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It’s not really a question, but I like when she nods her head in agreement.

Her pussy is squeezing the cum out of my cock, and I know I won’t last much longer. I rub harder on her clit and I feel her squeeze me in response. She’s as close as I am and I need her to cum for me.

“That’s it, baby. Get off on my cock. I want your cum creaming my dick while I empty inside you.”

“Oh God!”

A few more strokes on her clit and she’s cumming all over me. I can feel her pleasure run down my cock and onto my balls. I’m so turned on by her orgasm, it triggers my own. I thrust hard against her one last time, coupling us as close as I can, and release inside her.

I cum more than I ever have before, filling her to the point of spilling out. I’m still cumming when I feel my seed run down the sides of her tight pussy, mixing with her own sweet juices. The feel of her squeezing me, sucking me dry, is enough to have me passing out on top of her.

I’m barely able to catch myself before I smother her with my weight. But Sophie just wraps her arms and legs around me, holding me inside her as I finish the greatest orgasm of my life.

I breathe hard into the crook of her neck, trying to catch my breath. “Jesus Christ, Sophie. That was so good.”

She giggles a little and squeezes her pussy, gripping my still-hard cock inside her. She starts to move her hips again, thrusting up against me.

I lean up and look into her eyes. “You want it again?”

She blushes bright red but nods her head slowly.

“Okay, baby. Let me get you from behind this time. I want you every way imaginable.”

I pull out and watch some of my cum spill out of her. I look down at my cock and see a small trace of her virgin blood on my dick, and it only makes me harder. Knowing that I got her first and that she’s mine turns me on even more.

She looks down to where I’m staring and then back up at me. “Should I go clean up before we go again?”

“No. I want as much of my cum in that virgin pussy as you can hold. This time, put your chest on the bed and your ass in the air so it won’t slip out.”

“You’re not afraid I’ll get pregnant?”

“I’m hoping you will, Sophie. I want you for forever, fuck everything else. I want it all with you, and that includes babies. I don’t care how many we have, but I’m never pulling out and you’re never going on the pill. You’re mine, and I’m going to fill that pussy up so you can never leave me.”

She blushes again, and then rolls over and gets into position, spreading her legs and showing me her opening. I lean forward, pressing my aching cock to her pussy, and thrust in. It’s deeper like this, and she lets out a shout as I bottom out inside her.

I start to thrust in and out as she adjusts to the angle. I grab her hips, pulling her to me. I ride her hard and give her what she wants as I feel her pussy pulse around me. She’s quick to cum like this, and I’ll have to remember that. It’s the perfect position for her to hold my seed, and she gets off so fast. I thrust a few more times and she cums, gripping my cock and shouting her release into the pillow.

“Fuck,” I grunt as her tight pussy pulls my orgasm from me. I hold myself deep inside her as I empty my balls of every last drop. Once I’m drained, I pull out and sit back, just looking at her ass in the air.

My cum starts to drip out and I use my finger to scoop it up and push it back in. “You should stay like that for another minute, but if you do, I’ll just want to fuck you again.”

Sophie's response is to wiggle her ass at me, and I smile, because she wants it again.

“You want it again?”

“Yes, Bruce. It feels so good, having you in me.”

“Okay, one more time, and I’ll just leave it in you after that. You can sleep with my cock inside you in case you wake up and want more.”

“Please,” she begs, wiggling her ass again.

I sit up and push inside her again, my cock still hard and erect. Cum from our previous sessions runs down the sides and coats us everywhere, making a mess. I love it.

I fuck her hard this time, wanting to give her what she needs. It doesn’t take long before we both climax, making even more cum drip between us.

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