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Tapping his foot, his impatience was starting to get the better of him.

The door opened, and she stood on the other side.

Without waiting for her to invite him in, he pushed his way inside.

Classy, Rex. Real fucking classy.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she asked.

She was in a robe, and her hair was still falling around her in waves.

“We’ve got unfinished business.”

Nora glared at him, and then at her door. “How do you know where I live?”

“Simple, I have my ways.”

She shook her head. “PR, right? You’ve got someone there to give you the access codes to the secure files. I know Frank doesn’t allow everyone to access them. Only he can, along with people in PR.”

Okay, so maybe he didn’t have many secrets, but he did have some. There were many people who worked in PR.

Nora pursed her lips, and rather than looking stern, to him she just looked cute.


The smile on his face disappeared.

“Yep, she’s the only one who would think you’re a charming man.” She folded her arms.

He didn’t like that robe. It was too big and too bulky.

“What do you want?” she asked.

Her back was now to the door, so he stepped toward her. Still, she stepped back, and he’d been counting on it.

When her back finally hit the door, he slammed his hands either side of her face.

“You don’t want to fuck in the office that is fine with me.” He leaned in close, and there was no denying the look of longing on her face. “But this is happening.”

“No, it’s not.”

She didn’t even sound convincing to herself, he saw it.

“Yeah, it is. If it wasn’t going to happen, you wouldn’t have responded. Tell me right now your pussy isn’t wet.” Her thighs were squeezed so tightly together, and she didn’t say a fucking word. Rex smiled. “I get it. I’ve fucked a great deal of sluts in that office, but you are not a slut, are you? No, you’re Nora Covington, the office princess, and I don’t mind that at all. In fact, when we’re together, you’re going to be a princess to me.”

She shook her head, but again she didn’t say anything.

He took a strand of her hair, and teased it between his fingers. It was soft as silk, and like this, falling all around her, she was beautiful. He wanted this hair fanned out on his pillow as he drove inside her again, and again. It was like every single fantasy was bombarding him over and over again, driving him crazy with need.

“Nora is the kind of woman that you’re loyal to. She’s the kind of woman that you feel guilty if you ever fuck another woman when she is yours.”

Frank’s words came back to him, and staring into her brown eyes, Rex saw the truth, and he understood it now more than ever.

This was why he hadn’t wanted Nora near him. She was the complete opposite of all the women he went for, so different that he had seen the temptation. He had pushed her away, called her names, belittled her as much as possible, and right now, he knew without a doubt that he couldn’t lose her.

Rex had been wanting her a long time, long before she became his PA, or even Frank’s. He had seen her when she had first started working delivering mail. She had been so young then, and he’d watched her.

The years had done wonders for her. When she first arrived, she had been so nervous, and he’d seen it when he looked at her.

The young woman held a large stack of envelopes, and she smiled at everyone.

“Who’s that?” he asked Carl.

“You don’t know the cutie that started delivering mail?”

“All of my mail goes to my PA.”

“Yeah, and she’s so fucking dumb she probably tosses it all in the trash thinking it isn’t important.”

He couldn’t argue there.

“Why does she smile a lot?” Rex asked.

“Because she’s happy. She loves working here and has been here for about three weeks. I wonder who will ask her out first.”

When Frank came toward her, and placed his arm around her, Rex didn’t know what happened, but he just pulled himself back.

It wasn’t because Frank had laid claim to her. No, it was because his boss respected her, and he wasn’t about to mess with that. He’d also seen the way Lidia had fussed over her. Everyone knew that Lidia and Frank didn’t have any children. He had seen all of Lidia’s maternal instincts come out when she was around Nora.

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