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“As I’d love a daughter, Rex. I couldn’t give Lidia the life she wanted. We were always working, and then it was just too late. We weren’t graced with a child. From the moment I saw my wife talking with Nora, there was just this spark. I don’t know. I think life sends us hurdles to help us become better people. Nora makes me want to be better, and seeing my wife with her, it reminds me of everything she has sacrificed for me. That is real love. When you’re willing to give up on your own dream to help the other. I love my wife more than anything in the world. I know I shouldn’t care about Nora, but she’s like the daughter I never had.”

Frank left, and Rex sat back in his chair. It would explain why he was so protective of her. Frank had given everything to this firm. Deep in his core he was a family man, and had been unable to have children with Lidia. It would seem that Rex’s thoughts about Nora were true. Like Rex had thought, she was like the daughter Frank never had.

“Hey,” Nora said, standing in his doorway.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Oh, I tried calling you. I felt so much better. No more sick feeling at all, and I don’t like sitting around all day. I know I can be useful around here. I’ve already rescheduled Mrs. Richmond. I know you want to get her out of the way.

He didn’t know what to say or do. Guilt consumed him. “You don’t think it’s a little odd that you were sick in the morning but are fine now?”

She shrugged. “Don’t know, don’t really care right now. We’ve got work to do, and I know Frank is anxious to get this case out of the way.”

“You just missed Frank,” he said, getting up, and moving in front of his desk, leaning up against it.

“Crap, I did. What did he want?”

“Wanted to know how you were finding work, and if you’d found somewhere new to move on.”

She sighed.

“You’re still looking, aren’t you?”

“You said that I could still look. That our deal doesn’t affect what I want to do.”

“You still want to leave?”

Nora blew out a breath. “I don’t know what I want anymore. How is that for crazy?”

“It’s hard trying to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life.” He reached out, taking hold of her hand. He didn’t care who could see. He had to hold her, touch her.

“Did you always want to be a lawyer?”

“More or less. As a kid I wanted to be an astronaut.”

“Ah, shooting up to the moon, exploring.”

“Yeah, then I realized I like keeping my feet firmly on the ground.”

“Floating around in space can be really overrated.” She stepped closer to him. “I got you a couple of presents at home.”

“When have you found the time?” he asked. His heart was pounding, and as he stared into her beautiful eyes, he just knew that she was the one for him.


He had known a hell of a long time.

I’m just like Alaric.

His best friend was digging his romance with a woman named Bella into an early grave.

“I have my ways, and with us spending Christmas together, I think it’s only fair that I get you a little something.”

Rex couldn’t remember the last time he had celebrated Christmas, or even enjoying putting up the tree. Now his home had a tree that they had put up together, and there were twinkling lights around his fireplace, along with many other decorations.

He hadn’t gotten her a present yet, and guilt swamped him.

“What’s wrong? You seem sad?” she asked.

“It’s nothing. I’ve got some finer details to work through.”

“Okay.” She headed toward the door.

“What are your thoughts on kids?” Rex asked.

She paused, frowning. “They’re cute. Why?”

“You want some?”

“Someday. Not any time soon, I don’t think. They’re a lot of work, and besides, I’ve got to fall in love first.”

“Still trying for the fairytale?”

She shook her head. “No. Just hoping that there is at least part of a fairytale waiting out there for me.”

Nora left his office, and Rex went and dropped down into his seat. It was all too fucking much. Firing up the pregnancy website, he saw there were tests, and blood tests in order to determine if she was pregnant.

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