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Spreading my legs further apart, I guide him into me. He fucks me slowly at first, but then he reaches around my waist and lifts me off the bed while remaining inside of me. I wrap my legs around his waist, and with my arms around his neck, he fucks me standing up. It must take an incredible amount of physical strength to hold me up while fucking me at the same time. He makes it look easy.

After a while he presses my back against the wall to keep me steady while he puts my legs over his shoulders. My eyelids flutter, eyes rolling back as he slams into me.

“You have such a tight pussy. It feels so good,” he says. “I love the way it squeezes my cock.”

His lips lock onto mine and our tongues tangle in a passionate kiss. I’m moaning into his mouth as his dick drives deeper inside of me, painful and exhilarating at the same time.

“Your dick is so fucking big,” I say when our mouths part.

“Yeah?” he says, slamming it hard into me until I scream.

My neighbors probably think I’m being murdered. That, or they’re enjoying the show. So far no cops have shown up.

“You like the way I fuck you?” he asks.

“I love it.”

He carries me back over to the bed and lays me down, standing above me. “I want to watch you finger yourself,” he says.

I do what he wants, rolling my clit between my fingers as he watches, delving into my wet, swollen depths with two of my fingers.

The look on his face is intense as he strokes his hard cock.

“Faster,” he says.

I’m masturbating at a furious pace, bucking my hips as I grow closer to climax. “That pretty pussy belongs to me now,” he says. “No one else can have you.”

I like the way he gets possessive during sex, so rugged and animalistic.

My moaning becomes louder as the intensity builds. I can’t hold out much longer and he knows it.

“Come for me,” he says. “I want to watch you come.”

My body lets go. My orgasm throbs. I pull the hooded skin of my pussy back so he can see the evidence of my hard clit. I can feel my wetness leaking out of me. He leans in with his tongue, drinking it up, and engulfing my sensitive clit in his mouth.

Once he’s had his fill, he leans back with a lusty look and says, “Good girl.”

“Your turn,” I say.

“Tell me what you want.”

“Stroke that big cock for me.”

He stands at the edge of the bed, putting on a show with his slow, deliberate strokes. I get on my knees in front of him and lick the tip, catching his pre-cum on my tongue as it drips off.

“That’s so fucking hot,” he says.

I cast my eyes up at him and watch his face.

“I want to see that beautiful ass of yours,” he says.

I turn around and bend over for him, spreading my cheeks.

His voice gets deep, intense. “Oh, God, baby, you’re amazing.”

I lick my finger, making it wet then start fingering my asshole, pushing in past the tight barrier.

“Oh, fuck,” he cries out and I feel his hot cum spirting along my crack and my asshole.

He collapses on the bed beside me, looking utterly content. “Holy shit,” he says. “That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

I kiss his lips. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

It takes him a while to catch his breath. Once he comes down, he gets up and walks naked around my room. I lie in bed watching him as he studies the spines of the books on my shelves. I let out a contented sigh as I admire his beautiful body, the hard curves of his calves and hamstrings, that tight round ass. All solid muscle and sinewy grace. If I were an artist, I would paint him just like this, standing in my room.

I love that he’s so comfortable in his own skin, and that I’m starting to feel the same way when I’m around him. He makes me feel sexy and beautiful.

“Which one is your favorite?” he asks, pointing to the books.

All of my books are old. I haven’t read them in years. They’re mostly the remains of my high school years when I had all the time in the world.

“Game of Thrones,” I say. It’s the only one in the series I ever read, but I loved it so much I read it twice.

He looks at me, wide-smiled and open-mouthed. “You’re joking, right?”

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