Sloan cracks a small smile. “Mr. King, you’re now partially in control of the digital division of the European accounts. It’s a large venture, but I believe you and Alyssa will do a superb job planning and executing greatness. There’ll be countless hours of digital marketing, branding, online meetings, and making sure our clients know why we’re one of the world’s best marketing agencies. You’ll have a team to work with, but that’ll come later. The two of you need a solid plan. I’d like a report by the end of the week. I’ll have the director of digital marketing send you a list of our current clients so you two can start compiling our award winning strategy right away.”

“Thank you for the opportunity, Sir. I won’t let you down.” I stand and hold out my hand and he gives me a firm handshake in return. It’s a promise I intend to keep but thinking about the amount of work I’ll be doing alone doesn’t please me. I foresee sixty-hour weeks for an indefinite time period. Considering Alyssa is involved and my name is all over it, failing isn’t an option.

“I’ve already let Mr. James know that you’ll be taking on the project and to redistribute your other work,” Sloan says as I’m walking out the door.

Moments later, Alyssa is running down the hallway toward me, but I keep walking.

“Now we can officially spend more time together,” she says, way too excited about the project. I knew it. I refuse to do all the work while she sits around in her designer clothes that daddy bought and looks pretty. This is a co-project but one that needs two people actually working. I continue to the elevator as she speaks. Doing this to spend time with me is pathetic and I already don’t like it. But I’ll swallow my distaste and work with her.

She grabs my arm and I pull it from her. “Alyssa,” I say calmly.

She’s looking me up and down like she would jump my bones in the elevator if I let her. I’m not playing hard to get, but for some reason I think she believes I am. Instead of starting off on the wrong foot, considering I’ll be partnering with her, I just exhale slowly, and regain my thoughts while giving her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she really believes I’ll be an asset to the project, but I’ll never know the truth. It bothers me more than it should. “Thanks for referring me. I really appreciate it.”

She lifts her eyebrows and traces her bottom lip with her tongue. “You’re welcome, babe.”

Once the elevator doors close, she brushes her fake tits against my chest and stands on her tiptoes to steal a kiss. My dick instantly reacts, but we can’t do this. Not here, not in the elevator that’s eventually going to stop and open on our floor. With this project, the dynamic of our relationship has to change regardless of the attention she’s starving for. Work must come first. I’ll have to push her away slowly as we move forward with our project.

I put my hand on her hip and whisper in her ear, trying to hold her off. “Later.”

The elevator stops and she takes a step away from me. “Promise?”

I give her a quick nod that’s full of lies as I walk past her and go straight to my office and close the door. I pinch the bridge of my nose and realize my life is spinning out of control. The very foundation I’ve built is slowly crumbling below my feet. The everyday structure I worked so hard to create has vanished because of this one project. While having an opportunity such as this should be a dream come true, the circumstance is a nightmare.

What Alyssa and I have isn’t just a side hookup, at least not for her.

Today, that’s been confirmed.

I’ve never regretted sex until now.

Last night with her was a huge mistake.


I wake up in my bra and panties to an awkwardly quiet house. Warm sunshine splashes across the hardwood floor of Drew’s room and I walk to the window and open the blinds to let the sunlight in. I walk through the house trying to decide how I’m going to spend my quiet day. I peek out the window and see Travis’ car is gone and release a deep sigh. Thank God. I have hours before he comes home.

I crawl back into bed and decide to finally read the text Drew sent me last night.

Stay away from my friends.

Ha. I love Drew, and I know he has my best interest in mind, but he has to realize we aren’t kids anymore. He doesn’t have control over his friends or me. I smile and send him a text back.

There’s nothing to worry about. It was just dinner. How’s Mia?

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