“Mmm, more of you to love.”

I pick her up and settle her in the middle of the bed, then come down on top of her. My cock is already impatiently seeking entrance.

I nudge her wet opening as my lips come down on hers. I’m careful to hold myself over her belly so I don’t crush the baby between us. But I need to be on top of her. It’s been too long, and if I don’t control the pace right now, I’ll cum all over her pussy without even getting inside it.

Pushing inside her tight channel, I sheathe myself in her warmth.

“Fuck, I’ve missed your pussy, sweetheart. Best thing I’ve ever felt in my life.”

“Calder,” she moans as she tilts her head back and falls into a rhythm with me.

“That’s right, Felicity. Say my name, because you belong to me.”

I feel her pussy clench at my words as I slowly thrust in and out. Leaning down, I take a hard nipple in my mouth and feel her fingers go to my hair. She lets out a loud moan, and I realize they must be so sensitive.

I move my mouth from one nipple to the other, back and forth and back and forth. I build up her orgasm, edging her for as long as possible. She’s so close, but I want her to beg me for it. I want her to know that only I can give her this kind of pleasure. Then she’ll never leave me. I can’t ever have her trying to get away.

“You want me to make you cum?” I ask, nearly out of breath. My steady thrusts are making me sweat, and I feel her soft skin sliding against mine. This lovemaking is sexy as fuck, and I don’t ever want it to end. I want a thousand nights like this and then a thousand more.

“Yes, Calder. I’m just a breath away. Please.”

“Tell me you love me.”

I feel her tense, but I angle my hips and put pressure on her clit with each stroke.

“Calder!” The change in sensation almost makes her scream, but she hasn’t cum yet.

“Say it, Felicity. Or I will keep it from you all night. I’ll make love to you so slowly that you’ll remain on this edge for hours.” I slow down the thrusts to emphasize my point. “Give me what I want.”

She looks at me, her beautiful green eyes begging me to give her relief. She wants to say it, but she’s terrified. I know the feeling.

“I’ll always be here to catch you, Felicity.”

“I love you,” she whispers.

It’s exactly what I want, and I thrust hard three times, giving her what she wants. Her orgasm is fierce, and she screams my name into the room. For half a second, I feel bad for the people in this hotel, but then I smile and follow her over the edge. Let them hear her. Let them hear my wife and how much she loves her husband.

My own orgasm nearly rips me in two as I hold myself inside her, cumming in long thick spurts. I feel like my body is being drained of every drop of cum, but I hold myself up to keep from crushing her and the baby.

Once I feel the last drop of cum leave my cock, I roll to the side, pulling her on top of me. I keep her to the side a little so that the baby isn’t squished between us.

As Felicity tries to catch her breath, I run my finger down her back, feeling her cool damp skin. We are a sweaty mess, but I already want her again.

Thrusting up, I fill her with my thickness, letting her know I need her again.

She sits up a little, looking down at me with a raised eyebrow.

“You can sleep through this if you want. But I need you at least four more times before our flight leaves.”

Chapter Ten


“Did you want something bigger?” Calder asks, putting his finger under my chin and making me turn my head to look at him. I swear, every time he touches me my skin tingles. It’s like he has some special power over my body. I hate and love it. I’ve never felt such passion in my life than I have in the past two days. Calder can’t seem to keep his hands off me, and I can’t seem to find the will to try to push him away. Even in my sleep, I seek him out.

I’ve just been pushing my food around my plate for the last five minutes. This was not how I thought my wedding night would go. I guess this isn’t how I’d seen any of this going—rushing down the aisle to marry a man who was blackmailing me into it. For the sake of our child. Not because he loved me. I’d tried to tell him we could raise this baby together but we didn’t have to be together. That had set him off.

I just shake my head and turning my head back to my food. I feel like the last forty-eight hours have been at hyper speed. Now I’m back in New York in Calder’s penthouse. Married. Calder wasted no time getting us back to New York and getting us a marriage license. I’m shocked he had the patience to wait the required twenty-four hours. He’d even thought about just flying us to Vegas, but I’d talked him out of it, telling him I was worn out and just wanted to sleep.

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