Star rested her forehead down against Luc’s shoulder. ‘Talk about that later,’ she mumbled.

‘Why has your nightdress got a hood?’ Luc enquired.

‘It’s a dress, Luc.’

Smoothly rearranging her so that she sat astride him, Luc eased it over her head and tossed it aside. ‘Better off, than on, mon ange,’ he mocked, but his intent gaze shimmered over the bare curves of her pouting breasts with smouldering appreciation.

Her face reddened as her nipples pinched into straining tautness. Luc tensed and suddenly hauled her down to him. ‘I’m so glad you’re all argued out,’ he groaned, closing his mouth hungrily to a thrusting pink peak.

As he did so, a wave of such intense excitement clenched Star that she stopped breathing. She shut her eyes, moaning as he caught the other bud between thumb and forefinger and gently tugged on her achingly responsive flesh. Her whole body was electrified with need as he rolled her over onto her back, skimming off her briefs with sure hands.

He scrutinised her with satisfied eyes. She opened her own, collided with that appraisal and snatched in a sob, just desperate for him to touch her again, and suddenly the amount of power he had over her weak physical self mortified her. ‘Don’t look at me like that—’

‘I always get a high out of your response to me. Can’t help it,’ Luc muttered hoarsely, still scanning her slender naked curves with devouring attention. ‘On your last stay here, I spent the entire time wondering, burning, fantasising…’

‘About me?’ Her sultry smile was as natural to her as breathing.

‘And trying to work out what it was about you that got to me.’ Luc ran a caressing hand down over her sensitive breasts, smiling slumbrously as her back arched.

‘Oh…?’ Her voice emerged strangled.

‘You’re very small, but you’re in perfect proportion. Your eyes are a wonderful colour, and your mouth…when I look at your gorgeous mouth, I just get…’ Luc framed the words thickly, sinking lower with every driven word as if the more he said, the more unbearable it became to resist that part of her.

She got the message when he kissed her with all the hunger she craved, but for a split second her brain got its act together and a solitary thought emerged. Luc was talking to her, Luc was finally talking to her, but it mightn’t be a good idea to mention it because he probably didn’t realise what he was doing. And then the primal thrust of his tongue inside her tender mouth just drove her wild. Her mind emptied as she held him to her, fingers laced in his hair, heart pounding in concert with his, the thrumming pulse-beat of desire running like a tightening hot wire through her slender length.

‘You excite me beyond belief,’ Luc muttered raggedly, pulling back from her to remove his boxer shorts.

Star blinked. My goodness, he was still talking. She gazed at him with slightly worried eyes and decided that it had to be stress that was making him talk so much. He came back to her, all rippling muscles and magnificence, and all-pervasive weakness radiated through her lower limbs. She reached up without even the guidance of thought and ran her palms down over the curling dark hair that hazed his pectorals, loving the heat and the roughness of him, the glorious differences that made him so male and made her feel so incredibly feminine.

He shuddered and crushed her eagerly parted lips under his, sensually exploring and tasting her until tiny little quaking tremors were rippling through her.

‘You’re so quiet,’ Luc breathed, sounding almost disappointed, which she could not credit.

If he wanted intellectual stimulation, he was going the wrong way about it. ‘I…I can’t think when you’re this close to me, Luc…I can only feel.’

And what Star was feeling was shivering, desperate impatience, her skin hot and tight, the terrible ache he could arouse with such ease sending taunting little throbs of frustration along every single nerve-ending.

‘A man should take time making love to his wife.’ Luc sent her a winging smile of pure devilment.

The combination of that smile flashing across his lean, dark, devastating face and that teasing reference to her as his wife shook her. He pulled her to him like a guy who had all the time in the world and who planned to enjoy making her wait. Her fingers bit fiercely into his shoulder, and he laughed in a way she had never heard him laugh with her before, and then he sealed her mouth again with his and the hunger took her in an explosive surge again.

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