She was Nora fucking Covington.

She wasn’t a woman he liked to fuck.

She was chubby, and he had to put up with her.

There was no way in hell he would ever want a soft, curvy woman, whose smile reminded him of an angel.

Anger consumed him as he watched Carl move toward her. The smile seemed to be a little brighter, and she closed the file in her hand, her body turning toward him. No, there was no way in hell that she was more interested in Carl. He wouldn’t have that.

Moving toward the door, he barked out an order. “Nora, I don’t pay you to gossip. I need that file, and I need it now. Move it along.”

Carl turned toward him, eyebrow raised. Rex didn’t give a shit. Nora was his, and there was no way someone else was going to sweet talk her away.

Going to his desk, he quickly brought up a copy of Richmond’s prenup and waited.

Seconds passed, and she came into his office.

“I want a coffee as well,” he said as she placed the file she’d been reading onto his desk.

She didn’t say anything, simply leaving his office to go to the coffee room. Again, she reappeared, and placed the coffee down on his desk.

When she made a move toward the door, he couldn’t stop a growl.

“Did I say you could leave?” he asked.

Nora paused, and he watched as she took her time to turn toward him. “What would you like me to do?” Her hands were clasped together at the front of her body, and today it only seemed to draw his eye to her tits. They were pressed together, and he wanted her naked so bad. He wanted her open and ready to take his cock.

His dick began to harden as he watched her.

“I don’t pay you to stand around and chat.”

“You don’t pay me at all. The office does, and I was still doing my work.” She pointed at the file on his desk. “This has a similar case to Richmond’s. Same prenup deal and such.”

“Carl is a loser. Don’t even for a second think you can win him over. It’s not really winning.”

She laughed. “Seriously, you think every man and woman who talk want to have something more than a chat?”

She didn’t see the way that Carl was looking at her.

“Don’t fuck any of my colleagues on my time. It looks bad on me.”

“Yeah, because you’re all about your image.”

He paused. Never had she talked back to him. She took everything he said, and never fought back.

Staring at her, he waited for whatever smart ass comment was about to come out of her mouth. Instead, she stared at him.

“Don’t push me, Nora. You won’t like it.”

She rolled her eyes. “Is that all?”

He nodded when he had nothing to add. Fuck! Watching her walk away did not help his rock-hard cock. He’d never felt this way before, and certainly not for his much younger PA.

Chapter Three

Nora nibbled her lip as she looked down at her email. She had been asked to go to an interview tomorrow at lunch for a rival firm. Fear and excitement gripped her. This was really happening. She was going to go out on her own, and she was going to move on from this job. There was no way she wanted to stay working for Rex. He was a horrible man, a terrible boss, and she knew she could be happier somewhere else. She knew without a doubt that Frank was going to be so upset with her.

The last thing she wanted to do was appear ungrateful for the chance that he had given her. What she found even harder was the thought of letting him down. This had been her home for so long. Well, not really her home but it had given her a sense of purpose.

And Rex had shot that out of the window every single chance he got. He doesn’t want you there.

“What’s that you’re looking at?” Rex asked, startling her.

She dropped her cell phone, and let out a gasp. “You scared me.” Reaching down to the floor, she grabbed her phone and immediately shut it off. “Sorry, I was just checking emails.”

“Don’t you have a computer for that?” he asked, sitting on her desk. Nora stared at his ass perched on her desk, and wondered not for the first time today, what the hell he was doing.

“Erm, sorry, they were personal emails. I know you don’t like me answering my private emails, but I didn’t take any break today so I didn’t think you would mind.” And now she was rambling.

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