I only ask to get the attention off me and onto him and Mia instead. I don’t actually care much about how she is, only that she’s treating my brother well.

Oh, hey, she’s alive after all. Wow. Good job. You officially pissed me off yesterday. She’s fine. She asked about you and what you were doing this weekend.

I smile at the first part of his message. I don’t really know Mia on a personal level, but I do often wonder what Drew sees in her. She’s what I’d considered a spoiled trust-fund baby and a complete opposite of who I imagined Drew settling down with, but he talks highly of her, so I try not to judge.

Why? What’s up? I respond.

We’re leaving Friday afternoon to head up to Mia’s family cabin on the lake and we want you to meet us. There’s plenty of room. But I told her you’d be too busy memorizing spells and potions.

I laugh, hearing his voice in my head at another one of his lame cracks about my love for Harry Potter. Oh, he’s got jokes.

Just messing with you baby sis :)

I roll my eyes and give in. Fine, count me in. I’ll head up early Saturday morning.

Travis is coming up too, so just carpool with him. That’s if you don’t kill him before then.

My heart races when I think about the water dripping off his body. I close my eyes and I’m transported to a fantasy of his lips running across my skin and I sit straight up then stand to stop the thoughts. Whatever, Drew.

Well, good, I was going to anyway. Is everything going okay? Travis’s chicks been keeping you company?

I know he’s smiling.

Thank God he hasn’t brought too many of them home. I had watched it more times than I wanted over the years and once I was able to avoid it, I did at all costs. Now that the ghost of his touch haunts my lips, I’m not sure I can physically handle it. I swallow hard and know Drew’s waiting for a response so I grab my phone. Sometimes I wish I could just say what I feel, but that time is not now. It’s fine, I type back, and then add, something like that.

Good. Warning though. Mia’s been a little hormonal.

Ugh. I don’t want to be around her if she’s in one of her moods. I made that mistake once, and promised I’d never do it again. But I feel bad for Drew and maybe being there will help break some of the tension. It annoys me though that she gets like that when he works so hard, barely taking time off because he wants to make a difference and he loves his job. I liked her right away when they first started dating, but as of lately I haven’t really found much to like.

Just to mess with him, I send him another text back. I’m staying home then!

Ha! I’ll see you Saturday, sis! Expecto Patronum!

You’re an idiot. Avada Kedavra! At least he could try to use spells in the right context. And yes I used the killing spell because the thought of being around Mia and him while they are arguing makes me want to murder. I wish Courtney were home, so she could be my sidekick during this little weekend adventure. But at least Travis will be there to distract everyone. He’s perfected that, at least.

I lie in bed and close my eyes, trying to push Travis out of my mind. Those old feelings I buried so deeply are trying to resurface again. I can feel them bubbling on the edge and soon, if I don’t gain control, they will spill over. I’ve tried to ignore the buzzing that’s been roaming my body since he touched me, but it’s useless. His intoxicating lips make me feel like I’m drowning and with Travis King, there’s no chance of survival.

There was a time I believed Travis would’ve given me the world. Even though we were young, it didn’t matter. I was Ginny Weasley and he was Harry Potter, and we were destined to be together. Sometimes, when you look at a person, you just know. I knew then.

The first time I met Travis, my ten-year-old heart told me I’d met the person I’d spend the rest of my life with. But the heart was wrong. The heart told lies. It took years to repair the damage he caused and somehow he’s ripped off the bandages that held me together. And I hate that I want him.

Something so wrong shouldn’t feel so right. His lips on my skin and his hands on my body makes me forget everything. In those moments, it’s just Travis and I, and the raw emotions fueling the fire. I swallow hard, and close my eyes tight. My body quickly begs for a release and I can’t deny the need.

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