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I kiss the inside of her thigh, discreetly wiping my face there. I don’t know how she’d feel about me kissing her with so much of her wetness covering my jaw, so instead of finding out this first time we’re together, I’ll save that discovery for later. As I crawl up her body, I can’t help but notice how tiny she is beneath me, how small she is compared to my 6’5” frame. It makes me feel powerful in this moment, even though I know my heart is helpless against her.

I nudge her opening with my cock, and the heat and wetness of her brings me back from the brink for a second. “I don’t have a condom, kitten.” Hopefully she has one nearby or I might die if I can’t sink inside her tightness.

“I… I don’t either.” She bites her lip, finally opening her eyes and looking up at me. “But I’m on birth control. Are you…?”

I know she’s asking if I’m clean. I am. But I’ve never been inside a woman without a glove before. The thought seems foreign. Almost taboo.

But as I look down into her beautiful eyes, the need I see there calls to me. And as I told her before, once I have her, she’s mine forever. I wasn’t fucking around. Something inside me just knows she’s the one. The one I’m meant to spend my life with.

“I’m clean. But just so you know, I’ve never done this before,” I confess, and her eyebrows lift in surprise.

“You’re… you’re a virgin?” she practically gasps.

I nearly collapse on top of her I laugh so hard, my cock bouncing against her slick entrance, sobering me quickly. “No, kitten. I’ve just never done it without a condom before. So I don’t know how this is gonna go. You could turn me into a two-pump chump.”

Her face softens, and she reaches up to cup my jaw. “Trust me, Z. It’s not gonna take much for me. You’ve already made me feel things I’ve never felt be— Ohhhhhh,” she groans as I sink into her, my arms nearly buckling at how glorious her pussy feels gripping me.

I feel her legs come up and lock around my ass, and her muscles squeeze, urging me to start moving. And move, I do.

I start off slow, gliding in and out with calculated strokes, feeling my throbbing cock disappear into her depths. And at her little mewls and sighs, my control snaps, and my pace picks up until her headboard is pounding against the wall and her voice gives out from crying out with every plunge.

It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard, Kayan coming undone beneath me. She grips my biceps, turning her head and sinking her teeth into my flesh as her pussy spasms around me and she comes. The slight pain my kitten’s little fangs induces is all it takes, and I explode inside her, a bark of passion and relief echoing around her room as the most intense orgasm of my entire life overtakes my entire being.

She whimpers in protest as I carefully slide out of her, but then her eyes widen as they meet mine once again. “Oh my God, I bit you. What the hell is wrong with me? I’m so so—”

“Baby. It was the hottest thing ever. I know we have a lot to learn about one another, but just know, for future reference, there’s nothing I love more with my pleasure than a little pain,” I tell her, giving her just a hint of the type of sex I enjoy most. I don’t want to freak her out, but she needs to know the truth about me if I’m going to have the privilege of keeping her and making her mine forever.

“Oh. Well then. I uh… I’m glad you liked it.” She blushes, and I climb off the bed to go into the bathroom.

“Where’re your washcloths, kitten?” I ask, reaching for the cabinet beneath the sink.

“Second drawer on the left,” she replies, and I open it instead, snatching up a gray washcloth and turning on the faucet to let the water warm up.

Wringing out the rag, I walk back over to where she’s still sprawled on top of her comforter. I press it gently to her core and hear her sigh as it soothes the ache there. She was so tight, and I’m not small by any means, my cock proportional to the rest of my large frame.

When she’s all cleaned up, I toss the cloth into the sink to take care of later. Right now, all I want to do is wrap around the tiny woman in her bed and fall asleep with her in my arms.



It’s only two hours later when the alarm on my phone goes off, letting me know it’s time to get up and ready for work. I glare at it, where it sits on my kitchen table, wishing it would understand if I cussed it out and told it I was up already, since I never went back to sleep last night.

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