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“Hey!” Kayla says, popping up next with her new husband Drake along with Smooth and Andrew. All the kids start to play as our whole family takes up a nice chunk of the beach. Grey settles in next to me as food starts to arrive for everyone. With everyone here I wonder who’s running the resort but I have no doubt that even though Smooth is here with the rest of us she surely has it handled. There is nothing she couldn't take care of. She’s become like a sister to me. Since she was already so close to Violet it was natural for us to fall into an easy friendship also. I will forever be thankful to her for keeping an eye on Violet when I couldn't. I’ve thanked her many times for being Violet’s sister when I wasn’t able to.

I keep peeking over at Kayla and Drake. She too is pregnant but further along than Violet. Drake didn’t waste any time with that. He’d married her and knocked her up before I’m even sure Kayla knew what was happening. It was just as much of a whirlwind romance as Grey and I had been. We all love Drake and have welcomed him into our family with open arms. Plus Grey told me Drake is a good man and I trusted that. He wouldn't let anyone hurt Kayla.

The men come and take all of our little ones from us, telling us that we deserve our rest. Smooth, Kayla, Violet and I all sit under a large cabana together. I dig my toes in the sand and half listen to the conversation that everyone is having. I look down towards the water where all of our men are building sand castles with the children. My eyes tear up as I watch Grey and Colt master the creation they are working on. Colt’s laughter floats up to me, causing my heart to fill with so much joy. Grey’s eyes meet mine and I silently thank him for showing me what love truly is.

It’s crazy how we all got here. Each path that each of us had to take. Some were harder than others, but here we all are. I wouldn’t change a thing. None of us will ever have to save kisses again. Our lives will be forever filled with all the kisses in the world.

* * *

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