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He has my whole clit in his mouth now, nursing on it like he did my nipple and suddenly my brain goes numb and empty, and my mouth opens and I’m moaning, begging for him not to stop. And like the gentleman he definitely isn’t, he stops.

“No! Why are you stopping?” I ask, raising my head off the couch cushion to look down at the amazing, infuriating creature between my legs.

That cocky smile is back. “I thought I’d make you beg for it a little.”

“This is me begging for it.”

“Not good enough.”

His fingers spread the wetness around, down the crack of my ass, playing with my back entrance without actually entering. Right now, I would let him. I’d let him do anything to me.

I’m panting, aching to have his fingers inside me to the point where it literally hurts; the female equivalent to blue balls, but in the best way possible. I don’t mind a little pain in bed as long as the reward for enduring it is worth it in the end.

“Please,” I say, my voice barely a whisper.

His smile widens until he’s showing off those pretty white teeth of his. Then two of his fingers slip inside of me. I gasp and spread myself further apart for him so that he can go as deep as the length of his fingers will allow, which are pretty long. At first, he’s just sliding in and out, and my pussy is making sexy squelching sounds, but then he hooks them and my eyes roll back as he massages my g-spot.

My legs start to tremble. Seeing the quake in my body, he starts to finger-fuck me at break-neck speed. My head is hitting the back of the firm couch, but I don’t care. I can’t even feel it. The entire couch is creaking and whining as if it were having its own orgasm. I’m sure everyone downstairs in the tattoo shop is getting an earful, but again, I don’t care.

My orgasm explodes like a bomb and it destroys me. I scream, a short burst of sound, unable to help myself, but it soon fades into a long grown as the last of the quake leaves my body and I’m nothing more than a puddle on the cushions

He doesn’t allow me to recover. Instead, he strips off his clothes and puts a condom on so fast, if I blinked I might have missed it. I barely get to inspect the goods before he pushes into me. I cry out. Even after being stretched and punished by his fingers, there’s still enough feeling there to know this guy is no slouch in the size department. His horrible attitude wasn’t overcompensating for anything after all.

He pushes all the way into me until there’s nowhere left to go. It’s the most satisfying, full feeling. As he slides in and out of me, he takes turns between sucking my nipples and kissing my lips. When he holds my face in his hands and stares into my eyes, something changes. I wouldn’t call it a connection, really, but that infuriating cockiness is gone. It goes from a hate-fuck to just a really passionate hook-up.

He kisses me gently on the lips and the tip of my nose. Really, how can I hate him after that? This goes on for the longest time, and for a while it feels as though we’re making love. But I know that’s not what this is. I don’t know this man. We just met. Whatever this is, it’s something else. Whatever this is, I can’t get enough.

This slow, sweet sex starts to get heated again as he thrusts faster. He pulls out suddenly and rolls me onto my stomach. With my face in one of the decorative pillows with a picture of an anchor on it—that smells wonderful, by the way—he slams into me from behind and I scream out in pleasure. He thrusts so hard I can feel it in every part of my body. I push back into him, wanting more.

“You’re a greedy little girl, aren’t you?” he says, toying with me again, acting like he’s about to pull out.

He kisses my back, and licks his way up my spine until his warm lips are on my ear and I can feel his breath. “You want more, don’t you?” he says.

Hardly able to get words out, I say, “I want it all.”

He laughs a quiet, lust-filled sound and slams into me again. Over and over until I’m screaming for it, taking inch by delicious inch, begging him not to stop as a second orgasm takes hold. This time I’m not able to recover as quickly. My knees are shaking, my energy spent. When it finally rolls away, I’m lying there, useless. Max has to do all the work. He rolls me onto my side and enters me from behind. He squeezes my breasts and pinches my nipples.

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