Of course, it didn’t help that his emergency appointment had been very vocal in his anger toward Rex, and called him incompetent. Once Rex had told her the extent of her failing, she had arranged for gift baskets to be sent to all parties who had been affected by her clumsiness. She had paid for them out of her own paycheck as well. The company didn’t deserve to take the expense for her failings.

Now, of course, she wished it had always been part of her plan.

It hadn’t.

“You’re not going to pretend that it wasn’t intentional?” he asked.

She shook her head. “Why would I do that?” Nora wanted to cheer as she closed his door very gently. She had tried to tell him the truth so many times. He wouldn’t listen then, and he wasn’t about to start listening now. He believed what he wanted to, and it was exhausting trying to prove him wrong.

Walking toward her desk, she glanced through the remaining pieces of work she needed to do today, and headed toward the copy machine to do what Rex had asked of her.

Once inside, she took several books that had relevant case information. Printing them out, she sat at the little table, and highlighted the points that he needed.

“You’re here again?” Lorna asked.

Nora smiled at the woman who was old enough to be her mother. Lorna had taken over from her with Frank.

“Yeah, it’s nicer here. The view is prettier.” The view was crappy seeing as there was no window and the doors overlooked the rest of the office.

“Frank feels really badly by the way. I know he’s not happy losing you, even if he was the one to send you there. I believe Lidia misses you as well.”

“He’s got you. I miss them both as well.” Life had been pretty hectic just recently, and she hadn’t been able to see Lidia for a few weeks.

“Yeah, but we all know that I’m good. You’re outstanding.”

Nora’s cheeks heated, and she licked her lips. “You’re just being nice to me.”

“Am not. You’re amazing, and everyone here knows it. Several people were pissed that you got matched with Rex. He’s a damn good lawyer, and you’re a damn good PA, and everyone here doesn’t think he deserves you.”

Nora took a deep breath, and glanced back at the sheet of paper. “It’s … hard. I wish I’d been placed with someone else.”

“Wow, you’re actually going to complain?” Lorna asked, taking a seat.

“No, of course not. I wouldn’t dream of complaining.”

Lorna held her hand up. “Relax, sweetie. I come in peace. It was sarcasm. Everyone knows you don’t complain at all. Rex is an asshole. I’ve heard the way he talks to you, and to be honest, I don’t like him either.”

“It’s fine.”

“Really? Your trips to the bathroom that last twenty minutes and result in you looking miserable with red, puffy eyes, and you’re fine?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. He’s just a guy, you know.”

“Look, words hurt more than anything else. Rex, he’s an asshole but just so you know, everyone here likes you. They put up with Rex because of his ability to win cases, and to bring in the good ones. Remember that.” Lorna patted her shoulder. “Frank would listen to you. If he knew the kind of abuse that Rex was throwing your way, he’d handle it.”

“Rex is a hard nut to crack. He’ll like me one day.” When hell froze over. “I’m not the kind of person to go tattling to the boss when I don’t like something. I was put with Rex for a reason.” She saw the pity in Lorna’s gaze. “I know it’s because I’m fat and ugly, Lorna.”

“No, honey. You’re not fat, and you’re not ugly. Don’t even go thinking that. You’re simply not Rex’s type.” Lorna hugged her tight. “Don’t let him get to you. You’re better than that.”

She watched as Lorna left, and released a breath. It wasn’t normal for Rex to get to her. He’d not even said anything horrible to her today. Biting her lip, she glanced out across the floor, and wondered if she should consider moving on. This wasn’t the life she had wanted, not that she had a clue what kind of life she actually did want. All she knew was the fact that every single day she was getting more and more unhappy. Life was hard now, and when life was hard, she struggled. How could she stay positive about everything when the guy she worked for was constantly pushing her?

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