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The more time she spent with him, the harder it was for her to hate him. She had heard many times people say there was a fine line between love and hate. She had hated him, and now more than ever she was sure that she loved him.

Was it possible to fall in love with someone you hated?

She didn’t think it was until she stared into Rex’s eyes, and then she was sure. There was just no denying her feelings for him. Every single day they grew a little more.

Stroking over her clit, she thrust up, wanting his touch. Rex captured her hips, and held her up, leaning down to take her clit into his mouth. He slid his tongue down, going to her entrance, and plunging inside.

She cried out his name, teasing herself as he tongued her at the same time.

“Look at me, Nora,” he said.

Opening her eyes, which she had closed, she watched his tongue flick across her clit. It didn’t take much, and she came, thrusting up against his face, smearing her juices on his lips. He didn’t give her a chance to wait though. He released her hips, and she dropped to the bed.

He grabbed his cock, and placed the tip at her entrance. Slowly, inch by inch, he began to sink inside her.

Each thrust stretched her, making her ache for more.

Rex grabbed her hands, holding her down as he slammed the last couple of inches inside her, making her cry out once again. He didn’t like silence when he fucked her. There had to be noise, and if she wasn’t making any, he wasn’t doing it right. At least that was what he said to her.

She believed him. There was no way for her to contain her arousal, or what she wanted him to do to her. She loved it when he got all dirty, and took her along with him. There was something highly erotic about going down the path together, rushing toward ecstasy while at the same time, holding each other through it.

“I will never get bored of you, Nora,” he said, kissing her neck. “This fire is not burning out. It’s getting stronger.”

She didn’t need him to explain it. She knew exactly what he meant. The feelings she was developing for Rex were only getting stronger, and it wasn’t just about the sex. The sex was fun. What she loved as well was the times in between. When they shared a meal or watched television, or even when they were at the office late at night researching. Sex didn’t have to be part of it, and they had never had sex in the office.

They teased each other but never crossed that line. She never wanted to. The office didn’t need to be a ground for their relationship, if what they had was a relationship. She hated how nervous she got, or didn’t know what to think of the two of them together. They didn’t label themselves even though they were exclusive to each other.

She lifted up, taking him deeper inside her pussy, holding him inside her. They both gasped together.

“You’re so tight.” He nibbled her neck, sucking on her pulse. “No one is ever going to know how fucking amazing you feel, or how awesome you are. You belong to me, Nora.”

His possessive words thrilled her to the core. Never had she belonged to anyone, and the passion in his voice aroused her even more.

The age gap between them meant nothing. She loved being with him, and as much as she once hated him, she knew she was falling in love with him. The man he had shown her the past few weeks was the kind of man she wanted.

“Oh fuck, Nora, this is not going to last.” He rode her hard, going as deep as he could, and she held onto him, never wanting this moment to end.

When he found release, she followed him into a second orgasm. Afterward, he laid over here, kissing her neck.

Something was different. She didn’t know what it was. Something was off.

“We need to get dressed,” he said.

She didn’t argue with him, and watched as he pulled away. Sitting up in bed, she frowned as he made his way toward the bathroom.


He paused, and turned toward her. “What, babe?”

“You’d tell me, wouldn’t you?”

“Tell you want?”

“What was bothering you. If it was me or I don’t know, something silly or crazy?” She ran her fingers through her hair, and watched him. “Something is going on. I can sense it. You can trust me.”

“I know I can trust you. I just … I need more time.”

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