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I stand in front of the full-length mirror. “Oh my God,” I say, trying not to cry when I see the stunning tattoo.

It’s a heart with wings and roses and a banner going through it that says ‘Kia’. It’s dated two years ago when our daughter was born. I named her after my best friend. After all, I wouldn’t have a daughter by this lovely man had my best friend not encouraged it.

Max steps up behind me and puts his hands on my shoulders. “You like it?” he asks.

“I love it.”

He kisses the bare skin of my shoulder, then trails kisses up my neck. I close my eyes and focus on the way his soft lips are so familiar and how they know exactly where to land. He has an intimate knowledge of every part of my body and knows what turns me on the most. His hands go under my shirt. He unhooks my bra so that it hangs loose. He then reaches around to cup my breasts and tweak my nipples, sending bolts of lightning to my clit as if those two body parts were one in the same.

He turns me around and lifts my shirt up and over my arms, careful not to touch the fresh tattoo, and tosses it to the side. It’s a good thing the curtains are drawn over the storefront windows. His mouth engulfs one of my breasts while his hand continues to kneed the other. I run my fingers through his thick dark hair and watch him expertly kiss and lick and suck at my nipples.

He backs up and looks at me. “How are you my wife? How the hell did I get so lucky?”

I brush one of his long eyelashes off his cheek, then continue to caress his handsome face. “You’re about to get even luckier.”

He smiles and his hands make their way down to the waistband of my shorts and he pulls them off. I step out of them and kick them to the side. He kisses his way down my stomach and to my panties where he sniffs long and deep.

“I love your scent,” he says. “I’m addicted to it.” He gives it another sniff and gently bites the fabric.

He pulls my panties down and licks the top of my mound, not penetrating between the folds. It drives me crazy because I know how capable he is with his tongue, but he’s holding back. He wants to make sure it’s torture for me, waiting until I can’t stand it anymore, until I beg for it.

His tongue is so wet and soft and warm. It doesn’t take long before I’m thrusting my hips at his face, prompting him to go deeper, to slide his tongue in just a little. He smiles at my eagerness, but refuses to comply with my wishes.

“I’m going to start fucking your nose if you’re not careful,” I tell him.

He laughs. “That sounds kinky. I’m into it.”

I roll my eyes and take one of his hands that is resting on my hip and try to urge him to finger me. “Nope,” he says.

I groan. “You’re mean.”

“No, I’m evil.”

I have to scoff at that. There’s not an evil bone in his body. But he is a damn tease.

I push him and he falls backwards, laughing as I stand above him. “Take off your clothes or you’ll see who’s the evil one,” I say.

His smile stretches across his entire face. “Yes ma’am.”

He takes off his shirt then his jeans. His huge, proud cock springs free from the confines of his boxers.

I reach for my purse on the chair and grab a condom.

“No,” he says, reaching up and taking it out of my hand. He tosses it to the side. “I think it’s time we make Kia a little brother.”

I lift my eyebrows. “And what if we have another girl?”

“Another girl is fine with me too.”

I hover over him, then squat down, impaling myself on his bare cock. Each time I go down, he thrusts up and we create a magic rhythm that touches all the right places. I stand up and turn around, then squat back down, reverse cowgirl style. I know how much he loves my ass and I want to give him the full view. It turns him on even more since I had Kia and it’s gotten bigger. He’s always asking me to text him pictures of it whenever I’m not around. He can’t get enough.

He rubs my ass cheeks and gives then a good smack.

“I’m going to come,” he says, taking hold of my hips, thrusting harder.

“Come inside me, baby,” I say.

One more hard thrust and he fills me up. I feel the warmth of his seed coat me. When I stand up, it gathers into a pool around his balls. I help him clean up, then kiss him.

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