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“Stop. You’re supposed to be eating to keep your strength up.”

“I’ve already got something else that is up, and believe me, baby, it wants you,” he said, rubbing his aching cock against her back. She released a groan, and he knew it wouldn’t be long until she caved. She always did, but then he’d always make it worth her while.

She moaned, and he felt the change within her body.

His sweet little ex-virgin. Every single part of her belonged to him, and he fucking relished it, every single second of it. Running his hands up her body, he cupped her large tits. Her nipples were already rock hard, pressing against his palm.

She ceased struggling and began to arch against his touch. Her ass danced across his dick, begging for him to take her.

“You want me, don’t you?”

“You know I do, but this wasn’t supposed to happen.” She cried out as he pinched her nipple. The thin shirt she wore wasn’t enough to hide from him.

Flicking open the buttons of her shirt, he pulled them off, and within seconds had her bra on the floor along with her shirt. Pressing her down, he grabbed her hands, pinning them above her head.

“Now I’ve got you exactly where I want you.”

“And where is that?” she asked.

“Underneath me, and I love seeing your tits naked like this. I don’t think you should wear clothes, but that’s me.”

She giggled. “I’m naked right now.”

“Yes, and no one else can see you.” He growled at the thought. “You’re mine. All fucking mine.”

He bent down, taking possession of her mouth, and she kissed him back with a passion that turned him on. She wriggled beneath him, and he knew exactly what she wanted. Kissing down to her ear, he flicked her ear lobe. “You want my dick deep in your cunt?” “Yes.”

“Yes what?” he asked.

“Yes, Ian. Yes, I want you.”

“Fuck, baby, I love it when you beg. It’s so fucking sweet. I can listen to you beg me all day fucking long.” He slid his tongue from her ear down her neck, trailing down to her nipple. Circling the bud, he glided down between the valley to her other one.

Working the skirt up she wore, he tore at her panties.

The fabric tore, and he chuckled. “Best fucking sound I’ve heard all day. Keep your hands there,” he ordered.

She bit her lip but didn’t make a move.

Pushing her skirt up to her waist, he spread her legs open until he saw her juicy, ripe cunt. Spreading the lips of her pussy, he stared at her swollen clit.

He felt fucking possessive and horny, knowing that it was only his dick that had been inside her.

He licked from her hole up to her clit, then around, before moving down to plunge inside her.

“Yes,” she said, gasping.

Her hands remained in place as he continued to tease her pussy. He kept working her cunt as he released his cock from the tight confines of his pants.

“I’m close,” she said, wriggling against him, arching up to his touch.

Ian brought her to orgasm, relishing every sound she made. Sliding his fingers in deep, he felt every quiver.

Only when her voice was hoarse did her release her. Wrapping his fingers around his cock, he coated his length in her cream, moving between her thighs.

He rubbed his dick between her slick lips before pressing the tip to her entrance and thrusting in deep.

Her legs wrapped around his waist, and he gripped her hips as he pounded inside her.

She was so tight, so wet, and with the last embers of her orgasm, he felt every pulse as she came on his cock, again and again.

“You feel so good. You’re mine, baby, always be mine.”

“Yes, just like you’re mine. Totally mine.” She cupped his face, and he felt euphoric that she’d finally taken her claim of him.

“That’s right, Lucy. I’m yours. Always fucking yours.”

Holding her hands above her head, he slammed inside her, fucking her hard as he drove inside. He wanted to brand her, to mark her as his, and never let her go.

She thrust up to meet him, and he couldn’t contain his orgasm anymore. His balls tightened, and he filled her one final time, erupting and shooting his cum deep inside her.

He thought about her being heavily pregnant with his child, and the very image alone was enough to push in deep again.

Ian wanted to get her pregnant; he felt it a need to have her belong to him in every single way that counted.

“This was only supposed to be a lunch break,” she said with a giggle.

“You can bring me lunch anytime. I think this is the best lunch I’ve ever had.” He pressed a kiss to her nipple, and sucked on the bud. “And you taste a hell of a lot better than any food you could feed me.”

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