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“I love you,” he said. “More than anything. You’ve given me the entire world, Nora.”

Her cheeks heated. “You take the words right out of my mouth.” She pressed another kiss to his lips, and he couldn’t wait until the party was over. He wanted to be alone with his wife to show her just how much he loved her. Not that she needed it. He just loved to hear her cry his name when he was balls deep inside her. When he was, Rex knew there was no place better.

The End



Sam Crescent

Chapter One

Quinn Powell stared down at the picture his sister, Dorothy, had sent him. It was of her birthday party, which he’d not been able to attend, and beside her stood Kaley Woods, her best friend. His sister had celebrated her twenty-first birthday three years ago, and this picture had been taken then. Dorothy had always been a force to reckon with. The moment she’d met Kaley in nursery school they’d been best friends. No one could separate the two even if they wanted to. Their parents were overjoyed by their strong friendship as neither would do anything to risk the other. Kaley wouldn’t go out to any wild parties, which meant Dorothy found other ways to occupy her time. Dorothy wouldn’t sit in the library all day reading books, so Kaley found ways to be with her friend. They were like chalk and cheese, yet the best of friends. Watching them grow up had been fun. Quinn was a good ten years older than the girls and had been expected to get them out of trouble, even though they were rarely in it. Kaley rarely spoke more than a few words at a time to him, and he’d done anything to try to.

Over the years, he’d noticed that about Kaley. She was a shy girl, almost withdrawn, apart from when she was with Dorothy. His sister brought Kaley out of her shell and forced her to live in the real world rather than her world of books.

He ran his thumb over Kaley’s picture, falling for her smile like he’d fallen for every single part of her over the last few years. She was a beautiful woman yet hid behind large clothing and glasses she didn’t need. He adored her curves, even though she had tried to diet over the years. Staring at the picture, he could make out her full tits, rounded hips and stomach, and juicy, thick thighs. He wanted her badly. Her curvy body wasn’t all he wanted either. Smiling, he found it so cute that she had her glasses on as well. He’d seen her slide them up into her hair several times as she moved around the house. Whenever he entered a room, the glasses would conveniently fall down onto her face, hiding her away. He didn’t know what she was hiding away, only that it would no longer work. He wanted her and had left her to live her life for the past six years without any interference from him. When she’d turned eighteen, Quinn had had every intention of getting to know her better, to seduce her. Dorothy asked him to let Kaley live her life, to go to college without the fear of an older, scarier boyfriend. His sister cared about him, but she also cared about her friend. Quinn respected Dorothy enough to stay well clear. Dorothy only asked for him to give Kaley a chance to live her life through college. She’d not said anything about the future. He’d given his sister Kaley’s college years, and the last time he spoke to Dorothy, he’d made his intentions known. He was coming back home to make Kaley his. His sister no longer demanded he stay away and had in fact started to send him pictures.

He was a Navy Seal and had the pleasure of working with a fine group of men who all worked for special top-secret operations that risked his life on a daily basis. He’d just signed the papers for his final mission. He was getting out, and, at the age of thirty-five, he was going to finally marry his woman.

Handing everything over, he grabbed his bag and looked toward his friend, Dale.

“Are you sure about this? There’s nothing more exciting out there.”

Quinn shook Dale’s hand. “I don’t need excitement anymore. I’ve got everything I wanted out of this life. It’s time for me to move on.”

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