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Chapter Eight

Kaley took her time in removing the pink shirt. She wore a white lace bra underneath that showcased her red nipples. Quinn sat on the edge of the bed, watching her reveal her body to his gaze. She was so fucking beautiful. In the last few weeks of them being together her confidence had grown.

Just looking at her filled him with such pride at knowing he was the one responsible for giving it to her.

She wiggled out of the skirt, standing before him in only the sexy lingerie she loved so much.

She’s going to be all mine.

The very thought had his cock hardening even more. Standing up, he unbuckled his belt, taking off his jeans and shirt. She took a step toward him. He reached out, sinking his fingers into the fullness of her hair, drawing her close to him.

Smashing his lips against hers, Quinn didn’t hold anything back as he showed her with actions the passion she inspired in him. They both moaned together. The sound echoed around the room.

He unsnapped her bra, tugging the fabric down her body. Leaning forward, he claimed one of her nipples, sucking the hard bud into his mouth.

She moaned, and her head fell back as she gave herself up to him. He licked from one breast to the other, giving both tits equal attention. At the same time he sucked her tits, he teased under the band of her underwear, pulling them away from her body.

“You’re always tearing my underwear.”

“You’ll stop buying them soon.”

“I need them.”

“You’re perfect without wearing them.” He glided his finger through her creamy slit, moaning at the wetness that coated his fingers. “You’re always so wet and willing.”

Quinn turned her to the bed, pushing her until she fell on top. He didn’t give her a chance to get away from him. Opening her thighs, he attacked her clit, licking and sucking the nub into his mouth.

She thrust her pelvis up to him. He pressed a hand to her stomach, keeping her in place as he teased her pussy. Moving down, he finger-fucked her cunt, relishing the tightness that would soon be around his cock.

“I ache for you, Kaley. Come for me, baby. Come so I can fuck you.”

“I love you, Quinn.”

“Love you, too, baby.” He’d never invade her privacy again. Quinn would wait for her to come to him. He had done what he needed to do without giving much thought to her.

He flicked his tongue over her clit, glancing up to see her thrashing, fighting her pending orgasm.

“Give it to me, Kaley. Don’t make me take it.”

Quinn pressed two fingers inside her heat, groaning at the tightness of her. She splintered apart on his finger and tongue. He drank down her cum, greedy for more.

Stepping back from the bed, he slid his boxer briefs down. Kaley took him by surprise by going to her knees before him.

“My turn.”

When they were inside their bedroom his woman had turned into a seductress. He loved the passion in her eyes. She was a beautiful woman, a giving woman.

She gripped his cock, working from the base up to the tip. Kaley licked the tip that was leaking his pre-cum. Wrapping her brown hair around his wrist, he held onto her head, directing the depth as she took the tip into her mouth.

“Fucking hell!” He shouted the curse words as the heat of her mouth sent shockwaves of pleasure shooting throughout the whole of his body. This was unlike anything he’d ever experienced. Kaley was amazing, and watching her cheeks suck in as she took more of him only turned him on even more.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, Kaley. You’re my woman. My little virgin woman.”

“I’m not a virgin anymore.” She released his cock long enough to say to him.

“No, you’re not. I took your virginity. It still makes you my little virgin woman.” She sucked him back inside her tight mouth.

He pumped his hips, going as deep as he could, groaning.

Closing his eyes, he counted to ten to stop himself from coming in her mouth. Tonight wouldn’t end here. When he found his orgasm he intended to be inside her.

When he couldn’t stand the pleasure any longer, he pulled all the way out. “Go to the bed, on your knees.”

She started to pout yet did as he asked.

Quinn didn’t grab a condom. He watched her get to her knees on the bed presenting her curvy ass to his view. She was perfect. He saw how slick her cunt was, dripping with her cream.

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