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“This is...incredible.” Amie trails her hand across the white comforter with its embroidered flowers.

“The bathroom’s over there.” I point to the tall double doors on the right side of the room. I force myself to lean back against the firep

lace mantle instead of dragging her over to the bathroom because I know that once Amie sees it, she won’t be leaving. My mom said it’s a woman’s paradise. Not sure what that means since I figure a woman’s paradise is between her legs, but it’s apparently a good thing.

Amie wants to resist, but in the end her curiosity gets the better of her. “Is this a pool? Does your grandma have a pool in her bathroom?” she exclaims.

“It’s a therapy spa,” I tell her, tucking my hands into my pockets and strolling over to the entrance to the bathroom. Amie’s leaning down, dipping her fingers into the warm water. “You hook yourself up to the harness and swim laps. Toward the end of her life, water exercise was about all she could do.”

The bathroom had been transformed into a mini-spa with the therapy pool, a sauna, and a steam room. It’s all done in white marble with pink and gold accents. “When Mom comes to visit, she basically lives in here and forces me to deliver food to the suite.”

“I can see why.” Amie pushes herself to her feet and wipes her hand off against her thigh.

“If I sent you to a hotel, my grandma would rise from her grave and haunt me. Why don’t you settle in while I go fetch your bags.” I leave before she can protest because, in the end, she’s going to be living here anyway.

Chapter 8


Kayla drops a stack of folders onto my desk before slapping her hands down on top of them as she leans down toward me. I make a small jump back in my chair. I didn’t see her coming.

“Woman to woman,” she whispers. Well, her form of a whisper. “You give it up to Grey?”

My mouth falls open. That is not what I thought she was going to ask. “No!” I hiss. “I’m just staying with him.” Her eyes go wide. Oh. I guess she didn’t know that. Cat’s out of the bag now.

“He’s letting you stay with him? Like at his house?” Her expression is one of utter disbelief. “Like in his space?” Her reaction throws me off guard. I know he and I didn’t exactly get off on the right foot but we are two grown adults. I’m sure we can coexist in the same space without killing one another. Yet I don’t think she’s worried about us doing that. She’s probably more concerned that one of us will break and we’ll wind up screwing each other to death.

“Yes. He offered it.” I give a small shrug. “I mean, you should see the bathroom. I couldn't say no. Plus he’s a really good cook.” Kayla stumbles back, flopping down into the chair in front of my desk. Grey put it there this morning when he made himself at home while he drank his coffee and checked his emails from his phone. I told him to go to his own desk. He told me the view isn’t as nice. I, of course, turned three shades of red and ignored him the best that I could while I continued to work. He made that task really hard. Finally he got a call and had to run out to check on something. I reluctantly missed him the second he left. I also worried about him too. What if the call that came in was something dangerous? What if he got hurt? These are all things I shouldn’t be worried about after only knowing him for a few days.

“No, I haven't seen his bathroom. His place is like Fort Knox! He doesn't let anyone over there but his mom. Not even me, who he claims is like a sister to him.” She folds her arms over her chest. A small pout forms on her lips, showing her dissatisfaction. “I’d be more mad about this if I wasn’t so happy about how chipper Grey has been today. That’s why I thought maybe you gave him the goodies or something. He’s way too happy.” She shakes her head. “He was whistling.”

I noticed. He was good at it too. No matter how uptight I’ve been with him, he was still sweet as he could be to me. He doesn’t seem bothered in the least when I give him attitude or a hard time. My sour mood never rubs off on him. The more difficult I get, the softer he gets. I’m going to have to up my game if I have any chance of resisting him. I don’t want him to get the wrong idea. I’m here to work. No men, I remind myself for the thousandth time.

“Kayla. Don’t get your hopes up. I’m not looking for a man right now.” I say the words without any conviction but hopefully she’ll let me slide. Kayla shakes her head and gets up to leave my office.

“You may not have been looking but he’s already found you.” Those are her departing words before she walks out of my office so I can’t respond further. Not that I have a response. I don’t let myself think too long about her words. I push them to the back of my mind and continue to work.

“Knock knock.” Grey’s voice sounds from the entrance of my office. I look up to see his gorgeous eyes staring at me. “You hungry?” He lifts a bag that he’s holding, signaling that he has food. I quickly think about what Kayla said and decide I need to distance myself a bit. I’m already staying in his home. We don’t need to have lunch together also. I drew lines in the sand yesterday and I am the one playing with crossing them. At least my mind has been.

“I’m not hungry but thanks.” I put my head down and pretend to concentrate on my work. My stupid stomach decides to growl in that moment. I mean, c'mon, what are the chances? I can feel his smile before I even look up. His sexy smile will forever be branded into my mind. I think it’s because it’s easy to form on his lips when he looks my way but he can easily drop it when someone steps out of line. Not me, though. I push and push and still that smile never falters when it’s aimed at me.

He drops the food onto the table. “You are always feeding me,” I sigh, looking up at him. It’s then I see a small mark on his chin. I jump from my seat, rounding my desk. “What happened?” I ask as I reach up to where the mark is located, running my fingers along it.

“I like feeding you.” He ignores my question. I push him over toward the chair. He goes, not fighting me, but dropping down into it and taking me with him.

“What happened?” My fingers touch his chin. His eyes close and he exhales a long breath. He remains quiet for a few seconds before he responds.

“There was a situation but I was a little distracted. My concentration was lacking but it won’t happen again. I’m fine.” Before I know it my other hand reaches up and begins caressing his face. His eyes open, locking with mine.

“Why were you distracted?” I whisper, already knowing what his answer is going to be.

“You. I was lost in thoughts of you.” My heart gives a flutter in my chest. I swallow, suddenly overwhelmed with feelings. I don’t know why and I know I shouldn’t but I lean in and kiss the mark. I let my lips linger, breathing him in.

Yeah. I’m never going to be able to fight this attraction. I am screwed. Metaphorically and physically.

Chapter 9


She touched me first. That’s about the last conscious thought I have before sealing my lips against hers. She tastes sweet, like candy. I palm the back of her head, sliding my hands into her golden hair, to angle her face to the side so I can gain deeper access. She’s shy at first but in no time, her tongue is tangling with mine. I suck on her bottom lip and tease it with my teeth.

Desire fires my veins and turns my cock into steel. She shifts, her ass rubbing against my cock. I break away. “Damn, girl, too much of that and I’m going to take you right on this desk. Kayla’s running an errand for me, but I can’t take the risk she’s going to walk in at the wrong moment.”

She stills and tries to wriggle away. I clamp her tight. “Nuh uh. I’m not done yet.” I sweep her hair to one side and nose her throat. “I suspect the minute you climb off my lap you’re going to start having second thoughts about me so until Kayla’s back, I want you to sit tight. Minute she walks through the door, I’ll let you go.”

I give Amie the out so she knows she’s not trapped and it works. Her tension drains away and she leans her shoulder against my chest. I reach up to cup her breasts through her dress. “Can’t wait until I can take this off and kiss your tits. Your nipples are going to look good and taste even better.”

“How do you know? Because all breasts are the same?” There’s a tinge of hurt in her voice. Someone did a number on her and when I fin

d him, he’s going to be shitting out his teeth for days.

“Wouldn’t know about other breasts cuz I haven’t been looking at any. But yours are world class because you’re world class. Look at you.” I cup her chin. Damn, I wish I had a mirror in here. I make do with what I have and swivel around so she can see herself in the floor-to-ceiling window. “You’re the whole package, honey. The minute you walked in here, I wanted to drop to my knees and start worshipping. Your face is like an angel’s. You have gorgeous blue eyes. Your honey hair looks like fine spun sugar. Your body is to die for. Literally. Anyone comes near you, I’m bringing out every weapon I’ve got.”

A pretty rose flush paints her cheeks. She clears her throat. “Of course you’re going to say that. You want to have sex with me.”

She says it primly, like my grandma would talk about having relations with the count.

“’Course I do. Any man would but I’m the only one that’s going to be in your pussy.” I don’t even give her the option of saying no. I run my hand over her knee and up her thigh until I can feel the heat radiating off her pussy. I nudge her panties aside and rub my fingers over her cunt lips. “This pussy’s mine. When you’re ready, I’m going to take it. I’m going to be inside of you. My scent is gonna be on your skin. My taste is gonna be on your tongue.” My fingers grow slippery as her body gets excited by my words. I slip my hand out from between her legs and lick off her essence. “And it’s the same way for me. I’m going to be dreaming about you when you’re not with me, wanting you when I’m not inside of you, craving the taste of you when I can’t have my tongue on your cunt.”

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