Turning to his computer, he fired up the employment records. He was really nice to Arleen in the PR, and she had given him the password. Whenever the password changed, she would come and alert him. He just loved being on the top of his game, and the only way to do that, was to know everything.

Bringing up Nora’s work record, he began to read. There was nothing special about this at all. He had to wonder what the deal was about her. She didn’t study at law school, and yet she was the most adept assistant to ever grace the office. Frank adored her as did Lidia, Frank’s wife. None of his other assistants could handle the workload, and often went to her.

She was well known for baking anything, from cookies to cake, and had even done several people in the office a birthday cake. She was just nice. He didn’t do nice. No one was nice unless they were getting something.

Frank wasn’t screwing her. Rex would have known. No one was screwing her, and she was just nice.

Closing her file, he said another thank you to Arleen. Leaning back in his chair, he pressed his hands together, and tried to think about the woman sat at his desk. In all the months that she had been there, he’d never once thought about what she wanted, only what he wanted.

The assistants he had hired had never been qualified to be his assistant. They were dumb, but had made it clear they would make his life easier any way he needed. He liked to fuck, and while they came to him, he didn’t have any work to do, not at all. Why should he? Most of them get down on their knees, grabbed his cock, and were more than ready to go.

Running a hand down his face, he tried to clear the fog latching onto his brain, and instead focus on the file right in front of him. Frank needed him to win this divorce, or at least Frank’s friend needed him to. Another woman bleeding a man dry. This was why he didn’t marry any of the women he’d had the pleasure of fucking.

The blinds in his office were pulled up, and he watched as Nora walked across the room. She smiled at several people, and they did the same back to her. He’d never known anyone to be as welcomed in the office as she was. Even with her constant need for baking. He would never forget the number of times he’d seen several boxes of cupcakes waiting to be taken.

There were times he would get sick of listening to people moan as they ate them. It was just a damn cupcake. What she produced couldn’t be the same as what professional bakers did. He preferred it when she made a special trip to his favorite bakery to get his sweet treat. Just recalling the pastry or the cupcake that she got for him made his mouth water. So chocolatey and delicious.

She moved toward the filing cabinets. For the case that she was helping him with, many of the old court documents were secured in filing cabinets for assistants like her to go and cross-reference. It helped the case when you can bring another reference or at least brush up on old cases that went in favor of the guy he was defending.

He couldn’t take his eyes away from her. She was always so focused. He watched as one leg crossed behind her, drawing attention to her knee length skirt. So conservative compared to many of the women he hired. Most of them had their shirts unbuttoned to their cleavage, and wanted nothing more than attention. Watching Nora, she didn’t draw attention to her, and in doing so, it seemed to draw the eye anyway.

The first day he had seen her at the office, he had watched her for several minutes. He had an old case file in his hands, and she had been delivering mail. He couldn’t remember exactly what she did, but it wasn’t all that important. Never had a woman made him stop. Her hair had been pulled back with some in a band, and some falling around her shoulders. She had looked plain, and yet she hadn’t.

Her smile was what drew the eye as much as anything else. There was no way anyone could hide that twinkle, or the way she seemed to care about everyone even if people didn’t give a shit about her.

That foot that was crossed around the back of her leg started to tap on the floor. She did that a lot when she was thinking. A tilt to the side, and then she dropped something. Without delay, she bent forward, and Rex had to grip the wall as he admired her rounded ass. It was plump, and damn if it didn’t beg for him to touch. His cock started to thicken, and for a second all he wanted to do was drag her back into his office, bend her over the table, and fuck her so damn hard.

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