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“I know that nothing is going on with you two. I need a few minutes alone to get myself together after seeing her. Can you give me that? Please.” I practically whisper the words to him, hoping that he’ll hear the desperation in my voice. The only thing I can think about is getting inside my office and shutting the door. Shutting that woman out of my life. Grey’s eyes roam over my face and he nods, agreeing to give me some space.

He lets go of my arm so I can open my door. He reaches out and grabs it again. “You’re losing your mother. It’s mourning a death really. I know you want your space but I also know that it may not be the best thing for you right now to be alone. I remember when I lost my grandmother, who was like a mom to me, I wanted to isolate myself. Alone isn’t where you should be. Let me come in with you. I’ll hold you and you can cry or do whatever it is you have to do. Let me in.” His last three words snap something in my mind. He’s not only asking to enter my office but also my heart. “I love you, Amie. Let me show you what that means.”

Chapter 17


She pushes the door open and I nearly get weak-kneed in relief. I sweep her up in my arms and stride through. It takes a stern look in Kayla’s direction and she’s up and out of her chair.

“I’ll just go get coffee.”

“Until tomorrow,” I bark.

“Yes sir.” The smart-ass salutes me but she leaves, which is all I need.

Amie buries her face in my chest. “Did you have to announce you’re going to have sex with me in the office?”

“I didn’t say a word,” I reply.

“You didn’t have to.”

“Probably because I want you all the time and it shows.” I place her on the edge of the desk and then get busy with her blouse. It has tiny buttons that are trying to evade my big fingers, but I manage to unfasten them until her smooth skin is exposed. I tap the tiny bow on her lemon-colored bra. “Pretty.”

“Yeah?” She leans back, bracing herself against the desk.

“Not as pretty as what it’s covering though.” I reach inside one of the cups and scoop out a delectable bit of flesh. The tiny nub calls to me and I bend down to give it the attention it deserves.

She tastes like berries and honey. I work that tit into a hard point and then move to the other. She moves her legs restlessly, her arousal too strong for her body to ignore. Reluctantly, I let go of her tits. “Hungry, are we?” I whisper as I help her off with her shirt and bra and skirt.

“If we’re going to have sex in the office, we might as well do it right,” she says in an almost rude tone.

It puts a smile on my face. “Yes, ma’am.”

I love her sass. I love everything about her. If I could’ve made my own woman in a lab, I wouldn’t have been able to create someone as perfect as Amie.

My cock agrees. It bounces happily in the air as Amie and I work to free it from its cage of clothes.

“He’s happy to see me,” she murmurs. Her warm hand envelops my shaft. There’s a good bit of precum on the head which she uses as she strokes me from head to root and back again.

I lose track of our conversation because who can think when your woman’s hand is on your cock? Not me. I’m all instinct and action.

I slip my fingers between her legs to find her wet and ready. My hungry cock throbs in anticipation. I spread those ready thighs and lean forward to claim her mouth. The tip of my cock rubs against her inner thigh and I nearly come from that small contact. She has that effect on me. She’s just that hot. Even when she’s still, when she’s doing nothing but breathing, I get hard. I’ll see her staring at her computer screen and her tongue will creep out. It takes all I’ve got not to sweep the laptop onto the floor, bend her over her desk, and fuck her so hard that the desk has an imprint of her tits.

My tongue slips in at the same time the broad head of my cock breeches her hot pussy. She clenches around me. Our tongues war as her hot, tight sheath envelops me.

Fuck, she’s hot. I barely get my dick wet and I want to come inside of her so hard and so long that there’s an endless river of sperm swimming around in her channel, making its way to her womb so that we can make a baby.

I break away from her mouth to tell her that. “I want to breed you. I want to make you round and heavy with my child.”

Her thighs tighten around my hips. “I want that, too. I’ll be the best mom.”

“Damn straight you’d be the best mom.” I plunge into her, stroking her with my heavy cock, fucking every inch of her cunt. “You’ll be the greatest mom in the history of moms.”

Amie laughs, a bright wonderful noise that fills the room. The sound is like an aphrodisiac. My cock swells and my pace quickens. Her laughter turns into a moan and her hands flutter around my back. The soft, butterfly-light touches are maddening.

I reach up and tangle my hand through her hair, pulling it hard to expose her neck for my mouth. I bite and lick my way up that delicate column as I pound into her cunt. She convulses around me, squeezing and clenching until the pulse at the base of my spine grows more powerful.

“You going to come for me? You going to spread your sweet honey all over my cock?” I grind out in her ear. “You going to scream out my name and tell everyone exactly how much you love me? I want to hear it,” I tell her. “I want to hear how much you love me.”

“I do, Grey. I do love you.”

“And you trust me?”

“Yes. Yes.” Her hands find my shoulder blades. She digs her nails in and tightens her thighs around my wais

t. This is some kind of heavenly communication. Her pussy gripping me like a glove. Her fingers gouging holes in my back. My hands digging into her thighs. My cock driving so deep inside her pussy that the head bumps up against the wall of her cervix. I keep working her, demanding more, giving everything I have.

“I want all you got, Amie. I want it all. Don’t hold back on me. Don’t be a tease. Fuck me hard.”

She’s so tight, so hot, so beautiful that I probably don’t have the right to be fucking her like I am, but I don’t care. I’d break every law to be inside of her cunt, to hold her tight against my chest, to violate her mouth with my tongue until all she ever tastes is me.

Sweat rolls down my back. My thighs start to tremble. She throws her head back, her mouth opens and my name comes out on a high-pitched cry that calls my own orgasm from me. It rolls through my body like a wave, climbing out of my dick and exploding into her cunt, filling her with my seed, filling her with our baby. I know it. In my heart, I know it.

She writhes beneath me and I don’t let up even as I jet long ropes of cum into her hot little pussy because she’s a miracle and my cock doesn’t ever want to leave.

“I love you, Amethyst Collins, and nothing and no one can ever take that from you,” I swear. Having her is the sweetest victory I’ve ever known.

Chapter 18


“Amie!” My name is bellowed from the outside of the house. I turn to look at Grey, who is cooking us lunch. We made plans to stay in after we went to the grocery store. We also stopped by the hardware store to pick up a few things. There is a beautiful round wooden baby crib in the barn that I am sure I’ll be able to restore. Grey didn't bat an eye when I said I wanted to give it a go. He is the one, after all, who talked about us having babies. We haven't been using protection but we haven't talked more about it either.

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