I climb inside. “Where to, lady?”

Where to? Where to? My cell phone rings and I am smart enough to know that not only can the GPS chip be used to follow me, Liam has the money to make it happen. With my heart in my throat, I roll down the window and toss the phone outside, my thoughts bouncing all over the place with my emotions. I need a fake ID I can’t get until tomorrow. And I need to be close to Evernight so I can try to reach my handler one last time.

I lean forward to talk to the driver. “There’s a hotel called Cherry Creek Inn, in Cherry Creek North. Take me there.” I hesitate, then add, “But stop by a twenty-four-hour Walmart first.” I need supplies and a cash machine.

Forty-five minutes later, I step into the hotel room I’ve paid for in cash with Liam’s words playing in my head. Run to me, Amy, not from me. Angrily, I swipe at the tears that slip down my cheeks. I’m not going to cry over him. I’m not. I’m not going to cry at all.

I dump the contents of my shopping bag on the bed. A cheap pair of tennis shoes, a couple of tank tops and pairs of shorts, a few toiletries. I remove the wad of cash from my purse that I pulled from Liam’s credit card and toss it down as well. Tomorrow I’ll clean out my New York accounts, get a fake ID to travel with so that Amy Bensen will never be traceable as leaving town, and then I’m gone.

“I’m not running at all, Liam,” I whisper. I’m going back to Texas.

The End....

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