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My grip falls to her ass and I lift her up, her legs wrapping around my hips, and I feel her ankles lock behind me. Without breaking our kiss, I make my way to her bedroom, sprawling us across her comforter as my weight presses her into the mattress. She moans as she grinds her hips against me, moving like a cat in heat.

“That’s it, kitten,” I growl against her lips. “Show me how bad you want me.”

She shudders, shaking her head slightly, but not enough to disengage our mouths. “What are you doing to me, Z?” she whispers.

I nip her bottom lip, tilting my hips to give her better friction as she continues to move. I feel her heat through our jeans as if she’s naked. I can only imagine how wet she is.

“Z.” She takes a breath. “Z? My God, I don’t even know your real name, and I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anyone in my life. How is that even possible?”

I pull back to look down into her beautiful eyes, a small smile on my face. “It’s Eleazar. Zar for short, and then it got shortened even more to just Z.”

Her hips thrust upward and she groans. “Oh, God. That was so hot. Say it again, just like you did before.”

I chuckle, having never repeated my own name over and over in bed before. But I do it, just to make her happy. “Eleazar,” I say, rolling the R, my Hispanic heritage on full display in the proper pronunciation.

“So you’re what? Mexican? Puerto Rican? I know nothing about you, and all I want is for you to be inside me. This is so… wrong,” she murmurs.

I swallow, holding onto my self-control at her admission. I’d rather take it slow and answer her questions than to rush through our first time and have her regret it. “Spaniard. My parents are first generation Americans, and their parents were from a small town outside Madrid.”

She nods. “Oh, that’s nice.” She circles her hips, her eyes nearly crossing at the friction. “I’d love to visit somewhere exotic like that some day. I’ve never left the country before.”

Her rambling reminds me of the first time I met her, when I told her I’d never had shy in my bed before. So I talk to her, putting her at ease as I begin to undress her. “I’ll take you there some day, kitten. I’ll take you anywhere you wanna go. Just name it.” I slide her top off, tossing it to the floor before reaching for the button on her jeans. “I was in the Navy. Joined because I had dreams of seeing the world. I went to many places. But there’s so many more I’d like to see. And I’d love to see them with you. Even the ports I’ve been before. I could take you and show you all the best hidden spots. Your own personal tour guide.”

She smiles, closing her eyes as I pull her jeans down her shapely legs. “My own personal bodyguard, and now my own personal tour guide? I’m never getting rid of you, am I?”

“Never. Once I make you mine, there’s no turning back, little one. You’ll be stuck with me forever,” I tell her, kissing a trail up the inside of her thigh until I reach her panty-covered center. She pants as I hook my thumb in the elastic and remove them from her body in one swift jerk, baring her to me. I glance up at her face, seeing she still has her eyes locked closed, but she’s not trying to stop me, so I continue my perusal.

I breathe in her scent, the aroma making my already hard cock throb behind my zipper painfully, so I reach down, unbutton and unzip my jeans, and pull them off swiftly, leaving me fully naked. The first swipe of my tongue up her slit makes her jerk as if she’s been electrocuted, so I thread my arms around her legs, the backs of her thighs resting against my shoulders as my hands grip, spreading her pussy open so I can get to the sweet spot.

“Holy fu—!” she cries, as I suck her sensitive flesh into my hot mouth, her back arching, her head pressing into the bed as I lock her lower half in place. There’s no way she’s getting away from me now, not when I’ve finally gotten my first taste of her.

Fucking heaven.

“Anything else you wanna know, kitten?” I growl against her clit.

She lets out a long moan as I flick the tip of my tongue along her folds. “No! No more questions. Just. Don’t. Freaking. Stop!”

I grin to myself before giving her pussy my full attention, eating her relentlessly until she’s writhing and panting incoherent appreciation. And soon, her muscles seize before she calls out my name, my real name, and her juices spill onto my tongue as she comes. It takes everything in me not to come right then and there, my cock pressing into her mattress as she melts, her entire body going lax.

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