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As he slides in and out of me, it feels so good that I forget to explore the rest of his tattoos. Maybe there will be time for that later. Right now, I’m just enjoying the ride. I’m crying out for it, in fact. He pushes into me, rubbing my clit at the same time and I writhe on the bed. When he takes my legs, and puts the backs of my knees over his shoulders and folds me in half, I’m certain he has reached the furthest depth of me. He’s so deep it almost hurts, teetering on the edge of pain and pure bliss. I love it. Every pulsing inch of it.

Though he’s furiously driving into me, he kisses me on the lips, slow and sultry. “You’re so beautiful,” he says into my mouth in that lovely deep voice of his. I’ve been called beautiful in bed plenty of times before, but with the others it felt more like pillow talk. I believe Max when he says it.

I lick his lips and he sucks my tongue into his mouth.

When he lets go, I whisper to him, “It feels so good.”

He changes his rhythm, pulling almost all the way out before driving back in, making sure I feel the entire length of him.

“You like that?” he says, almost teasing.

“You feel so fucking good.”

I’m clawing at his back, loving the way he feels inside of me. Then he starts to hammer hard, staring me in the eyes while he does it. He’s so hot, and there’s something about the hungry way he looks at me that turns me on even more. Three more hard thrusts and I’m yelling his name and cursing. It’s like I’m possessed as my orgasm claws its way out of me. My legs clinch as I ride out my orgasm. He climbs off of me and kisses his way down my legs, and kisses the tips of each of my toes as I’m slowly coming back down from the incredible high.

“Holy shit,” I say, out of breath. I wipe the sweat from my forehead.

He leans forward and kisses me. “You’re not finished, are you?” he asks.

“Not a chance.”

He smiles and flips me onto my stomach. I wrap my arms around his pillow, holding it as though I were holding him as he kisses the backs of my knees, and up my legs, up to my ass cheeks. He squeezes them, pinching, kissing, biting. He’s definitely an ass man. Luckily, I have plenty back there for him to play with.

He pulls my hips up so that I’m on my hands and knees, and enters me from behind. Slowly, at first. Very slowly. He pulls my cheeks apart and his finger slides across the cleft of my ass. He’d teasing me. I know he’s looking for a reaction from me, reading my body to see how I react to his touch in that often-forbidden area. I react by reaching behind me and pulling my cheeks further apart for him to explore, to do whatever he wants. He lets out a sound of approval and uses his thumb to put pressure on the entrance. He doesn’t enter, though, just plays. It feels amazing, and as I start to slip into the first stages of another orgasm, I push harder against him. He moves faster, his pace picking up. Then he gives me a quick slap on the ass that startles me. He then soothes it with a gentle hand. I moan louder.

He responds with another slap. This time I’m prepared for it. Each time he does it, I get more and more turned on until I’m ready to burst. When he slips the tip of his wet thumb into my ass, my orgasm unleashes like a wild dog and I’m bucking against him. He growls and thrusts harder as his own orgasm takes hold. I feel him moving inside of me, his load pumping out in powerful bursts.

He collapses on top on my back. The weight of him drops me onto my stomach and we lie there, panting and trying to catch our breath. My mind is blown, my bones weak and useless and I’m out of breath. He is too. He rolls over and I get up.

He clasps his hands over his stomach. Sweat drips down my body as well as the evidence from my orgasm.

“Shit, did the condom break?” he says, looking down to inspect the condom still strapped to him.

“No,” I say.

“That’s all you?” he says, looking at me, then at the giant wet pool on the bed. He looks intrigued.

It’s kind of cute, that I caused that? look of accomplishment on his face.

I shrug. “You turn me on.”

He watches me walk around the room, gathering my clothes. I can feel his gaze on me, following, tracking my moves. I’m not used to this kind of attention. Once my bra and panties are back on, I start to put my jeans on.

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