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“No one. I’ve got the need to cook.”

With her hands on her hips, Kaley stared back at her friend. Dorothy’s face became devoid of any emotion.

“You can keep looking at me all you want, Kaley Woods. I’m not doing anything wrong. I need to cook, and it’s not your day in the kitchen, it’s mine.”

Shaking her head, Kaley walked to the door, guilty for her suspicions against her friend. “I’ll see you later.”

“Take care.”

“I will.”

She closed their apartment door, making her way downstairs toward the entrance. Kaley walked the several blocks toward the city library. It was a busy Friday morning, and she dodged as many people as possible on her way. The only problem with living in the city was the constant business of the people. They were always on the go, refusing to stop or apologize for banging into you.

Dropping her glasses onto her face, she tucked her head down, crossing her arms over her breasts as she walked up the entrance steps.

On the way inside, she stopped at the business section, gathering six books she’d need for studying.

Martha, a librarian in her forties, nodded toward her. “You’re back here again.” Martha had given her the job, showing her the ropes. Kaley liked the woman and considered her a friend.

“Yeah, studying.”

“Honey, you’re twenty-four years old. Surely there’s a man out there waiting for you.”

For some reason, Quinn, Dorothy’s brother, came to mind. Rubbing at her temples, she tried to force memories of him away. “No, no one.”

“You’re a beautiful young woman, Kaley. You need to stop hiding behind those glasses and those books.” Martha shook her head.

Not knowing what to say, she took the books toward the study area. She removed her satchel, pulled out her notebooks, and started to work. Every now and then she’d rub at her temple to try to clear the thoughts of Quinn.

He was the one man who always invaded her thoughts whenever anyone talked about a man. He made her so nervous that she made every excuse she could not to be in the same room alone with him. Since he became a Seal something had changed. He stared at her all the time. Each time he held her gaze, she was sure he saw a hell of a lot more than she would have liked. No matter how she tried to hide the desires running through her body, Quinn seemed to know.

You’re losing your mind again.

There’s no way Quinn could know. Her desires were locked up tight on her laptop where her stories were. Even Dorothy didn’t know about her more explicit stories. Kaley liked to write about alpha males who knew what they wanted and did everything in their power to show the woman how they felt. They were dominant, protective, and so damn sexy they made her wet just writing them.

Opening the first book, she pressed her thighs together to try to stem the arousal working its way up her body.

She took notes on the values and needs of business, only to stop as Quinn’s handsome image came to mind again. Pausing, she pulled her cell phone out of her jeans pocket to bring up his picture. This was one of the pictures Dorothy had sent her. It was taken by Dorothy as she held the phone up to take one of Kaley with Quinn. Quinn’s thick arms drew her gaze first. Growing up, he’d been tall but not filled out. Since joining the Seals, Quinn had filled out. His arms were huge, well defined by muscle. They showed his hard work. In fact, the whole of his body showed it. Quinn’s body was a piece of art.

Shutting off the phone, she forced all memory of Quinn out of her mind. No, she wouldn’t be thinking about Quinn. He was off limits.

He wasn’t just Dorothy’s brother, he was scary as hell. She rarely spoke to him and wouldn’t be alone with him anytime soon.

What if he’s got a girlfriend?

Licking her suddenly dry lips, Kaley stared straight ahead of her at the lines of books. Books never scared her or made her want something she couldn’t have.

Running fingers through her messy brown hair, she finally pushed Quinn aside. He was invading her study time. When she was done, she’d make a quick stop at the store for some chocolate ice cream and a movie. Ice cream and a movie would make her feel better. Well, the ice cream would make her feel better. Dorothy wouldn’t ask too many questions if she appeared with ice cream, providing a romance movie came with it.

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