Fuck, I wanted to take more. And if the throb in my cock, which refuses to go down, has anything to say about it, I still would. Jerking off in a bathroom crosses my mind, but I push the thought aside. I don’t want my hand. I’ve got something soft and warm I want instead, and I’m trying like hell to not think about her.

As Bill and I descend the stairs, I try to think back to what I know of his personal life. There isn’t much, other than rumors. I remember hearing that his wife left him some time ago. I wonder how old Felicity was when that happened.

I shake my head. I need to clear the thought. I can’t think about her like that. I can’t fantasize about my attorney’s daughter, no matter how much I want to. This would be very bad for business, and I can’t imagine what people would say.

Thank God I pulled away when I did. I didn’t know who was interrupting us at the time, and I’m thankful not to have been caught. I wanted her so badly I didn’t think about the consequences of who she was and where we were. Who knows what I would have done if we weren't interrupted. I have to get better control of myself.

When we finally make it back down to the party, I nod to Bill as he blends back in with the crowd. My balcony antics haven’t been mentioned. It’s as if it never happened. I wish someone would tell that to my cock because he sure as fuck knows it happened. And he’s looking for more.

I grab a glass of red wine from one of the passing caterers and stand by the fire, surveying the crowd. I feel her before I see her. I turn towards a darker part of the room. Felicity is in the corner while a man I don’t recognize leans down to talk to her. I see her look my way and then look to him, a deep blush creeping across her cheeks.

I feel a snap between my fingers and look to see the stem of my wine glass has broken in two. A server comes over and takes the broken glass out of my hand, passing me a clean towel. There only seem to be a few minor cuts, so I wave him off.

When I look over at Felicity, I see her gazing over at me with concern on her face. Is she worried I’m going to tell her father what happened upstairs? Because that would be the last thing I’d want to do. She should be more worried about me going over there and pushing that guy away from her and pinning her in that corner with the lower half of my body.

Gritting my teeth, I grab another glass of wine, careful this time not to crack it in my hand. I also try—unsuccessfully—to not stare at Felicity. I keep my eyes on her, watching as she blushes and nods, hardly speaking a few words to the man. She’s so shy that I can see it from across the room. This doesn't jibe with her father’s words. As the man leaves, I take a step forward and then think better of it. Keeping myself rooted to the spot, I chant over and over in my head that I must not go to her. No matter how much my body wants it.

I see her eyes light up, and she starts to take a step, only to be cornered by another man. This time I want to smash my wine glass on the floor and scream obscenities until I blow the roof off this place. I want to scream that she’s mine, but she’s not. I don’t even know where these barbaric and crazy ideas come from.

She gives the new man a smile, and I stifle the rage in me at the gesture. Why do I even care that she’s smiling at someone? It’s no business of mine. Except for the fact that I’ve marked her mouth and now I feel as if I own it. How dare she use what I own to make other men happy? That mouth is mine and should only be used for my desires.

‘’Calder, are you okay?”

Looking to my left, I see Sidney walk up and put her hand on my shoulder. It’s not the hand I want. The one I want is on the other side of the room, and I hate it.

I nod, accepting her comfort, and try not to be so obvious about my newfound obsession with my attorney’s daughter.

“Are you ready to go? I think I made the rounds for us, and I’m dying to get home. My feet are killing me in these shoes.” She leans on me a little, lifting one and giving it a squeeze. “But they’re so pretty I couldn’t bear not to wear them.”

I just hum as I sneak another look at Felicity. I feel heat flood my bloodstream when I see her with a big smile on her face as she leans into the man in front of her. I guess her father was right. Maybe she is just like her mother, always needing attention. No matter who it’s from. I’m bitter, and I can’t look at the scene much longer.

I take Sidney’s hand and pull her out of the living room. “I’m ready,” I grit out as we exit the penthouse.

When we get downstairs, my car is waiting at the curb. My driver helps Sidney in, and I go around, nearly slamming my door as I get in.

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