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“So, what did the next envelope say?” he asks.

“That’s actually why I’m here,” I say and turn to watch his face. “I have to sleep with ten guys in this park before I can move onto the next envelope.”

His mouth literally falls open and his entire body turns rigid and it’s so hard for me to maintain a straight face. Eventually his smile cracks open.

“You’re a terrible liar,” he says.

“What gave me away?”

“Your face.”

“What about it?”


I frown. Kia always told me I had a terrible poker face. I guess she was right.

Pulling the envelope out of my purse, I hand it to him. He reads it and looks down at the book in my hand. “The girl had good taste,” he says.

“But the weird thing is, I’m pretty sure she already read the book,” I say when he hands the envelope back. “She was always talking about how romantic Jane Austen’s books were—which is why I’ve always wanted to read Pride and Prejudice. Why would that be on her bucket list if she’s already read it?”

He shrugs. “Maybe she wanted to read it one last time.”

I look up at the clouds. They form a shape of a heart. Fitting for this conversation. “Maybe.”

“So, if you’re supposed to be reading it,” he says, taking the book from my hand and finding my bookmark. “Then why are you still on page one?”

“I keep getting distracted.”

“Then why don’t you come back to my place. I’ll read it to you in bed.”

When I look at him, I can’t help the smile spreading over my face even though I try not to be so obvious. I think about the way his hands and lips felt on my body, and I get cold chills that harden my nipples, obvious beneath my silky shirt despite my bra. His eyes flicker to them and he shows me an appreciative smile which instantly makes me wet. I squirm in my seat at it coats my underwear.

“Lead the way,” I tell him.

He’s taking my clothes off before we’re even upstairs, kissing my bare shoulders, running his fingers through my hair. He unclasps my bra with lightning speed and grasps my breasts from behind, pinching my nipples which sends a jolt between my legs.

“I’ve been fantasizing about fucking you ever since you left my place,” he says, breath warm and heavy in my ear.

I smell the tang of cologne on his skin, something spicy, expensive. It’s intoxicating. He unbuttons my jeans, loosening them enough to slip his fingers into my panties and down between my legs. He moves them expertly. Like a locksmith discovering the combination, my legs open for him. He’s rubbing, probing, dipping his fingers into me. My knees buckle and he has to balance his own weight to counter mine. Small, pleasure-filled noises rise up in my throat.

His voice is almost a growl when he says, “Damn, you get so wet.”

It’s obvious by the sounds his fingers make when he slides them in and out of me that they’re drenched. But fingers aren’t enough for me. I want him. All of him. My body aches for him.

I turn around to face him. “Fuck me,” I demand, because I’m no longer playing around.

His smile nearly knocks me off my feet. He can’t possibly get sexier than he is right now. This time we make it to his bedroom. He pushes me onto his bed and yanks down my jeans and panties in one fluid motion and gets down on his knees, pulling me to the edge so the bottom half of my body is hanging off the bed. Holding my ass in one hand, he pulls me forward, his tongue snaking out, entering my folds, and he starts to lap at them as if he were thirsty. First the outer layers, teasing, playing. By the time he reaches my clit, I’m ready for it. Desperate for it.

He sheds his own clothes and finds a condom in his bedside table drawer and slips it on, then climbs on top of me. He doesn’t waste any time, and pushes into me with a grunt. My eyes close involuntarily as I marvel at the fullness I feel. I force my eyes open, though. I want to look at his body, study the art that decorates him. It tells a story, I’m just not sure what it says about him yet. On his chest is a deer head, its antlers reaching across his pecks, almost into his arm pits. On his arm, there’s a wolf. On the front of his neck is an eagle with its wings stretched out. He’s either an animal lover or they have special meanings.

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