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I can barely get words out. “No. Just really fucking horny.”

Another surprise comes when he starts licking from my clit up to my asshole where he spends plenty of time. If it didn’t feel so amazing, I might’ve been apprehensive. Once he’s had his fill, he fingers my pussy.

“I need you inside me,” I tell him.

He removes his fingers and pushes into me with in one long, fluid motion. I roll my hips until he’s hitting that magical soft spot deep inside where all the fun happens. His steady movements, at the perfect angle, hitting that lovely spot, make me ecstatic to the point where I almost laugh. Not usually the reaction someone wants to hear when they’re having sex with their partner, so I make sure not to let it out, but the giggle is there, hidden by my moans. This feeling of him inside me, the pleasure it brings, makes me …happy—giddy, even. Wild.

“Fuck my ass,” I tell him.

His thrusts slow, then stop.

I don’t know where the words came from. They just sort of fell off my tongue before I realized what I was saying. But once I’ve said them, I know it’s exactly what I want. I crave the pain, the full feeling. I want to experience him in every way.

“Are you sure?” he says, seeming apprehensive even though I can hear the lust and want in his voice. The way he massages my ass cheeks with rough hands tells me he’s doing everything he can to hold back until I give the final word.

“I want it,” I tell him.

He goes into one of his drawers and comes out with a bottle of lube. He puts a generous amount into the palm of his hand and rubs it on both of us. My body is relaxed and pliable. I’m so turned on right now I don’t think I’m even capable of pain at this point. Plus, the glass of champagne from the art show helped loosen me up a bit.

Two of his finger are in now and it’s exactly what I wanted. I let out a low, long moan and lay my head on his pillow with my ass in the air, ready for him. Then I feel the head of his cock at that forbidden entrance. It’s so big compared to his fingers, that I get a little nervous. I slow my breaths and try to relax further. I can take it. I’m ready.

He pushes the head in and I gasp as my body grows used to this much more formidable guest.

Max rubs my hair, my back in soothing motions. “You okay?” he asks.

I rock into him, pushing him further into me. “I’m amazing,” I say with a dreamy quality in my voice that makes me sound almost drunk on pleasure.

He pushes further into me still, slow and steady until he’s all the way in. Pausing to let my body adjust, and for me to catch my breath, he says, “Do you still want it?”

“More than anything.”

With that he starts to work himself in and out. Slow at first, but quickly building speed. I don’t even have to touch my clit to stand on the edge of climaxing. I’m not sure if anal alone will get me there, but it feels incredible and I’m in no hurry to get to the end.

This is the noisiest I’ve heard him during sex yet. He’s making these deep, masculine sounds in the back of his throat that sound primitive, full of lust and pure testosterone. The sound of his muscular hips slapping against me turns me on even more. Knowing he’s watching himself enter me from behind, watching my ass jiggle with each thrust, makes me wish there was a mirror nearby so I can watch it too. I can tell by his reaction that it’s sexy as hell and he’s really turned on.

Suddenly he’s grabbing my hips and pounding into me like he’s trying to drill into my core. He plunges two fingers into my dripping pussy, double penetrating me. I scream and instantly come. He’s coming too.

When he’s done he pulls out and collapses on the bed. He looks at me, his eyes still full of want. “That was incredible,” he says. “You have a stellar ass.”

I laugh, breathless.

“How about a shower?” he says.

“That sounds great.”

We have sex again in the shower, and again when we get back into his bed. He has more stamina than I thought was possible. When we’re done, I’m sore and can barely move, but it’s getting late so I get up to grab my clothes.

He sits up and takes me by the hand. “Stay the night,” he says.

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