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Chapter Two

Quinn grunted as Dorothy threw herself into his arms. “You made it.”

“I would have been here sooner if my sister picked me up.”

She blew a raspberry. “I’m already letting you crash here. Besides, don’t you feel like a loser staying with your much-younger sister?”

Closing the door, he dropped his bag. “You’ve not told Kaley I’m coming, have you?”

He knew his sister well.

“You’re in love with my friend. I know Kaley better than anyone, Quinn. If she knew you were coming here to stay, she’d be going back home. I don’t know why she’s so skittish around you.” Dorothy shrugged. “Anyway, she’s at the library and will be for the next—” she stopped to look down at her watch, “—three hours. You’re safe to unpack.”

They lived in a three-bedroom apartment. Both of their families had chipped in to make sure the girls weren’t in any danger. The apartment building was a good one and located in a decent part of the city. Quinn wouldn’t have Kaley living anywhere else, and neither would he let Dorothy.

Folding his arms over his chest, he stared at Dorothy. “What’s to say she won’t run away?”

“I won’t let her. I’ve already got a date lined up. My plan is to sit and eat, then remember I’ve got a date, leaving the two of you together. If I don’t, she’ll come up with a reason to be out of the apartment. It’ll work.”

“How do you feel about me dating Kaley?”

“You’re not interrogating me, Quinn. I’m happy for you both.” She cut off to start laughing. “Actually, it’ll be fun to see you working hard for something you want in life.” She snorted. “Kaley’s not so easily taken with muscles and your Seal past.”

“You’re already a pain in my ass.”

“I’m the enjoyable pain, brother. I’ll leave you to get settled. I’m making Kaley’s favorite. Chicken parmesan. I’m going to need for her to forgive me, as otherwise I’ll kick your ass.”

Picking his bag up, Quinn crossed the apartment to the spare bedroom. Before he opened the door, he couldn’t help but take a peek in the other room. Kaley’s room.

Opening the door, he stepped inside then closed it quickly so Dorothy wouldn’t interrupt him.

The room was feminine. The walls were plain white, and the bedding was a light peach color, as were the curtains. The desk held several creams pushed to one side. What dominated the desk was her closed laptop. Beside her laptop was a notebook. He picked up the notebook, flipping through the pages to see lots of notes.

Quinn closed the book, not wanting to take his invasion into her privacy any further. His years as a Seal had taught him to play dirty as well as nice. Standing near the edge of the bed, he closed his eyes, inhaling her floral scent. He moved over to her single bookshelf that was full to bursting with books. He ran his fingers over each well-worn spine. Kaley had always been a reader, a lover of all books. He used to like watching her read with the way her tongue stuck out as she did.

He quickly looked through her collection of books, seeing some more erotic titles amongst the educational ones. He’d not expected her to have any sexy titles, and he liked this side of Kaley. His woman liked to read sexy stories. Quinn could work with that. Did she wish she were the heroine in some of the books? He’d gladly play out all of her fantasies. He would remember the titles so that he could look for them.

Seconds later he left her bedroom and entered his own. The walls were white, and Dorothy had put some blue sheets on the bed. He went to the window to look out over the city. Their parents all lived in a small town in the country where fields as far as the eye could see surrounded them. The city never appealed to him, but he knew how important it was to start up a business within the city. Security was a good business to use all of the skills he’d built up in the Seals.

Once his company was established and Kaley finished her Master’s, he’d be finding them a place back home. Quinn had a business plan that he intended to stick to. He had the money and the contacts, so all he needed to do was see his dream come true. In the last couple of years, he’d dabbled in the stock market, investing in products and companies, which had showed a great return.

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