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“I should be mad at you but—” She gives a shrug. “You need me up here.” She wiggles on my cock again, making me groan.

“You’ll be the death of me,” I grit out, my cock wanting her so badly it aches. Later, I remind myself. First I need to call her father and let him know she is mine. I need her to understand exactly what is happening between us.

She hops off my lap. I grab for her but she dodges me. She’s still smiling, which makes me smile. I love seeing her so happy and lighthearted.

“Panties.” I point at her.

“I’ll put them back on.” She looks around her feet. I follow her line of sight. “When I find them,” she adds, making me growl. I start to stand but she laughs hard before winking at me and half running from my office. I know she’s messing with me but God, does this feel good. She feels good. I can’t remember the last time I felt this happy or smiled this much. I can’t lose this.

I pick up the phone and hit Wyatt’s name out of my list of contacts. He picks up on the second ring.

“Drake. How’s my girl doing?”

“That’s actually what I’m calling to talk to you about, Wyatt. I’m just going to get straight to the point. I know that’s how you like it.”



“Put Boss Man back in a good mood?” Charlotte asks, smiling at me as I slip from Drake’s office. My body’s still buzzing from the orgasm he gave me. I can’t help but smile to myself about what happened. I’d let Charlotte’s words settle over me after she left me in my new mailroom alone. That Drake needed me close to get anything done. That should have been annoying but I found it cute the more I thought about it. Not that I think anyone would ever call that brute cute, but he is to me.

I am reminded of my parents when Drake does little things to try and keep me close. My dad always wants Ma near him, and no one can calm my him the way she can. They drive me nuts about some things, but I admire their marriage and know when I get married I want it to be like theirs. I want a man to love me that deeply and pay attention to every breath I take, like Dad does with Ma.

“I think I got him all worked out.” I give her a wink that makes her throw her head back and laugh.

At least I think I did. I know he is still hard and probably aching to get off himself, but I enjoy this game we are playing. I love the smiles I keep getting from his face, which is often carved from stone. He’s spent too much time scowling over the years. I love that I can wipe that scowl off his face, even if it is just for a few minutes.

“You’re good for him,” she adds, plucking the thoughts from my own head. I’ve been thinking that too. But I am also realizing he is good for me. I’m starting to think I came to the city to find him. To be honest, he is the only thing that is holding me here. Things here aren’t as I thought they’d be. I miss home but Drake is here.

“He’s good for me too,” I admit. He does things to my heart. Something about soothing him soothes me too. I enjoy working him up and then calming him back down again. Still, I hate what the woman in the mailroom said about him burning through women.

“I know,” Charlotte says with a smirk before turning back to her computer to type away. Oddly she reminds me of my dad with her all-knowing looks. It makes me like her more but miss my dad too. I really miss home. I try not to dwell on missing home. I think I’d miss Drake even more though if I left. I am willing to stick this out because of Drake. He is worth the effort. I just keep reminding myself that I can do this not only for me but for Drake. I will stay here for him.

When I was in his office I was fine. Thoughts of home were long gone from my mind. He filled up the space that had me feeling homesick. My focus was all on him and maybe a little on his hard cock. I was always trying to get a rise out of him. I took pleasure in watching all that control he tries to hold on to slip away. In my heart I believe what we have is real. I’m not one of those women in a line of many, as Sherile was saying downstairs.

If being with him means staying here I think I can do it. Maybe this big city will grow on me after a while. I’ll just stay close to Drake as much as I can. I’ll try to ignore the catty comments from other women and lewd looks from some of the men. Maybe I’m not used to being around so many people and it will take some adjusting, but I can do it as long as I know he wants me.

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