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She was breathing quickly in small, shaky bursts through slightly parted lips. Her tongue peeked out treacherously, moistening lips that were already red, and tingling in willful anticipation of his kiss, betraying— her needs to him.

‘I came home to make love to you.’

His words seared through her like a liquid fire, melting the last of her defences, whipping up the flames of her desire. She stared up at him with wide eyes, knowing that just how much she wanted him must be written all over her face.

Suddenly he stepped backwards, pulling her into his study with him. The door banged shut and he turned the key. Then he brought all his attention back to her.

‘I couldn’t get last night out of my mind,’ he said, tugging her close to him.

‘I thought about it too.’ Lily’s voice wavered. His hands had already found the tiny pearl buttons that fastened the front of her dress and he was making quick work of them.

‘It was incredible,’ Vito said, gripping the hem of her dress and pulling it straight over the top of her head. He tossed the garment aside, then his hands were on her naked skin, sweeping across her body in a way that set her trembling deep inside.

Lily gazed at him through a growing haze of sexual excitement. He was utterly gorgeous and he was going to make love to her. Her heart was racing and her legs felt weak. Just like last night, all it had taken was the merest touch and her body was on fire for him again.

She lifted her hands, tugging distractedly at his clothing. He knew what she wanted, and within moments— he was standing naked before her.

Her eyes roamed greedily over his magnificent body, revelling in his pure masculine perfection, before being drawn inexorably to the proud thrust of his erection.

She wanted to touch. Needed to touch. Without a conscious decision she reached for him and her fingers coiled around his hard, jutting flesh.

‘Lily!’ He closed his eyes and a deep, feral sound rumbled from within his chest. Then, never taking her eyes off his face, she began to move her hand in the way she knew he liked.

His breathing changed immediately, and he dragged air into his lungs in an uneven rhythm through parted lips. His head had dipped to one side, letting his fringe fall forward, and she saw his tongue flick against his teeth.

Suddenly she ached to kiss him. Without letting go of him, she stepped closer. Then, standing on tiptoes, she pulled his head down to hers.

He kissed her hungrily, his tongue plunging into her mouth with an erotic intimacy, and all the while she was aware of her hand caressing him, felt his reaction to the movement of her fingers through his kiss.

Suddenly he pulled away, gasping for breath, and gripped her wrist to still her hand.

‘No more. Not now.’ His voice was as laboured as his breathing, and she knew what he meant. He wanted this to last for both of them.

Almost reluctantly she uncoiled her fingers, but then he pulled her close and spun her round in front of him, so that he could lift her hair out of the way and kiss the back of her neck.

‘You are so beautiful,’ he murmured, before tracing the edge of her ear with his tongue.

She trembled and leant back against him, the skin of her back pressed against the skin of his chest. And the whole time she was acutely conscious of the length of his erection behind her.

‘Look in the mirror,’ he murmured. ‘See what I see.’

She lifted her eyes and stared at their reflection in his large mirror. He was behind her, curled over her possessively,— and she was standing in her lacy bra and briefs surrounded by a shimmering curtain of blonde hair.

Suddenly his hands began to slide around to the front of her body.

It was a strange sensation to feel and watch at the same time as his large bronzed hand slipped beneath the lace of her bra. Her nipple tightened to a hard point against his palm, then suddenly he eased the stretch-lace down so that her breast came free of the bra cup.

She gasped as erotic feelings flooded through her. Supported and lifted underneath, her breast thrust proudly towards the mirror, the nipple a pert, rosy bud that drew the eye.

‘Is that uncomfortable?’ he asked, his breath tickling her ear so that she shivered and tilted her head towards him.

‘No.’ She shook her head, aware of her breast, of the way her nipple felt supercharged with the aching need to be touched.

His hand slipped beneath her other breast, lifting it out of the bra cup as well. Now both breasts were pointing shamelessly towards the mirror, tight and tingling with the need to feel Vito’s hands on them.

She didn’t have to wait any longer. Vito brought his palms up to knead them both gently in a way that made her moan and arch back in encouragement. When his fingers teased her nipples she gasped and closed her eyes, pressing her head back against his shoulders.

‘Look in the mirror,’ he whispered huskily. ‘You are so beautiful.’

She opened her eyes in time to see his right hand release her breast and slide downwards, across her stomach, then lower still.

She held her breath, pure sexual excitement coursing through her as she anticipated his masterful touch. Her skin was flushed, and she could see a wild light in her eyes. Then his fingers slipped beneath the lace of her briefs, quickly locating the centre of her desire, and she was lost on a sudden rush of sensation.

It an instant her body was engulfed by marvellous feelings that pulsed right through her. She moaned, leaning back against his strong chest, and he continued to caress her, sending her higher and higher.

She rocked her hips, moving jerkily against his hand as the feelings became increasingly intense. She twisted in his arms, almost as if she wanted to get away. But that was the last thing she wanted. He’d carried her up to the brink. And now she needed the ultimate release from the pressure building within her.

As if to prove how perfectly in tune their bodies were, he let her go for a moment to pull her briefs down. Then he bent her over his huge leather topped desk.

She barely had time to register his intention when she felt him pressing close behind her. Her legs were slightly apart, and she let herself flop forward so that her forearms were resting on the desk. He took hold of her hips to steady her, and with one expert thrust was inside her.

Her breath whooshed out of her as a sudden rush of pleasure washed through her. She felt alive and tingling in every part of her body. But as he started to move, pulling out and stroking back in, she was soon lost on a rising tide of overwhelming sensation.

Her heart was racing beneath her breast and her blood was singing in her ears. There was no room for conscious— thought as her body was overtaken by the incredible— experience of feeling Vito moving inside her.

She leant on the desk, resting her head on her arms, buried in a cascade of blonde hair. Vito was holding her from behind, tugging her close so they were joined as tightly as possible on each thrust. Her legs were as weak as water, but she didn’t realise that Vito was holding her up.

She was only aware of the marvellous upward spiral of growing ecstasy within her, until suddenly she reached the pinnacle and her world exploded in a beautiful,— climatic release.

With a perfect mastery of timing, Vito followed straight after her, crying her name, and dragged her tighter still. Then his body shuddered and convulsed with his own powerful orgasm.

Lily lay against his chest on the leather sofa in his study, wrapped in a gorgeous warm glow of sexual satisfaction. She had never expected to come home to such an incredible experience—but she certainly wasn’t complaining.

Vito was still naked—as was she, apart from her lacy bra. In a moment of self-consciousness, she had slipped her breasts back inside the cups. But, considering— the fact she hadn’t replaced her briefs or done anything else to cover her nakedness, she was still feeling amazingly relaxed.

‘We’ve wasted too much time,’ Vito said, running his fingertips idly up her long, creamy thigh.

‘We can make up for it.’ Lily smiled at him shyly. ‘Especially if you come home for lunch every day.’

‘This isn’t my lunch break,’ Vito said, letting his gaze slide over her body in a way that made her heart skip a beat. He slipped his hand under her thigh and lifted her leg over his lap, so that once again she was open for his touch. ‘I’m not going back to the office today. I’ve taken the afternoon off.’

Lily looked up at him, amazingly feeling the heat of longing wash through her once more despite the fact that she’d felt totally satisfied a moment ago.

‘How can you do that to me, with just a look?’ she whispered, aware that a rosy flush of excitement was spreading over her skin again.

‘Do what?’ he teased, raising one hand to lift a swathe of her long blonde hair back over her shoulder so that her bra was showing. Her nipples jutted jauntily beneath the transparent stretch-lace, as if they were seeking his attention.

‘Set me on fire,’ she said shakily. ‘Make me ache for you with every fibre of my being.’

‘Maybe because that’s how looking at you affects me too.’ He lifted his hands to hold her face tenderly and she looked deep into his blue eyes, knowing that what he said was true.

Right at that second, Lily knew that they had just shared a powerful moment. It felt like the first time they had been totally honest with each other.

She knew it was only about one aspect of their relationship—the— physical side. But that was important. She felt so much closer to Vito than she’d felt yesterday. And maybe now they would continue to grow closer still, each time they made love.

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