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Inside the place is even more grand than the outside with ceilings higher than trees and a kitchen that could feed a whole NFL team.

But all I’m focused on is her. I can’t take my eyes off her curves and her brown hair with the sexy way it bounces with every move of her head. Her smooth soft legs are showing in that skirt, making me think nothing but dirty thoughts.

She’s all fidgety and keeps rambling on nervously.

“The fridge is going to be mostly empty but there should be some stuff in the freezer to eat. I think there’s some cans and pasta in the cupboard. Maybe some tuna. Or, olives and stuff like that.”

My heated eyes are locked on hers as I walk over, ready to pounce, ready to claim. She suddenly stops talking and her cheeks turn red as she watches me with those brown doe-like eyes while I approach.

Every inch of me is aching with need. My body is on fire as I take her and pull her up against me.

She lets out a little moan as I stare down at her parted lips. My possessive hands are on her now and I’m not letting go.

I can feel a sticky hot wetness against my dick. My balls are so full that pre-cum is leaking out, making a mess in my jeans.

When I look down and see her hard nipples sticking out against the inside of her shirt, my grip on her tightens. She has tiny tits, but they’re perfect to fit in my mouth and I can’t wait another second.

She swallows hard as she looks up at me. “So, I guess you can sleep in the guest ro—”

I bring my hungry lips down on hers in a rough hard kiss that has her legs buckling. I hold her up as I push in deeper, exploring every inch of her delicious mouth. She kisses me back with the same intensity, her tongue sliding against mine with a ravenous urgency as she grips my body in her little hands.

I reach down and grab the back of her bare thighs—those same thighs that were teasing me all the way up here—and I let out a growl on her lips.

She pulls away from my mouth, gasping and moaning as I slide my big hands up and grip her ass. I squeeze her soft cheeks and pull them apart, imagining what it looks like—her hot pussy lips spread open, revealing the tight little pink hole in between her slit, and her tiny puckered asshole in full view.

“Oh, fuck,” I groan as I start to kiss her neck. Her brown hair tickles me, but I don’t stop. Every time my lips hit her hot skin, my dick lurches in my jeans, spreading pre-cum everywhere.

I need to be inside her.

My hands slide under her panties, gripping her bare cheeks as I press my hard cock against her. “Colton,” she whispers.

I’m moving closer to the heat between her legs as I feel her hot breath teasing against my skin. I have to feel how tight she is. I have to know how wet she is.

“Fuck,” I growl when my fingertip slides into her wet folds. She’s wet and tight and ready. My finger quickly gets coated in her warm juices and I’m on my last shred of self-restraint as I press my fingertip up against her wet little hole.

She’s so fucking tight. My heart starts pounding as I test it a little more. This cunt is ripe and ready to be fucked.

I try to talk, but only a moan comes out. It’s like all my words are stuck down in my chest with my breath that also won’t fucking come out. I can’t do anything until I unload my cum into her wet young pussy.

I pull my hands out from under her skirt and grip her arms as I step back. I can see in those brown eyes just how much she needs me. It’s almost as much as I need her.

“Where’s your bedroom?” I ask in a hoarse choked out voice.

“Upstairs,” she says, her voice so sugary and sweet that it makes my legs weaken. “First door on the right.”

It’s like our lips can’t bear to be apart for long, and they come together as we stumble over to the stairs.

She falls backward when she hits the first step, but I catch her and guide her slowly down as I come on top of her, kissing and touching with so much urgency that I feel like I’m going insane.

I need to keep this girl in my life, and I’m going to fuck her bare in order to do so. I want to breed her ripe little womb, so she’s forced to stay with me.

She’s arousing all of these dark thoughts. They’re surging out like a twisted tsunami of sinister and selfish intentions, and I can’t hold them back. I can’t deny them. When it comes to her, I can’t deny anything. I want her dependent on me. I want her obsessed with me. I need her to need me as much as I need her.

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