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I give it a pump. “This? I can jack off and paint your pretty tits with my cum. Or you can suck me off. Either way, I’ll be happy. Don’t you worry about that.” I press my cock against her small opening. “Worry about beating me off with a stick because now that I’ve had

a taste, I’m gonna be wanting this every second of every minute of every day. You’re mine, Amie, and don’t forget it.”

I plunge in another inch. Amie throws her head back as her pussy grips my cock. It’s as I expected—the hottest, snuggest hug in all of mankind. I bite the tip of my tongue so I don’t come. I’m not coming until I’m fully seated inside of her, my balls tight and the entirety of my cock wet from her slickness.

Sweat beads along my forehead as I ease another inch in. “That’s right. Take me in. I’m going nice and slow.”

“Why are you so big?” Amie pants.

I choke on my laughter. “Whatdya mean?”

“Can’t you be a tiny bit smaller? Then maybe you’d fit better.”

I look down at where my thick shaft is piercing her body, stretching that tiny hole wide and nearly nut right there. “Every word you’re saying is only making me harder, honey.”

I ease into her a little more and a little more, squeezing her tits and massaging her thighs. It’s hard work retaining my self-control as I inch inside of her. She doesn’t help. She’s thrown back her head and is writhing, thrashing her head to the side. Her nails dig into the wrists I’ve braced around her frame like my arms are jail bars that allow no escape.

She’s mine now. I’m branding her with my cock. Her cunt will only know me. Her pussy will only be filled with my seed. I rock against her and slowly her body sucks me in until I’m fully seated from my cockhead to the base.

I fall forward and capture her mouth. She kisses me back with a fervency that surprises me. It might not be love yet for her, but it’s something and that something feeds my soul. I pick up the pace, using long, even strokes to catch every little nerve ending inside that hot little channel. My chest rubs against her bouncing titties, the hard nibs of her tits poking erotically against my skin.

I grab one hip and hold her in place while I pummel her body. Our lovemaking is loud in the quiet room. The ancient bedframe rattles as I thrust inside of her. She moans, loud and breathy, with each pass of my cock inside her cunt. The tension inside of her is building. Her restlessness grows more frenzied. Her hips push up, riding my cock like she’s been here before, like we’ve known each other this way in some past life or maybe a million past lives.

I knew the minute she walked in that she was the one for me, that I’d love her forever.

“I love you, Amie. Love you to the fucking death of me.” I plunge in and come, the seed exploding out of me. She screams my name and releases a flood of her own lube all over my cock. I take her mouth again because I hate that we’re not connected on every level, on every surface. She comes again, shaking like a leaf, full of blistering pleasure. When her shuddering dies down, I withdraw and flip her over onto her stomach. She glances backward, a questioning look in her eyes.

“Didn’t you finish?” she asks.

“Not even close.” I slap her ass and drive into her again and again and again.

Chapter 14


Grey pulls away from the kiss, leaving me breathless. “You can’t kiss me like that at work,” I tell him even as I dig my fingers into his shirt. His lips turn up into a smile as he gives my ass a small squeeze.

“Kiss my woman wherever I want.” With that, he smacks my ass, making me jump. I narrow my eyes on him, which only makes him laugh. Damn it. That causes me to melt inside every time. I try to set some ground rules with him but he only smiles, as if it’s the most adorable thing he’s ever seen.

“Eat your breakfast. I’ll be back in a few hours.” He kisses me again, wiping the stern look I am trying to give him off my face. “Sorry I didn't get to make you something so this will have to do for this morning.” Then he heads out of my office but not before turning to give me one last glance. His eyes roam all over me from head to toe, letting me know that he doesn't really want to go but he’s got crap he has to get done. I don’t think he realizes how much that small look back does for me. It makes me feel wanted. Something I’ve never really felt before. I think this is why I’ve given in to him pretty easily. Even though I still have reservations about this, I want the feelings he gives me to last forever.

The man can’t get enough of me. I came here to try and start fresh, to heal myself, but I’d be a liar if I don’t admit that Grey has put me on the right track toward healing. His words of love still play over and over again in my head. He’s only said them once. I haven’t said them back. I’ve never been the type of person to let people’s opinions matter all that much to me but with my ex treating me the way he did and my mom’s betrayal, both my trust and self-confidence have taken a hit. I wish I were ready to say those special words back to Grey but it’s not that easy for me.

It doesn’t seem to bother him in the least. He doesn’t seem to let much bother him actually. At least when it comes to me. I’ve seen him around other people and he’s quick to bark orders and send people running. I can see why Kayla said he’s gone through a lot of staff before. I guess I’m lucky that I get the sweet tender part of him while still getting that rough raw part. I enjoy both sides of him. When he is barking those orders at people it turns me on as much as when he says sweet words to me.

“The whistling again.” Kayla strolls into my office. Her eyes go to my bag. “You gonna share?” She doesn't ask as she peeks inside my bag that is filled with assorted bagels and pastries. Grey stopped on the way into the office to pick up breakfast. Then he apologized for not making me something by hand. Which is ridiculous because we’d been running behind because the man literally ate me for breakfast. He woke me up with his mouth between my legs and then again he’d pinned me to the shower wall while he feasted on me. I’d skip the homemade breakfast every day for that.

He refused to take me again though. He quieted my protests by filling me with his fingers, all the while whispering how beautiful I am and telling me I needed time to heal. He insisted that he’d been too rough with me the night before. I wanted to roll my eyes but the pleasure he was giving me was too great to continue needling him about anything else. What we did last night wasn't rough to me. It was heaven. Sure, my body ached a little in some places but the pleasure outweighed the pain. Still again, it warmed me that he was putting me first. I could tell he wanted to have me again but wasn't letting himself. I also think it’s why he’s not spending the morning in the office because he’d likely crack and I’d end up pinned to my desk. My mind flashes to all of the dirty things he could do to me.

“I’m stealing this one.” Kayla breaks into my thoughts, reminding me I’m thinking about sex after I told Grey he shouldn’t be kissing me at work. She holds up a chocolate muffin. “You might want to”—she motions her hand to my face—“right yourself,” she says with a laugh before taking a bite of the muffin. I reach up, knowing that I need to smooth out my hair that Grey had his hand in moments ago. I’m sure my mouth is red from his kisses. My lipstick is probably smudged also.

I smooth my hair out as I walk over to my desk. When I reach it, I open the drawer and grab my purse out, rifling through it to find my compact. Once I find it, I open it and lift it up to see what’s going on with my face. I let out a little gasp when I see half of my lipstick is gone and the other half is smudged onto my face. I know Kayla is trying not to laugh before I even look her way. I peek out from behind the compact to see her with a big chunk of chocolate muffin shoved in her mouth as her shoulders shake up and down in silent laughter.

“Laugh it up over there. One of these days you’ll be in the same spot I am and we’ll see who’s laughing then.”

Her face scrunches at my words. “I don’t do men.” She opens her mouth, shoving the rest of the muffin into it. I’ve never seen someone eat as much as she does and be so tiny.

“Oh. Sorry.” I shut my compact. It was rude of me to assume she is into men. I think I assumed that because she’s made a few comments about some of the men being hot around here. So I figured she is into them.

“Oh. I’m not int

o women. I already have too many men in my life as it is. You’ve seen them. They’re always around. Not to mention I have five brothers!”

“That’s a lot of men.”

“You’re telling me.” Her eyes go back to my bag of pastries.

“You can have another.” I laugh as she reaches in, this time coming up with a cinnamon crunch scone.

“You two look good together. I’ve never seen him this happy before.” Kayla’s face goes a little serious. “Break his heart and we’ll have fucking problems.”

My mouth falls open for a moment, shocked at her tone and the absence of the playfulness she normally has. I get it. She sees Grey like a brother. I’d said pretty much the same thing to Victor about my own little sister.

“If anyone is going to get hurt it will be me,” I admit. “I never want to hurt anyone.”

“Straight up. Never seen him gone with a girl. So I know this is big for him. All I’m saying is don’t hurt him.”

“Okay.” What else can I say to that? It almost makes me wonder why Grey has never dated before. If everything that he has been showing me is how he really is then he should have women falling all over him. He does always give orders at everyone so maybe no one got the chance to get close. He doesn’t let them. I’m realizing with each day that passes how much different he is toward me.

“Good.” She smiles. “I like you. Wouldn't want to have to kick your ass,” she says in her normal chipper voice. I fight a small laugh as she heads out of my office leaving my head spinning and me wondering if I could really hurt Grey. I’ve been so sure up until this point that I am the one that could end up broken that I haven’t considered what it will do to him if it doesn’t work out.

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