with them had me feeling butterflies in my stomach. The lust and desire they held as he looked me up and down is something I’ve never experienced before. When he took my hand into his, I felt a spark. His rough callused hand was in stark contrast to my delicate skin. He held my hand for much longer than he needed to. He seemed as though he didn’t want to let it go. Although my body is a big fan of his, my mind knows better, due to past experience. I know I’ll have to be extremely careful when dealing with him so I don’t fall into the same trap as last time.

I’ve had enough embarrassment for a lifetime. I let myself believe things before about a man. I’m not going to allow that to happen again. I don't care how much I want what my little sister has with her new husband. I know it’s a rare thing to find and I don’t believe I am meant for that kind of love. When I think about it now, I realize that I never loved Daniel. I liked the idea of who I thought he was. I was merely moving through a relationship and going through the motions because that’s what I thought I should do. Having grown up with parents like mine, the guide for a healthy relationship was pretty much nonexistent.

I’ve always thought I was strong but now I know that my weakness is love and I won’t open myself up to such a thing again. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way. I know now that I need to focus on myself and move forward. This is my chance to prove to myself that I don’t need a man to make me happy. I plan on leaving the mess that went down in my personal life in the past and doing things that make me happy.

“If you tell him to do something he often does the opposite.” This time Kayla is whispering to me. I’m noticing that whispering isn't her strong suit. Her lack of being quiet while she does it actually brings a smile to my face. I can’t help but peek back over to Greyson. I try and keep my face stoic. It’s hard when a man looks like he does. I might have sworn them off but I can still appreciate a nice-looking man. Or maybe nice isn't the right word. Greyson is more rough around the edges than any man I’ve ever known. Even the small scar that runs along his jaw is sexy.

When my ex put on a suit it was hard to tell he was a cop at all. I don’t think there is anything Greyson could do to hide his occupation. He looks the part. Greyson looks like he was born to carry a gun and protect what’s his. The only thing that I need to be protected from is him.

Our eyes stay locked for a moment. My cell phone rings, saving me. I pull it from my bag thinking it’s going to be Violet but I see it’s a local number.

“Amethyst Collins,” I answer.

“Ma’am. We’ve got your bags.” Crap. I forgot. “Can you bring them up for me? I haven't checked into a hotel yet so I’ll have them taken over later.”

“Sure thing,” the man on the other end of the line says before hanging up. I glance to Kayla because she’s my best bet to talk to right now. “I’m not from here so I’m going to stay at a hotel. My things are here. Is there somewhere I can store them for the day?” I ask her. This place is filled to the max already. Once I get it organized I think there will be more room in here but right now there isn’t a ton. Kayla looks around the office, trying to find a place.

“I’ll handle your bags,” Greyson says.

“That would be great since you’re just standing around anyways.” I give my best fake smile, one that makes it clear that it is indeed fake. Kayla bursts into laughter. I think Greyson is going to give me a look of death but he only smiles at me with a real one. It makes me wonder if Kayla was telling the truth when she said Greyson sends people running from him because my body is not having that reaction at all. Not that I am going to give in to that temptation, but it’s impossible not to eat him up with my eyes. I’ll not only have to learn to manage my new office but also my body’s reaction to him.

Chapter 3


I couldn’t have planned things better if I tried, I muse as I slam the gate to my pickup shut. All five of Amie’s bags are tucked into my flatbed. I’m not sure how her skinny arms were able to lift all the bags given how much a few of them weighed, but I suspect there are a lot of layers to Amie and I’m going to enjoy peeling back every single one.

Back upstairs, I find that Amie and Kayla have made progress. Two of the four desks are cleared and the pile of papers has been straightened. It’s beginning to look like an actual office.

“Bags are tucked away and arrangements for a place to rest your head are taken care of too.” I wait for a proper thank you but none comes.

She tries to get rid of me. “Great. We’ll take care of everything here so you can do whatever it is that the head of security does.”

“Head of security makes sure that everyone is safe.” I cross my arms and rest my shoulder against the wall. She’s the whole package—smart mouthed, sharp tongued, sweet bodied. Is that a word? Bodied? It should be and next to the definition should be a photo of Amie although it’s hard to say which position I like the most.

When she bends over, the fabric pulls tight around her lush ass and my mind immediately goes to pushing up her skirt, pulling down her panties and plunging deep into her cunt, working her so hard that her legs shake and her cum drips down her thighs.

Then there’s the time that she stretches, placing her hands on the small of her back, arching her tits to the sky. I can envision her standing in this very pose except her knees would be on either side of my hips and she’d be riding me hard to her umpteenth orgasm. I’d fill her up with so much seed we’d be able to fertilize all of Mars.

I also like the idea of pressing her up against the wall of safety glass overlooking the training field. It’s a one-way mirror so she can see out but no one can see her getting fucked to an inch of her life, her tits flattened against the glass, her sweaty palms splayed out. Yeah. I’d like to do that.

It’d be nice if we had sex in my truck, the leather couch in my sitting room, the stairs leading up to my bedroom, in my king size bed and finishing off with shower sex.

“What are you doing now?” she asks as she walks past with a load of papers in her arms

. I hop to and pull three-quarters of the stack away.

“Making a list. Checking it twice,” I quip.

“It’s summer,” she says. “Why would you be making a Christmas list?”

“Never said it was for Christmas. Where do you want these?”

“Over there.” She points with her head. “Kayla, we’ve made good progress. Why don’t we stop for lunch?”

The younger woman groans in relief as she straightens her last pile. “Thank you.”

“What are you hungry for?”

A profane answer pops into my head. Your pussy on my desk.

“Did your stomach growl, Grey?” Kayla asks. “You can eat with us.”

“No, actually—“ Amie starts to say but I interrupt.

“Yeah. I’m starving. I’ll call and see if they have a table at Waterman’s.”

“Ohh, Waterman’s!” Kayla claps. “I love that place.” She turns to Amie. “It’s my favorite restaurant. They make the best cheesecake.”

“But…” Amie obviously wants to protest but seeing as Kayla has basically agreed to my suggestion she can’t back out. As the new girl, she has to go with the flow.

“Oh, you’ll love it,” Kayla reassures her. “I need to use the potty. Be back in ten.”

Amie waits until the door closes behind Kayla before rounding on me. “I’m the office manager and that requires me to ensure that the office runs smoothly. It does not mean that I’m available for lunch or dinner or any other meal or drink break. I want to make that abundantly clear before we take one step outside.”

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