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Was it really a big deal about him reading her stories? She’d never been this happy in all the years she’d been alone. Her love for Quinn went far beyond those stories.

The only man she loved was Quinn. She licked her lips, then looked into his hazel eyes.

“I wish you hadn’t read my books, but I love you, Quinn.”

“Is that a yes?”

She nodded. Tears filled her eyes at the joy. He laughed, tugging her into his arms. “I love you, Kaley, so fucking much.” Quinn pulled away long enough to slide the diamond ring on her finger. “I promise I’ll make you the happiest woman in the world.”

“You’ve got to tell my father. He might not give you his blessings.”

“That’s another thing. My friends and our parents are at the apartment waiting for us. I was going to propose to you in front of them.”

“I’m so pleased you didn’t.” The thought of being the center of attention terrified her. “Let’s go and face them.”

“You’re not mad about your books?”

“A little but I’m not going to be unreasonable. I know why you did it even if I don’t agree. I can’t hate what happened as it has made me the happiest woman in the world.” She rested her head on his shoulder, lifting up the ring he’d bought especially for her. “Let’s go back to our apartment.”

Once they were home her parents pulled her in for a hug. They all saw the ring and threw angry glares at Quinn for proposing without them. She calmed them all down, telling them all he did the right thing. Kaley would never be the kind of woman who needed an audience.

“You’re going to be my sister for real,” Dorothy said, pulling her in for a hug.

Kaley smiled. Quinn wouldn’t let her get far as he introduced her to his friends. They were all large and scary. The whole gathering was fun even if everyone kept talking about their past. There were not many memories of Quinn and her together, but there were enough to have her red in the face.

By nine all of their parents and friends were gone. Dorothy had also left with her parents to give them privacy.

“Are you happy?” he asked.


She snuggled up close to him on the sofa, breathing him in. “I’m going to get married.”

“Yep, we’re going to get married, have lots of kids, grow old together.”

“How is your company coming?”

“Great. Dale and Bill are looking forward to joining when they’ve done their latest mission.” He stroked her hair as they talked. The television was off, and she saw their reflections staring back at her.

“What’s going on in that head of yours?” he asked.

“Nothing. I just can’t believe this is happening.”

“Believe it, baby. I’m never going to let you go.”

“Did you really go into the service to give me time?”

“Yes. My mom believed you were too young. I love my mom and trust her judgment. You were too young for what I wanted.”

She tilted her head back to look at him. “What do you believe now?”

“I believe I waited long enough for heaven. I’m not going to wait a moment longer.” He took her hand leading her through to her bedroom.

“We’re going to have to find another place to stay. It’s getting harder to face Dorothy in the morning.”

Quinn always made sure to have her screaming in orgasm. Most of the time Kaley didn’t know how Dorothy could talk to her. She was very vocal during sex. No matter how many times she tried to use the pillow to muffle the sound, if didn’t work. He laughed.

“I’ve got a place that I’m looking into. I was going to buy a place near where our folks lived.”

He closed the bedroom door.

“What changed?”

“My company and I know you love working for Martha. I figured we can settle in a condo for a few years before we find a place of our own.”

She smiled. “I like that.”

“Good, take your clothes off. I want to see what’s mine.”

A few weeks ago she’d been too nervous to show herself to him. Quinn had given her the confidence to reveal herself to him.

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