Instead, he held onto the edge of his desk, watching her, like he’d been watching her for many years. She’d not been alone while in the hospital. When she fell asleep, he’d take the time to check on her. Henry couldn’t bring himself to be apart from her.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Leaving his desk, he grabbed his jacket, seeing that it was indeed lunchtime already. “We’re going out to lunch.”

“Seriously, Henry, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing for me. I can take care of myself.”

“Do I look like I’m giving you a fucking choice?” His words came out harsher than he intended. Gritting his teeth, he tried to calm down so he wouldn’t give her cause to be alarmed. “I need to eat sometime, and you’re here. I don’t want to send you away.”

Stepping closer to April, he waited for her to dispute what he said.

“Okay, I can handle some food. If you’d rather eat by yourself then I’m okay with that.”

She looked at the floor again. Her long black hair fell over her face, blocking her beauty from his gaze. Reaching out, he tucked strands of her hair back. She jerked away from him touch.

Letting out a sigh, he withdrew his hand, wishing things were different.

“Come on, let’s go and eat.” He opened the door, waiting for her to pass before closing it behind him. On the way to the lift he nodded at his personal assistant telling her he’d be back after lunch.

“How does the place function without you?” April asked, stepping onto the lift with him.

Staring at their reflections Henry did everything he could not to look at her. There were times she’d visit Julia that he found himself looking at April. Life, for him, was easier when he tried to believe she didn’t exist.

This is all on you. She’s nervous around you because of you.

He never tried to make her relax. The attraction between them was all on him. She didn’t give him any indication that she wanted more from him.

“When are you back at work?” he asked, trying to turn the conversation to something else other than the increased attraction.

“I’ll be going back next week.”

“You’ll still be on crutches.”

“I know. I’ve got to get back to work. Staying in all day and doing nothing isn’t my idea of fun. I’ve got to do something, as otherwise I’m going to go mad.” April stared up at the numbers counting down at the top of the lift. He stared at the column of her neck. Would her skin be as silky as it looked? Henry wanted to close the distance between them, press her up against the wall of the lift and kiss her.

She’s not yours.

“I don’t like it,” he said, turning his hands into fists at his sides. There had to be an off switch to this attraction. She didn’t feel anything for him, yet when he was in her company, all he did was feel for her.

“There’s nothing you can do to stop it. I’ve got to eat, and they’ll only keep my job for so long.”

“You should be resting. Your leg broke, and you almost died.” Hearing her sob over the phone after the accident twisted his gut. The only thing worse than the memory of her sobs was the visual he got every time he closed his eyes. The car wrapped around the tree, Julia’s side a mess and the vision of April trapped within the car.

Again, he pushed the memories away, reminding himself that April was still alive. She didn’t know that he and Julia had argued before she went out or what they’d been arguing about.

“Bills need to be paid, Henry. Not all of us are successful businessmen.” She gave him a smile, which had his heart pounding harder in his chest.


He averted his gaze and breathed a sigh of relief when the doors opened. Waiting for April to take the lead, he followed close beside her. Every now and then he couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of her glorious, full behind. She was so ripe and full. He knew once he got her naked that she’d fill his hands to perfection.

Once outside of his office, he could breathe easier. Loosening his tie, he made his way toward the car that always waited for him outside of his business. Opening the door, he gave the driver a pointed look. April did a little hop then shuffle before landing her ass in the car. “I really don’t need to eat. I can wait.”

Sending her a glare, he took the crutches, dumping them into the trunk. Glancing around the city, he couldn’t help but smile. He had April in his car, and now he got the chance to feed her. For once, his day was looking up.

Sitting beside her, he told the driver to take them to an upscale Italian restaurant that had opened up. He loved the food, and he wished to share the experience with April.

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