I need water for my parched mouth, but I stop outside of Travis’ door instead of going to the kitchen. I swallow as I put my hand on the knob and turn. I’d never paid much attention in his room and I shouldn’t be nosy, but curiosity has gotten the best of me. I walk over to his dresser and my eyes drift over the hardwood. I open the top drawer and it’s full of photos, baseball cards, and trinkets. On top of the pile are pictures of his childhood dog—Beast—him and Drew throughout the years, and tucked away is a Polaroid picture of me and him sitting under the big oak tree in the backyard. We aren’t looking at the camera, but he’s looking straight at me. His hair is shaggy and he’s wearing a baseball cap. He always looked so cute in that hat. My head is tossed back and I’m laughing hard at something he must have said. I don’t even remember this picture being taken. I turn it over looking for some sort of date and on the back I see the words ‘My Princess’ scribbled in a messy handwriting. I can’t help but think about the summer that ruined it all and how things could have been different.

I set the picture back in the dresser and walk over to his bed. As I sit on the edge, I run my hand across the dark blue sheets that smell like summer rain. So this is where the magic happens.

The light scent of his soap and cologne fills the room. I’m surrounded by him and the need to have him almost swallows me whole. Sneaking around in his room and laying on his bed in nothing but a t-shirt and panties is a turn on.

I try to fight the desire, until the need overcomes me. I rush to Drew’s room and grab my little black bag and clothes then go to the bathroom. I turn on the shower and stand there for minutes, thoughts of Travis rushing over me like the warm water. I take my time washing my body, the soapsuds dripping down my stomach and legs. I can’t remember the last time I pleasured myself, but I need it.

My hands find their way down my body. My nipples are hard peaks. I pinch one, imagining Travis’s hands touching me all over. It’s almost too much to handle. I move the shower curtain and take my vibrator from it’s little black bag and turn it on low. I press it against my other nipple and tuck my bottom lip in my mouth. I lean my back against the wall and prop a leg on the edge of the tub and as soon as I press the vibrator against my swollen clit, I gasp. I can’t hold back the moans. Images of Travis’s fingers deep inside me, pleasuring and pushing me to the limit, fill my thoughts, and I don’t know how much longer I can last as I sink deeper into the pleasure.

I glide the vibrator inside, allowing it to fill me, and I’ve never been so wet or turned on while doing this. My fingers are slick as I run them up and down my slit, and I know it’s because of Travis. My fantasy takes over and I tug my nipple, allowing a shot of pleasure and pain to course through me. The vibrator against my sensitive bud causes my body to react instantly. Travis was right, it doesn’t feel the same as his touch. He knows what my body needs and wants as if he’s always been my lover.

My body begs for release as the orgasm builds deep inside, but I continue to tease myself, allowing the impending pleasure to linger. I’m right on the edge, and I imagine Travis standing at the bathroom door, silently watching me with a sexy grin on his face as he demands me to come. The fantasy of him is almost as good as the real thing. My body begins to tremble as I move the vibrator along my pussy. The thought of him has me losing myself under the warm water, forcing myself to stay standing. The powerful orgasm rolls through me, and as I come, his name leaves my lips.



I’m beyond relieved when I finally get to leave work. Today’s been…interesting…to say the least. I’ve been assigned the project of a lifetime, which I’m pumped for, but of course it comes with strings attached—Alyssa Crawford.

Needing to let out some steam, I drive to the gym for another workout. I make sure to take my ear buds in with me this time. I don’t need any more distractions and the louder the music, the better I lift.

Luckily, the gym is quiet today, and I get a good hour in before I call it quits. I need a hot shower and food, but then I remember Viola will be at the house. After the way we left things last night, I’m not sure I’m ready to face her, but I won’t run away from whatever it is we have going on between us.

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