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“God, you are fucking hot as hell. Spread your legs,” he orders, and I can’t help but obey. I spread them beneath him, as far as I can with his legs straddling me, and I gasp as he trails his fingers up my inner thighs, almost to the edge of my panties. Then, before he touches me, he lets his hands drop, before he can feel how fucking wet my pussy already is.

“I can see why other men have trouble,” he says, grinning. “You’re a lot to handle, aren’t you?”

I arch my back up into him as he starts to caress my ass through my skirt. “Maybe,” I admit, my voice low and throaty.

“Good. Like I told you, I enjoy a challenge.” He tilts his head. “Now, turn over.”

I lock eyes with him. Slowly, making sure to undulate my hips enough to catch his eye, I arch my hips up and rotate beneath him, my ass in the air. I check over my shoulder what he’s doing, but he slaps my ass, quick and light with one open palm.

“No peeking,” he says. “Otherwise I’ll have to blindfold you.”

“Is that a promise?” I ask, peering over my shoulder at him again. Before I can even react, he’s wrapping my shirt around my head. I gasp as he ties it tight around my face, rendering me blind.

“You want me to fill you up, Carmine?”

I swallow hard. We don’t have to have sex, I remind myself. But he’s here, and he’s fucking hot as hell, and his dirty talk is turning me on more than I even knew was possible. And if I’m honest, I haven’t wanted anyone to fuck me this much in a long, long time. “Yes,” I murmur, my voice soft.

“Louder,” he orders.

“Yes,” I say, forcefully this time.

I can hear the smirk in his voice when he answers. “Tell me what you want me to do to you, Carmine.”

“Stuff me full, Caleb.”

“You want my cock in your pussy or your ass?”

My clit throbs just hearing those words. I take a deep breath, debating. But I already know. “My mouth first,” I say. “Then… Whatever you want to do to me.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” he replies. “But first…” He runs a hand over my ass again, then slides his hand around the front to undo the zip of my skirt. He pulls it down slowly, inch by inch, to reveal my panties beneath. “You’re going to let me get you ready. I need to make sure you’re wet enough for me.”

I feel something cool and slim slide up my inner thigh. I gasp, as he traces it along the edges of my panties. Then he flicks a switch and it starts to vibrate.

My silver bullet vibrator.

I groan softly, rolling my hips back toward him. He runs the vibrator between my legs, tracing my lips through the thin fabric of my panties. Then he slides it back and presses it lightly against the tight pucker of my ass.

“You have quite the selection of toys here, Carmine. I wonder which one I should use… Which one would fill you up the best…” He slides the vibrator back toward my clit, and my whole body shivers with the vibrations, anticipating the moment when it will brush against my clit.

He never quite touches it though. He slides the vibrator around to press against my mound, and I moan loudly without thinking, my hips bucking forward toward the sensation. He doesn’t let it touch my clit, sliding it away.

“Not so fast. You don’t get off that easy, dirty girl.”

I bite my lip with frustration, but force myself to still my hips as he draws the vibrator back down along my slit to circle my ass again. At the same time I can hear him rifling through my toy drawer, debating.

“Here we go.” The audible excitement in his voice makes me shiver again. He shuts off the vibrator, and I gasp a little, missing the sensation. Especially when he shifts away from me. I turn my head, try to get an idea what he’s doing. But I can’t see anything through the fabric across my face.

“Have you ever been spit-roasted, Carmine?”

I lick my lips and smile. “Never.”

“I think you’ll enjoy it.”

How did he know? I’ve always wanted that. But without another guy, how…?

I hear him draw something else from the drawer, then some rustling. Then he hooks a finger under my panties and yanks them down to my knees. Before I can ask, he grabs the blindfold too, and tugs it off.

I glance over my shoulder to find my double-sided dildo—the one with a dick on each end, both of them 8” long and at least a few inches thick circumference—always enough to make my pussy ache and strain to accommodate it—suction-cupped to the wall. I’d forgotten about that function.

I eye it, then glance at him again.

He’s grinning at me. “Back up, Carmine.”

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