“Then you have a man who has nothing to lose,” Savage says. “And those are the men you don’t want to meet in the dark.” His lips twitch. “Unless you’re me, of course.”

“Monroe is all about the brand,” Emma says, stepping closer, huddling up with us. “I don’t know York as a desperate man, but when I say Monroe is about the brand, I mean high-end brand. If he’s that big a stockholder, and York creates a scandal, Monroe will be out for sure.”

“Then he’s bluffing like a bitch,” Savage says.

Emma purses her lips. “Maybe. I just don’t want to gamble with York. I can’t gamble with him. Not with the Knight and North brands on the line.”

I could tell her that scandal doesn’t destroy companies. That, in fact, it often works as free press, but this scandal is about her rape. “I need to call him,” Emma says. “We’re doing a lot of talking about his motives when he’ll blast them right out of his mouth. He likes to talk.” Her cellphone rings in her hand, and she glances down. “Speak of the devil himself,” she says. “And a devil out of character. He doesn’t call back after a threat. He just acts.”

“Which confirms he’s desperate,” I say. “Let me talk to him.”

“No,” she says in instant rejection, shaking her head. “I’m done avoiding this man. I’m done avoiding in general. I need to be the one to beat his ass down. But you can listen.” She eyes Savage. “He’s a fool. Record him and watch and see.” She then not only answers, she answers on speaker. “What do you want, York?” she asks, her voice strong, anger radiating from the depths.

“Check your brother,” York says. “If he tells Monroe about Marion and your father, you know what happens.”

Savage pulls out his phone and pushes record, motioning for Emma to lead him onward. She gives a tiny nod and says, “What happens, York? Spell it out for me.”

“You know what happens,” he replies. “Don’t you, sugar?”

She cuts her stare, her jaw clenching. “You tell the world you raped me?” Her gaze shifts back to the phone, staring at it as if it’s him, with fury in her eyes. “Or would you rather I do that?”

“Seemed like you wanted it to me,” York taunts. “A kinky, kinky Knight heiress. The world will be intrigued.”

Emma looks at me and shakes her head. I mouth “I know, baby,” and when she refocuses on the phone with renewed vigor, I know she’s going to go at him hard. The problem is that when she goes at him, she’s torturing herself. “How would you know?” she demands. “You shoved drugs down my throat and tied me up.”

Anger roars inside me, and I share a look with Savage that tells him what he wants to hear: do it. Do what it takes to hurt this bastard.

“Your word against mine,” York snaps.

“And you think that works for your customers?” Emma challenges. “She said I raped her, but I said she enjoyed it. And how will Monroe feel about that branding?”

“Who says I have to be involved? I have plenty of ammo, and it all exposes you as the freak of the Knight family, and all without my name ever being mentioned.”

“Bring it, York,” she says, no hesitation. “Do it. Do it and I’ll go to the police. I have recordings. I made a recording that night.”

“You were too drugged to record shit.”

“Is that right?” she challenges, looking at me.

“Yeah, sugar. I gave you the good stuff.”

And there it is. A foolish angry man talking too much. I wouldn’t have believed he’d be that stupid, but Emma knew. She knew, and she got him. “I’m going to hang up now,” she says, “and call Monroe myself.”

“We both know you aren’t doing that.”

“And just so you know,” she continues, as if he hasn’t spoken, “you made that an easy decision. You’re a fool when you’re angry. You always have been. I recorded this call, and I have not one but two witnesses. Say hello to Jax and Savage from Walker Security.”

“Hi, Yorky baby,” Savage says. “Do you have people paint your toenails at those parties?”

“Shut the fuck up,” York blasts through the phone. “What the hell have you done, Emma? You bitch, what the hell—”

I catch Emma’s hand, silently telling her that I’m here for her, not him. She hangs up and glances at Savage. “I don’t need you to ruin him, Savage, but keep the recording. I might need it.”

“This is going in my special asshole collection, with a starring role as the kinky clown who needs a nose job. Or he will, once I get my hands on him. I can’t believe he was that stupid.”

“I was weak with York,” Emma confesses. “He expected me to be weak now.”

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