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Her gorgeous brown eyes fly open as she looks at me in shock. I grin as I pull her in for another kiss. I crush my lips to hers and thrust my tongue into her mouth, stealing her breath and making her melt against me.

Fuck, I needed that. I haven’t been able to stop obsessing about how goddamn good she tasted since our last stop.

She moans when I pull away and her eyes look different. They’re full of want and need. I know because I’m feeling the same thing.

Once I get this sexy little rich girl into her daddy’s house, I’m going to fuck her hard and unprotected. She’ll be screaming for more as I pound my raw dick into her tight little pussy.

And as soon as she cums on my cock, I’m going to unload deep inside her, filling her with my hot cum and breeding that ripe little womb that will soon be mine.

It’s all I can think about. My dick is throbbing. My balls are aching they’re so full. I’ve been rock hard and ready to fuck ever since I felt her arms wrap around me and I felt those tiny hands gripping my abs.

It was torture having to keep my eyes forward and my greedy hands on the handles of my bike while her soft thighs were spread and pressed against me.

The whole time up here I kept imagining her soft warm pussy getting wet and ready for my big cock. I could practically smell it as my mouth watered.

But now, we’re finally here. My little chipmunk is in my possessive hands and I’m not about to let go. I’m going to give her what she needs. I can tell from that sexy lustful look on her face what she wants. Even if she doesn’t know it, I do. I know what’s good for her. I know what that ripe young body is waiting for.

“It’s just up the private roadway here,” she says in a shy little voice that gets my cock burning.

Just up this long stretch of pavement and I can finally get some relief. Thank fucking God. My dick has never been this hard before. Not for this long.

I’m starving for that young cunt. I’m hungry to taste it. I’m thirsty to drink it up. I can already taste her sweet warm pussy juice as she climbs onto the bike behind me. When I feel her young thighs gripping me, I squeeze the handlebars and let out a groan.

“Are you okay?” she asks from behind me.

My dick is throbbing. It’s killing me that I’m not inside her.

I just take off down the private road without answering her. It’s painful to talk with the hunger swirling through me like this.

My mouth drops when I see the house lit up by the bright full moon in the sky. “Holy shit,” I mutter as the mansion comes into view.

This isn’t a lake house. It’s a goddamn estate.

I knew she was from the rich part of town, but I didn’t realize her family owned all of it.

This place looks like a castle with all of the stone and the enormous roof that just keeps going and going as I ride around the bend. It’s sitting right on the gorgeous lake with a fleet of boats floating beside the huge dock. They have a giant in-ground pool with a swim-up bar, hot tub, full tennis court in the distance and god knows what else inside.

My stomach drops when I realize I can’t give her anything close to this. My house is a joke. It’s a tiny little shithole beside my garage that’s full of bike parts. Or, at least it was before Steve and his friends surely fucked it up.

“This is your lake house?” I ask when I pull up to the front.

She steps off the bike and looks at me with shy blushing cheeks. “It’s a little much, I know.”

“Is your father a senator or something?”

“He’s a venture capitalist. He mostly invests in tech startups and helps them grow. He’s made some key investments in the early stages and they’ve paid off.”

“I’ll say.”

“My father has always been rather showy,” she says, looking uncomfortable. “It’s not me though.”

“I know,” I say as I step off the bike and walk up to her. She’s so tiny. I love it. It awakens something primal within me. An intense need to protect her. To keep her safe from the evils of the world.

I might not have the money like her father to do it, but I have other abilities. I’m smart, quick on my feet, and fierce as a rabid animal when it comes to protecting her. I won’t let any guy get near her. This sweet girl and her soft little pussy is mine alone to touch.

We head inside and again, she doesn’t hide the password while she types it into the security keypad.

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