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“Give me a little. I need to call her father.” I sigh, glancing at the clock. If he was trying to get in touch with her he would have called me if he wasn’t getting through. “Has he been calling?”

“Nope. Just some man named Colton.” Charlotte rolls her eyes but I sit up straighter. I recognize the name from when Delilah mentioned it. I hadn’t realized at that time that I’d heard his name before when I had first met Wyatt to go over his proposal. He had mentioned how Colton had his hands in the proposal. That he was responsible for helping put everything together. At first the way Wyatt talked about him I’d thought it was his son, only to find out he was the boy who lives next door. His land will be the land we’ll be using for phase two of our project.

Five years ago. That means he isn’t a boy anymore and he is calling my woman. Why? My jaw tightens, thinking maybe this is who Wyatt always planned for Delilah to end up with. That isn’t going to ever happen. Over my dead body would be the only way.

Before I can pick up the phone to call Wyatt, there’s a small knock on my door and it’s pushed open. Delilah steps into my office with a pile of mail in her hand.

“I’ll leave you to it,” Charlotte says, knowing I want to be left alone with Delilah.

She walks over to my desk, her tits bouncing with every step she takes. My eyes watch her every move. A second before she gets to my desk she suddenly drops all of the envelopes on the floor.

“Oops,” she says dramatically as she turns and bends all the way over so that her skirt rises enough to see her bare pussy under that dress. I inhale a sharp breath, knowing what she’s doing. She’s innocent but not that innocent. The question is when the fuck did she take her underwear off?

She picks the envelopes up at the pace of a sloth. I don’t know if this pisses me off more or makes me wish there was more mail so it would take her longer. My cock is hard as a rock watching her. She finally turns and places the envelopes on my desk. I push my chair back. She comes around and sits on top of my desk gingerly, as if she didn’t just flash her pussy at me moments ago.

“What are you doing, Delilah?” I lean back in my chair, spreading my legs. Letting her see what she’s done to me. My cock fights to break free of my slacks. “Is there something else you need?” I ask. She scoots farther back on my desk and spreads her legs wide so that I can see her bare pussy.

“Special delivery,” she says with a devilish look in her eyes. Maybe she isn’t as mad as I thought she might be about the new mailroom.

I don’t even bother to respond with words. I push my chair forward and my mouth dives for that hot pussy. She gasps, surprised by my quick movements. Her little gasps quickly turn to moans as her fingers dig into my hair.

I groan against her. The taste of her pussy is better than I ever could have imagined. The small taste I got from my fingers was nothing compared to getting it straight from the source. I lick and suck, wanting every drop from her that I can get. I start to reach for the buckle of my pants, needing to jack myself off while I devour her.

“Drake.” She moans my name and all thoughts about my own dick are gone. All I want is to make her come. Hearing that breathy moan pour from her lips as I give her pleasure that no one else ever could or will.

“I’m going to come,” she breathes out. I dig my fingers into her lush thighs as her body starts to shake. She screams my name as I make her come, sucking and licking until she begs me to stop, her curvy little body unable to handle any more.

I grab her hips, pulling her off my desk onto my lap. She rests her head on my shoulder as she enjoys the rest of her orgasm. I run my hands all over her, making sure her dress is back in place. I want more of her but this isn’t the place. I know if I pull my cock out I won’t be able to stop myself from taking that sweet cherry that I know is still inside her warm cunt.

“I think I like being on this floor.” She grins before kissing my neck and sitting up.

“Stop by my office anytime you’d like with that special delivery. I’ll make sure you come nice and hard every time.” She giggles at my offer. I wasn’t joking but fuck do I love that sound.

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