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"I love that you indulge all my fantasies." I tilt my head, try to catch him in a kiss again, but he's already licking my nipple in a slow, teasing circle.

"Don't forget the fantasies you haven't thought of yet," he murmurs. Then he presses the tip of the vibrator against my pussy. With a flick of his thumb, he turns it on, and I gasp and twist my hips as the vibration sends a shock through my nerves, my belly tightening.

“Oh, I never forget a promise like that, Dirty Boy.”

He smirks. “Good.” With that, he presses the vibrator an inch into my pussy. I gasp as my lips part to admit it, the vibrations making me twist against the wall. He pins me in place with one hand and pushes it farther into me, until it’s hovering right over my G-spot. I gasp and moan, the intensity making my whole body quiver. But just when it’s becoming too much, he shuts it off again, and I cry out faintly in protest at the sudden lack.

I don’t have long to complain. A moment later, he’s reaching for the other end of the long cord, and smoothing a handful of lube over the head of the second vibrator. When I realize what he plans to do, my eyes widen.

“Never tried this one, Dirty Girl?” he asks. He presses the second vibe, a small egg-shaped one, against the tight pucker of my ass.

“You did find a fantasy I hadn’t thought up,” I admit. Then I gasp, forgetting about our banter, as he presses the vibrator into me, an inch at a time. I moan aloud at the pleasant, tight stretching sensation. When the egg finally pops into my ass, Caleb flicks it back on, both vibrators going now, and I can hardly catch my breath, the sensation is so intense. My toes curl and my mouth falls open, my hands clenching and unclenching around the cuffs.

But Caleb isn’t done with me yet.

He spins me around and presses me against the wall. I feel the tip of his cock rest against my ass, and I turn to catch his eye, breathing hard, my pussy tight with the thought of what’s coming.

“I haven’t claimed this sexy ass yet,” he murmurs, tracing a palm over the curve of my ass longingly, before he slaps it once, just hard enough to sting.

I moan. It’s hard to concentrate with both vibrators inside me at once, the one in my pussy pressed right against my G-spot.

Then he leans his hips into me, and the tip of his cock presses into my ass, pushing the second vibrator deeper as he does.

“Fuck, Caleb,” I manage to groan.

“God you are so fucking sexy.” He grabs my hips with both hands now, slowly pushes his cock deeper into me. Between the slim vibrators and his thick, rock-hard cock, I already feel like I’m fuller than I’ve ever been.

Caleb reaches up with one hand, cups my chin and pulls me into a hard kiss, his tongue invading my mouth as he thrusts one last time, pushing his cock all the way inside my ass. The vibrations and his dick are enough to push me over the edge. I moan as my orgasm sweeps through me, and he just deepens our kiss, drawing back slightly to thrust into me again, and again.

By the time he starts to fuck my ass in earnest, the vibrator in my pussy pushes me into a second climax. I come screaming his name, and he locks eyes with me, fucking me faster, his muscles taut as his own pleasure starts to build.

I come a third time before he grips my hips with both hands and thrusts into me, his teeth clenched.

“I’m gonna come in your tight, perfect little ass, Dirty Girl.” He bucks harder, grips me tighter, and I thrust back against him, my voice lost. “I’m gonna come, fuck, Carmine…”

A guttural moan escapes his throat as he comes, and I moan again at the hot rush of his cum inside my ass. He flicks off the vibrators and pulls out of me, reaching up to unhook my arms. Before I can move, he’s scooped me into his arms and carried me the few steps to the bed.

We wind up tangled in the sheets, our legs entwined, both of us breathing hard, covered in sweat and sex, unable to wipe the smiles from our faces as we gaze at one another.

“I am definitely falling for more than just your sexy mouth, Carmine,” he murmurs. Then he leans in to kiss me, softer, sweeter this time, even as his arms curl around me possessively.

“I think I might be falling for more than just your accent, Caleb,” I admit. We grin at each other and he pulls me closer.

As we drift off to sleep, I turn to peer up at him: the sexy, incredible man who just a few days ago was no more than an unbelievably hot photo on my computer screen.

Who knew? Sometimes cheating the system and avoiding dating really does work. I grin and curl up against his chest. The sound of his heartbeat drums in my ear as I fall asleep.

This time when I dream, it’s all fantasies that I know I can one day actually live out.

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