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“You just greeted your Chihuahua in French.” I raise a brow.

“So?” She pops a hip, trying to look sassy as she holds the little creature, its bug eyes seeming to bulge even more as his licking gets more aggressive.

“A Chihuahua who you named LeFou,” I point out.

“Yeaaah?” she drawls.

“Aren’t Chihuahuas supposed to be Mexican?” I prompt.

She gives a shrug, making a move for the sliding glass back door so she can let him out to do his business. “Maybe, but LeFou was like… one of the most loyal sidekicks in the history of ever. In his eyes, Gaston could do no wrong. And I needed a little companion who thought of me that way.”

“Didn’t LeFou end up switching sides at the very end of the movie?” I knew this would draw a smile out of her.

“I didn’t take you for a Disney guru, Z. I’m impressed,” she says with a grin. “And yes, you’re right. But Gaston totally deserved it. I’d like to think I’d never be so villainous that my LeFou would ever need to turn on me.”

I chuckle, shaking my head as I slip my cut off my shoulders and hang it on the back of one of her dining chairs. “Fair enough,” I concede, watching her eyes heat as I then pull my black tank top over my head.

“W-what are you doing?” she stammers, her gaze roaming all over my naked chest.

“Getting ready for bed, kitten. It’s pretty late, so I was going to crash on your couch. No one would be able to get past me if they tried to come in the window or door,” I explain.

LeFou scratches on the glass door, making her jump a little. She slides it open, and he prances in, going straight for his food dish.

“Oh. Yeah. That makes sense.” She pours a small cupful of kibble into his dish then fills the water bowl up, scratching behind his ear before standing once more. “Let me grab you a pillow and a blanket really quick.”

At my nod, she disappears down her hall for a moment before returning with a pillow and a floral throw blanket. When I take them from her, her scent fills my nostrils. They must be off her bed. I toss them on the couch and then take a seat next to them, sliding my black boots off then my socks. Without a word, she pulls out a dining chair at the kitchen table a couple feet away and takes a seat facing me.

“You all right?” I ask her, because she’s just sitting there watching me, not saying anything.

She seems to shake herself. “Y-yeah. I just…. You’re just making yourself right at home, getting naked in my living room. Like it’s no big deal.”

The corner of my lips pulls up. “Not naked. Just more comfortable. And it’s not a big deal. I’m hear to keep you safe, to give you peace of mind so you can get a good night’s sleep.”

Her face goes soft, and relief fills me. Could this mean she’s finally going to stop fighting this feeling between us?

Her voice gentles. “It’s a big deal to me.”

“Why’s that, kitten?” I lean back into the couch cushions.

“Well… I’ve never had a half-naked guy in my house before. Plus, I’ve never had a guy who insisted on being my personal bodyguard. This is all a little… overwhelming,” she confesses. “You’re a little overwhelming.” She pulls her bottom lip between her teeth.

I make it to her in one long stride, and she gasps, glancing between me and the couch, as if she’s trying to figure out how I got to her so quickly from where I’d been sitting. My arm circles around her lower back and I effortlessly pull her out of her seat and against my bare chest. And before she can even make a sound of disagreement, my mouth is on hers. I don’t know what possessed me to claim her in this moment, but her admission of never having brought a guy back to her place before flipped a switch inside me. Virgin territory. My body screams for me to christen the place, to make love to Kayan and be the first to mark her space as mine.

She whimpers into my mouth as I slide my tongue between her soft lips. I’m as gentle as possible, since I don’t want to make the cut on her lip hurt worse, and I feel her relax in my embrace, allowing me to take all her weight. My hand slides up between her shoulder blades then into her hair, my big hand engulfing the back of her skull, making it easy to manipulate her position. I kiss her deep, until my soul pours down her throat and dances with hers. Her fingers dig into my biceps, holding on for dear life as she fully gives herself over to me.

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