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Georgia froze, convinced for a moment that her eyes must be deceiving her. Why was Keir walking Hamish? He’d never done it before. She didn’t even know if he liked dogs!

She remembered when she’d first arrived his definite withdrawal when she’d suggested that the dog had sensed he was friendly.

Drawing near, he dropped his hands to his hips and blew out a breath. A gust of wind tousled the thick silky strands of his strong black hair and blew them across his indomitable brow. Georgia straightened and pushed her own windblown hair away from her face.

‘When I was nine years old I had a Labrador very much like Hamish,’ he started to tell her.

Transfixed, Georgia hardly dared breathe.

‘I did something to displease my father…I can’t even remember what it was now. Probably I just looked at him the wrong way. It didn’t take much.’

He shrugged and glanced away from her for a moment, his blue eyes glittering.

‘To punish me, he had the dog taken away. I never knew where he had gone and he wouldn’t tell me. I loved that animal more than I cared for either of my parents…but, frankly, that wasn’t hard to do. I think I’ve indicated already that they weren’t the most affectionate— people you could meet. Anyway, I vowed from that day on not to get too close to either another human being or an animal again. I’m afraid I even included poor Robbie in that vow…something that I’ve come to deeply regret. But then you came along, Georgia, and there was something about you that got to me straight away.’

For a moment his lips looked as though they duelled with a smile.

‘You fascinated me right from the start. In fact I’d never reacted so strongly to a woman in all my life! It didn’t take long for my feelings towards you to deepen into something even more compelling. How could they not when I learned of the sacrifices you had made for your brother? I was in total admiration. I’d never known anyone who’d acted so selflessly before…certainly I’d never known anyone who was capable of loving someone as much as you appeared to love Noah. When we first made love I was overwhelmed— by the discovery that you were a virgin. And if I’m honest I wanted you to be mine right from that moment. I’m asking you now Georgia…will you be mine for ever?’

Her mind hungrily trying to absorb everything he’d told her, hardly daring to believe what he was asking her, Georgia trembled so hard she felt giddy. ‘But what about the baby, Keir? You seemed so upset when I told you I was pregnant.’

‘I admit I felt that I’d been hit by a hurricane at the news.’ With a wry grin, he pushed his hands into his jeans pockets. ‘But first of all I was cursing myself for not taking better care to protect you…and secondly I was totally overwhelmed at the idea of being a father. Having not had the best example of fatherhood myself, I naturally wondered if I was capable of being the kind of father I would want for our baby…can you understand that?’

Seeing her expression soften, Keir knew immediately— that she did. Perhaps it was selfish and even arrogant of him to believe that she would forgive him for not immediately welcoming the news when she told him, but even so he didn’t take Georgia’s forgiveness— for granted. She meant far too much to him ever to commit such a folly. Everything he had just confessed was true. She had turned his life around with the love she radiated so unselfishly, and Keir knew he would never be the same brooding, solitary, emotionally— repressed individual again. She had even helped him to see Glenteign with new, far less jaundiced eyes. And now, with the advent of their baby, hopefully— a whole new more joyful chapter would begin for the grand old house and its occupants…

‘I do understand, Keir, and I already know that you’ll be an incredible father. You’ve nothing to fear in that regard.’ Tucking her windblown hair behind her ear, Georgia ventured a smile. ‘But first I need to know that you really do want this baby, and that you won’t feel that I’ve trapped you somehow.’

‘Trapped me?’ Taking a step towards her, Keir impelled her urgently into his arms and his gaze hungrily roved her upturned face. ‘Sweetheart, you trapped me practically the moment I set eyes on you! I love you—and I only want the best for you. I want you to live life on your own terms, Georgia. I don’t want you to put your own needs last on the list ever again—do you hear me?’

‘I hear you.’

‘Well that’s settled, then.’

‘What’s settled?’

‘We’re going to be married.’

‘We are?’

‘If you think for one moment that I’m going to live in sin with you, then you’ll have to think again! This family has certain standards to maintain, you know,’ Keir teased.

‘So you want me to marry you?’

There was a definite tremor in her voice, and Georgia’s heartfelt gaze clung to the riveting planes and angles of Keir’s darkly handsome face as if she really couldn’t bear to look anywhere else.

‘Didn’t I already say?’

‘But you didn’t even ask me properly! And you didn’t ask me if I loved you either!’

For one horrendous moment, Keir was filled with doubt and dread. ‘Well? Do you love me, Georgia?’

‘Very much, Keir.’

Relief and desire shone from his glittering blue eyes with equal intensity. ‘Then will you marry me, and— make me even happier than I ever hoped or dreamed was possible?’

‘Yes, my love…I think I will.’

Before he could say another word, Georgia threw her arms around his neck and eagerly raised her face towards his to receive his passionate, tender kiss…

Keir was indulging in another one of his very beguiling— erotic fantasies. Only this time the shapely, hazeleyed— brunette who was inevitably the star of the show, wearing— some flimsy, barely there scarlet lace concoction— that he ached to peel from her body—preferably— with his teeth—was only too real. And she had driven his desire to a whole new category of its own.

That seemed to go with the territory as far as his feelings for Georgia went, and since their marriage a week ago those feelings had intensified to practically fever pitch. In Paris for their honeymoon, they had scarcely left their luxurious hotel room, and Keir was beginning to wonder how they would ever describe the famous sights most people came to see to their friends on their return. But he really didn’t care what anybody else thought. This woman, this kind, beautiful, radiant brunette, had turned his world upside down and he never wanted it put right again.


‘Yes, sweetheart?’

‘I think I’m going to make you very happy.’

‘You’ve already made me happier than I could say, my love. How you can possibly exceed that I can’t guess.’

‘Then you haven’t got much of an imagination—that’s— all I can say! What about if I do this?’

Georgia peeled the flimsy scarlet panties she was wearing down her firm, slender thighs and took them off. Then she threw them over her shoulder and grinned wickedly. Keir groaned as she deliberately wriggled her bottom against his hips, and arranged herself to sit astride him on the deeply luxurious bed. Before he could utter a word, she bent and kissed him lazily and luxuriously on the mouth. Her lips tasted of wine, and the aromatic Italian coffee they’d enjoyed earlier and by the time she lifted her head and came up for air, with a sexy, seductive smile that would have stirred lustful feelings in a stone statue, Keir was so turned on that he physically hurt.

His pretty, virginal wife had discovered a real talent for seduction since they’d been sleeping together, and Keir had teased her about making up for lost time. Only he didn’t want any other man to realise her entrancing new talent but him. And he planned on staying married to Georgia for ever…

‘And how about if I do this?’ She wriggled a little more, taunting his already burgeoning manhood with her warm, scented, moist flesh. His sanity already at stake, Keir locked his hands onto her slender arms and pulled her down towards him for a hard and voracious— kiss of his own. As she sighed and moaned against his mouth he found her core, stroked his fingers inside and out, then positioned his sex at her entrance. Catching her lower lip between his teeth, he— plunged deep inside her.

‘And how do you like it when I do this, My Lady Glenteign?’ he teased huskily, watching the gold and green flecks in her eyes turn into liquid heat as he thrust deeper, feeling her satin walls tightly enclose him.

‘I like it…very…much…’ Georgia replied breathlessly,— her dark hair spilling over her shoulders and framing her enraptured face.

‘Then you won’t mind if we continue in this fashion for the rest of the evening?’

‘I need to eat too!’

‘Then I’ll order strawberries and champagne from Room Service and feed them to you in bed. What do you say to that?’

‘I say that you have some wonderfully inventive ideas for someone so—so steeped in tradition,’ she panted, her breath coming quicker as her body convulsed— above his.

Beneath her, about to surrender to his own passionate— release, Keir was suffused with wave upon wave of unbelievable love for his beautiful new wife.

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